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75 Vs. 82 Inch TV 

As an owner of both a 75-inch and 82-inch television, I can honestly say that I have seen the difference in size first hand. I was initially frustrated as I wasn’t sure if I should upgrade to the larger size, and if it was worth it. After doing some research and testing out both screen sizes, I am here to share my experience and how I solved the dilemma.

In this blog post, I will explain the differences between a 75-inch and 82-inch television, and provide insight into which size might be best for you.

A 75-inch TV measures an average of 65-67 inches in width and 37-40 inches in height. An 82-inch TV measures an average of 71-73 inches in width and 41-46 inches in height. Both sizes provide a cinematic effect. The room’s space and seating distance should determine the television size. 

The difference in size between a 75-inch and 82-inch television is 10-11%.
The size of the room and seating distance should be considered when choosing a TV size.
The recommended viewing distance for a 75-inch TV is three times its height, while for an 82-inch TV, it is three times its height plus 10-11%.
Both 75-inch and 82-inch TVs can be wall-mounted.
A 75-inch or 82-inch TV is best suited for a living room or large bedroom, depending on the size of the available space.
Always measure and assess your environment before mounting the TV to ensure it will look appropriate.

75 Vs. 82 Inch TV: Dimensions 

Buying a new TV is sometimes daunting, especially when you have to figure out the specs and dimensions. It is always better to know what you are looking at beforehand. In the following points, we discuss the dimensions of each TV in detail: 

Dimensions Of A 75-Inch TV 

The average 75-inch TV dimensions are 65-67 inches in width and 37-40 inches in height, and the depth of the TV is between 1.6-3.5 inches.

The specific dimensions for each TV will depend on the type of TV, brand, and model you want. A 75-inch TV can weigh between 80-100+ lbs. because of the metallic components and glass panels or screens. 

Dimensions Of A 82-Inch TV 

The average dimensions of an 82-inch TV are 71-73 inches in width and 41-46 inches in height. The depth of the TV is between 1-3.5 inches. Again, the brand and model will determine the specific dimensions. The weight of an 82-inch TV is between 98- 105+ lbs. 

Best Viewing Distance For A 75-Inch TV? 

Another essential factor to consider when you choose the TV size you want is how far your seating is placed. If you are too close, it can feel like you are in the front row at a cinema. That can be uncomfortable. Bigger televisions like a 75-inch are perfect for living rooms or larger bedrooms. 

You should also consider the screen’s resolution and the environment, I.e., the angle you will place the TV from your seating and the sound quality. If you are too far, it could affect the sound, especially if you don’t have a sound system. 

The distance recommended to place a high-definition television is around three times the TV’s height. If your TV is 39 inches tall, you should place your TV 117 inches far from your seating area. 

That does not mean you can’t place it slightly nearer or closer. It also does not mean that you can’t have a 75-inch TV if your space is small. The size and distance of your television should always be a personal preference. 

Best Viewing Distance For A 82-Inch TV? 

An 82-inch television is significantly large. Being too close can strain or tire out your eyes. You also don’t want to be so far that you struggle to pick up details. Most TVs today come in high definition, which means you should measure three times the height of your TV for the viewing distance. If your TV is 43 inches tall, you want to place it 129 inches from your seating area. 

Can You Mount A 75-Inch TV To The Wall? 

You can mount a 75-inch TV to the wall. It would not take up real estate space that way. It will also be an excellent accent piece on your wall, and you won’t have to worry about having a furniture unit large enough. 

Always measure your wall space and assess your environment to ensure that your 75-inch TV will look okay if you mount it. It is a large TV, so it can quickly become an untidy look if your space is too small or cluttered if your wall already has decorative items. 

Can You Mount A 82-Inch TV To The Wall? 

Just as you can mount a 75-inch TV to the wall, you can also mount your 82-inch. The requirements are the same as the 75-inch, but remember that an 82-inch is significantly larger. 

Before mounting, you want to measure and ensure it can suit that space. Place tape on the wall to get a better idea of how big the TV will look in your chosen room, and get the correct mount and tools, or call in a professional for better safety measures. 

Is A 75 Or 82-Inch TV better In The Living Room Or Bedroom? 

Most people buy larger TVs like 75 and 82-inch TVs for their living room and place something smaller like a 65-inch or less in the bedroom. The living room, lounges, and common areas are typically larger than a bedroom. It also depends on where you spend most of your time watching television and how large your bedroom is. 

Some people prefer to have bigger TVs in the bedroom because they want to enjoy watching their favorite movies in bed. You could totally do that if it is your preference. You could also place a large TV in your bedroom if the room is big and there is enough distance between your bed and the TV. 

If your choice is specifically between a 75 and 82-inch for your bedroom, you might want to go with the 75-inch. You could get an 82-inch for your living room, which is most likely larger than your bedroom and would suit the space better. 

An 82-inch TV is quite large. It will give you a cinematic effect in your home and look fantastic above your fireplace opposite your couches. Conversely, not many people find a TV too big because the bigger the screen, the more enjoyable it is. It is always recommended to check the measurements, see what will fit in your chosen space, and then decide. 


A 75-inch TV and 82-inch TV are relatively similar, except that the 82-inch is roughly 10-11% bigger than the 75-inch. Bigger TVs are always better, and no one has ever been upset about getting a larger-sized television. As long as you have the space in your home, you can go for the 82-inch instead of the 75-inch.

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