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58 vs. 60-Inch TV: In-Depth Comparison

If you’re looking for a TV that fits well into your living room, you’ve come to the right place. The difference between a 58-inch and a 60-inch TV shouldn’t be that much, right? It’s just 2 inches, after all. Well, there’s more to things than just size. 

In this 58 vs. 60-inch TV comparison, we put both TV sizes under the test and came up with the fors and againsts of each size to help you decide which of them you’d rather buy.

Without any further delay, let’s hop right into it!

Pros and Cons of 60-Inch TVs


  1. Size

The most attractive feature of a 60-inch TV has got to be its size. It’s big enough to almost feel like a home theater. 

Since we’re in 2022 and you’re undoubtedly going for a plasma screen, you’re going to have a cinematic adventure every time you turn your 60-inch television on. 

  1. Quality

The second most attractive feature is, beyond any question, the 60-inch television’s quality. It’s safe to expect your television to be able to have a great output with vibrant colors and amazing contrast, regardless of the brand. The audio playback is just as smooth, too.

  1. Experience

Overall, 60-inch televisions will provide you with the best out-turn when you’re watching a movie or even when you’re gaming. 

The graphics of most consoles are preferable on bigger screens. So, if you’re a couch potato on some days and a hard-core gamer on others, then the 60-inch is certainly for you.


  1. Need for Space

Bigger televisions require larger space, as you won’t be enjoying much of the experience when you’re glued up to the screen. 

If you have enough space to push back your couch, then you’re good to go with a 60-inch unit. Otherwise, it’s not ideal.

  1. Costly

You’ll be getting better quality and audio playback with a 60-inch TV, so you’ll need to pay more. The 60-inch television is very costly; for good reasons, though. 

  1. Adequate Mounting

The bigger size comes with a major drawback: weight. Most 60-inch televisions are heavy and need specific types of mounts so you could be able to place them properly on your wall. 

That being said, this whole weight problem can be prevented if you get a counter. The thing is, counters are no longer trendy.

  1. Can’t Display Low-Quality Content

Another major drawback would be high resolution. Shocking, right? 

Think about this; if you’re playing old videos from school when cameras weren’t so tech-savvy, then you’re probably going to end up with a big screen showing a whole lot of blur.

Pros and Cons of 58-inch TVs


  1. Quality

Most 58-inch televisions normally support OLED and 4K just fine. We wouldn’t say it’s the best of the best, but it’s adequate for the size of the television. 

You can enjoy yourself with appropriate chroma and contrast for the bulk of the television.

  1. Cost Effective

A 58-inch television is a lot less expensive than a 60-inch television even though, size-wise, the difference isn’t that huge. However, you’re opting for lesser capabilities, which aid in decreasing the device’s price.

  1. Doesn’t Require Much Space

If you’re looking for a screen for your bedroom, 58 inches is the right size to get. It’s big enough to give you an excellent watching fiesta within the confinement of your room. 

It also won’t affect your eyesight much since you don’t need to be that far away from the screen itself.


  1. Mundane

Smaller screens aren’t as much fun compared to larger ones. They’re okay if you’re only going to watch shows every now and then, but you’re not going to get the ultimate viewing experience if you’re going to connect your gaming console.

  1. Mediocre brightness

Most 58-inch TVs don’t come with the greatest output. The brightness levels are normally less than average. This wouldn’t be so bad within the comfort of your bedroom. However, if you’re placing the screen in your living room, it isn’t ideal.

The Bottom Line

Televisions are a much-needed accessory when you’re furnishing up your new place. If you’re stuck trying to figure out the perfect screen for your new home, you’ve come to the right place. 

The 60-inch TV will enhance your watching and gaming experience because its size is just right. It will also surprise you with the amazing visuals it can provide. 

On the other hand, the bigger size will require more space, so it’s not ideal for a tiny bedroom. It’s also more on the expensive side.

58-inch TVs, however, come in good enough quality and don’t require a lot of space. They are also more affordable. Inversely, they come with mediocre brightnesses, and they’re less fun to use for gaming.