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Alexa Won’t Turn Off LG TV (Causes and How to Fix)

As an owner of an LG TV and Alexa, I was having trouble getting Alexa to turn off the TV. This post will show you how I solved the problem and other common solutions.


  • Alexa’s voice control can make your life a lot easier by allowing you to switch channels and turn the TV on and off with a voice command.
  • Alexa won’t turn off LG TV due to glitches, lack of system updates, or incompatibility between the two devices.
  • To fix the issue, you can update Alexa’s system, re-connect the TV to Alexa, or power cycle both devices.
  • If the problem is still persistent, then contact Amazon Support for further assistance.

Why Alexa Won’t Turn Off LG TV

A non-responsive Alexa can get annoying, especially when trying to turn your LG TV off.

That being said, here are some of the likely causes of this issue.

Alexa is Glitching

Glitches happen all the time. The most potential reason they happen may be a connectivity issue. In other words, you’ll need to double-check that your Wi-Fi connection is working.

Some of the glitches occur from the voice recognition factor as well. In other cases, it could simply be a power issue where you just need to charge your Alexa.

Alexa Needs a System Update

Alexa could get faulty due to a lack of system updates. Getting the latest version usually fixes bugs and provides you with a better user interface.

LG TV Incompatibility

Your LG TV may not be receiving any commands from the Alexa device because there’s no compatibility in the first place.

That’s why you need to check which webOS your LG is operating on. If it’s below webOS 4.0, then Alexa won’t be able to link to your LG TV.

Apart from that, your LG TV model may also be incompatible with Alexa’s operating system. Here are the models that work with Alexa:

  • W8
  • G8
  • E8
  • C8
  • B8
  • B8S
  • SK95
  • SK85
  • SK81
  • SK80
  • UK75
  • UK69
  • UK67
  • UK65
  • UK64
  • UK63
  • LK62
  • LK61
  • LK59

How to Fix Alexa That Won’t Turn Off LG TV

After looking at all the common causes of why Alexa won’t turn off your LG TV. One or two of them could be the culprit.

Check out how you can fix the problems mentioned below.

Update Alexa System

In most cases, an update may just be what your Alexa needs to function properly again. To do so, you first go to the Play Store on your smartphone and type “Alexa.” It should show an “Update” button next to the application.

Re-Connect LG TV to Alexa

One of the best solutions to an unresponsive Alexa is to re-connect the LG TV to the Amazon device. Here’s how you can do it.

Firstly, you need to have the “Set Up TV for Amazon Alexa” app on your LG TV from the launcher bar. Afterward, sign in on your Amazon and LG TV accounts, then choose the name of your TV.

Next, go to the Amazon Alexa app on your smartphone and activate “LG SmarThinQ-Complete.” All you have to do now is connect your accounts and go back to the TV to finish the setup.

Alexa Issues

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Another problem you could be facing is that Alexa can’t hear you. There may be too much background noise.

You should also make sure the microphone button is on or enabled so that Alexa can be responsive to your commands. If the button is red, it indicates that it’s turned off.

Having said that, an additional issue your Alexa might be facing is that you’re using an incorrect wake word. Someone else might’ve changed the wake word while you weren’t around.

You can change it back by going to the Alexa app and navigating to “Device” at the bottom of the screen. Then, go to “All Devices” and pick your Alexa device from the list shown.

Next, scroll down and click on “General” followed by “Wake Word” and choose the one you want.

Power Cycle LG TV and Alexa

Rebooting your LG TV and Alexa device can help re-program everything. Power cycles basically help reconfigure parameters and recover from unresponsiveness. This could result from crashing or in this case, your Alexa not turning the LG TV off.

To Conclude

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Alexa won’t turn off LG TV? There’s not much to worry about for the most part. These responsiveness issues are usually resolved by power cycles or double-checking your Wi-Fi connection.

You can also simply try to re-connect the Alexa device to your LG TV. Apart from that, if the problem is still persistent, then we highly recommend contacting Amazon Support to give you a more experienced hand.