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Alexa Won’t Turn Off Fire TV (Causes and How to Fix)

Using the smart voice assistant, Alexa, is an integral part of the customized experience Amazon offers its customers. Once paired with Echo speakers, you can order Alexa to do anything in your house, from turning on the lights or changing the temperature. 

But what if Alexa won’t turn off your Fire TV? Why does this happen? And how can you overcome this malfunctioning problem?

Alexa might not be able to turn off your Fire TV if you’re not speaking clearly into the mic or you’re holding the remote too far. This might also happen if you’re using Echo speakers that aren’t paired with your Fire TV. Sometimes, the problem is caused by a bad internet connection, or the Amazon servers might be down. 

Alexa Not Turning Off Fire TV: Troubleshooting Tips
– Speak clearly into the microphone.
– Ensure Fire TV is connected to Alexa app.
– Set up the voice ID.
– Pair Echo speakers with Fire TV.
– Check remote’s batteries and physical damage.
– Ensure Fire TV is connected to the internet.
– Check if Amazon servers are down.
– Deregister Fire TV from Alexa app and link again.

Why Won’t Alexa Turn Off My Fire TV?

Alexa can be paired with your Fire TV to improve your streaming experience. You won’t have to use the remote to browse shows or change the volume, as everything can be controlled through the smart voice assistant. 

However, in some cases, Alexa might stop functioning, and no matter how many orders you give, it won’t turn off your Fire TV. Here are some reasons why this happens. 

  • You’re not holding the Alexa-enabled remote correctly. The remote is way too far from your mouth, so Alexa can’t understand what you’re saying. 
  • The mic on the remote or the remote itself is damaged. 
  • You’re using Echo to control your Fire TV, and it’s malfunctioning or not paired with your device
  • There’s an internet connection problem that is making Alexa unable to connect to your Fire TV. 
  • Amazon servers are down, so Alexa isn’t responding. 

How to Fix the Problem with Alexa and Your Fire TV?

Fire TV problems can be related to hardware or software issues. For example, if there’s a problem with your Fire TV and Alexa won’t turn it down, you need to tackle both types of problems to find the proper solution. Here are some things you can try. 

Check the connection

Check that your Fire TV is connected to Alexa app and that you’ve set up the voice ID. You can’t just use Alexa to control your Fire TV without setting up voice commands first

Alexa app is available for Android and iPhone, so you can easily download it to your phone. Once you have checked all your devices, go to the menu and set up the voice ID. After that, you’ll be able to use Alexa to control any device at home, including your Fire TV. 

Ensure Alexa can hear you

Keep your remote near to your mouth while speaking commands to Alexa. If the mic is covered or you’re too far away from it, Alexa won’t be able to understand your command. As a result, it won’t turn off the Fire TV. 

Check the remote’s batteries.

In some cases, changing the drained batteries will get your remote back to work. 

Check the remote for any signs of damage.

A damaged remote won’t be able to recognize the commands you’re giving to Alexa. For example, you might have damaged the mic if you dropped the remote, or your little ones might have tried to insert something inside. 

In these cases, replacing the remote should solve the issue. Luckily, Amazon sells Fire TV remotes separately, so once you get a new one, you can pair it with your Alexa app and Fire TV, and then you can use it to control your Fire TV. 

Ensure your speakers are paired

If you’re using your Echo speakers, make sure that they’re paired with your Fire TV. If they’re not paired, go to your Alexa app and pair them. 

Ensure the internet is connected

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Alexa doesn’t work if your device isn’t connected to the internet. So, your Fire TV should be connected to the network, or you won’t be able to use Alexa to turn it off. Check the internet connection and make sure that there are no nearby devices that might affect the way Alexa works.

A general outage

Check Amazon servers for a problem with Alexa. In case of a general outage, Alexa won’t work on any device, including your Fire TV. Luckily, this doesn’t happen very often, and when it does, Amazon makes sure that the servers are back in action soon. 

Internal glitch

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Deregister your Fire TV from your Alexa app. In some cases, there might be an internal glitch that you can’t solve no matter how hard you try. In this case, unlinking your Fire TV and then linking it one more time should solve the issue. 


Pairing your Fire TV with Alexa guarantees a customized entertainment experience. But if Alexa won’t turn off your TV, you can try holding the remote closer to your mouth or check the mic for any physical damage. You can also check if your Echo speakers are paired with your Fire TV. 

If there are no signs of physical damage, there might be an internet connection issue, or Amazon servers might be down. Check the internet connection, or wait for the servers to resume working. The servers usually don’t stay down for long.