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Alexa Sound Not Working (Causes and Fixes)

Your Alexa could be working fine and responding well, but it doesn’t give out any sound. Luckily, it’s not usually a serious problem.

Broadly speaking, the no-sound issue could be a result of a connectivity issue or maybe your device is simply on mute. In this case, you can double-check your Wi-Fi connection and adjust your volume levels.

IssuePossible CauseSolution
Alexa’s Sound Not WorkingVolume levels are set too lowUse voice command to increase volume or tap the volume increase button on the device
Alexa device is mutedUnmute the device
Wi-Fi network issuesDouble-check and reset Wi-Fi connection, limit number of connected devices
Interferences in connectionEnsure there are no other devices causing interference
Alexa is on Brief ModeDeactivate Brief Mode via the Alexa app in the “Voice Responses” settings
Do Not Disturb Mode is enabledDeactivate Do Not Disturb Mode via the Alexa app in the device settings
AUX cable is plugged inUnplug the AUX cable and check the sound
Alexa is connected to a speaker via BluetoothIncrease the speaker’s volume or unpair Alexa from the speaker through the app
Power cycle your Alexa deviceUnplug the device, turn it off, wait for 5 minutes, then plug it back in and turn it on

Why is Your Alexa’s Sound Not Working?

A soundless Alexa could prove inconvenient when giving out commands since you don’t get confirmation. A few reasons could be behind why this issue persists such as:

  • Volume levels are set to low
  • Alexa device is muted
  • Wi-Fi network issues
  • Interferences in connection
  • Alexa is on Brief Mode
  • Do Not Disturb Mode is enabled

How to Fix Your Alexa’s Sound Settings

After pinpointing some of the causes of your soundless Alexa, you can now easily solve the issues by following the methods below.

Power Cycle Your Alexa Device

Before doing anything on this list, you’ll want to begin by restarting your Alexa device. You can’t go wrong with this IT fix. It’ll help reboot the device and sort out any kinks.

All you have to do is unplug the Alexa device from any cords, turn it off, and leave it for about five minutes. Afterward, place the plugs back into the device and turn it back on.

If the sound is still not functioning, then you may proceed to the other methods.

Ensure No AUX Cable is Plugged

You may have had a party or some event where you needed to plug your Alexa into a larger speaker via an AUX cable.

If the AUX cable is still plugged in, then that’s why your sound isn’t working. Simply unplug the cable and try to see if the sound works, if not, then try another method.

Check Your Connection

A soundless Alexa could be a result of an unconnected one. This cause mainly applies if you’re trying to play music or media that require a connection.

To solve this issue, you’ll need to double-check your device is connected to the Wi-Fi. You can try to also reset your Wi-Fi source. In addition to this, make sure there aren’t too many devices connected to a single network, otherwise, you’ll risk connection saturation. 

Adjust Your Volume Levels

While the issue could be frustrating, the solution could be as simple as raising the volume of your Alexa. It’s like when you’re looking for your glasses everywhere, but they’ve been on top of your head all along. We’ve all been there.

Having said that, you can increase your Alexa’s volume through a voice command by saying “Alexa, increase volume.”

Additionally, you can say, “Alexa, volume 5.” The maximum volume level is 10. Alternatively, tapping on the increase volume button also works.

Deactivate Brief Mode

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Manufacturers of Alexa created Brief Mode for those who don’t enjoy a particularly chatty voice assistant. That being so, Brief Mode basically makes your Alexa speak less or just emit a sound as a response signal.

If your Alexa isn’t as talkative as usual, then you may have accidentally enabled Brief Mode. To turn it off, head to the Alexa app and go to “More” followed by “Settings.” Next, choose “Voice Responses” and turn Brief Mode off.

Deactivate Do Not Disturb Mode

Do Not Disturb Mode blocks out any notifications, messages, or incoming calls. It also mutes your device, which is maybe why your Alexa has been quiet for a while now.

To disable this feature, go to the Alexa app and tap on “Devices.” Next, choose “Echo & Alexa” and then your device. Afterward, select “Do Not Disturb” then turn it off.

Check for Any Bluetooth

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Your Alexa may be soundless if it’s paired to a speaker via Bluetooth. You may not be aware of this because the speaker’s volume could be turned low.

To solve this issue, you can either keep using the speaker, but just increase the volume or unpair Alexa from the speaker.

To unpair, navigate to the Alexa app and tap on the “Device” icon. Then, choose your Alexa device and pick “Bluetooth device.” Next, find the paired speaker and select “Forget Device.”

Afterward, restart the Alexa device and test the sound.


To Conclude

No sound from your Alexa could mean things. It could be as simple as your volume turned low to your Alexa being paired with a speaker via Bluetooth.

Fortunately, resolving the issue is easy. You’ll want to start by restarting the Alexa device, making sure you’re connected to a Wi-Fi network, and adjusting your volume levels.

Other than that, you can check whether your Alexa is on Brief or Do Not Disturb Mode. Hopefully, by then your Alexa will be able to respond to your commands.