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Are AirPods case covers necessary?

This post will show you if a case cover is necessary and if the AirPods case will break if you drop it.

A cover for the AirPods case is not necessary. The biggest risk to the AirPods case is if you drop it, but covers do not help much with that.

Most people do not have issues with their AirPods cases breaking. As long as you are careful with your AirPods case, it is unlikely that you will damage it.

Are AirPods case covers necessary?

AirPods case covers are not necessary. Most people do not use covers for their AirPods cases and their cases still hold up just fine. If you make sure not to be careless with your AirPods case, it will likely be fine.

The only risk is if you happen to drop the case onto concrete or a hard surface. Other than that, the case can get scratched in your pocket if you put it in the same pocket as your keys but this is just a cosmetic issue.

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What if I drop my AirPods case?

Your AirPod case is a little bit heavier and easier to damage than the AirPods themselves. It also has a hinge which can be damaged during a fall if it lands the wrong way.

This means that your case stands to suffer more damage when it’s dropped than the AirPods themselves. 

Most of the time, your AirPod case will be fine if you drop it. Most users only experienced some scratching and scuffing when they dropped their AirPod case.

However, if you drop the case while it’s open, and it lands the wrong way on its lid, you could damage the hinge that holds the top half of the case to the bottom half. 

This is not something that a case cover will help you with that much so it is important to just be careful not to drop your case.

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Does the AirPods case scratch easily?

It is a lot easier to scratch the AirPods case than it is to scratch the AirPods themselves.

This is because the case is exposed to scratches from things like keys and being placed on rough surfaces. With regular use, you should expect the AirPods case to get some scratches.

However, this is only cosmetic and will not cause the case to stop working properly and most people won’t care anyway.

In order to limit how much your AirPods case gets scratched, it would help to avoid putting in the same pocket that you are keeping your keys.