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Are AirPods Overrated?

As an owner of AirPods, I’ve often wondered if the high cost and praise are justified. Recently, I’ve become increasingly frustrated by the battery life and other issues I’ve been having with my set. So I decided to do some research and testing to see if these issues were common or if I was just unlucky with my purchase. I’m here to share with you my findings, and to discuss if AirPods are really worth the hype or if they are overrated.

Although they’re pricey, the tech that goes into making AirPods is too innovative to just dismiss as overrated. The pods also fit seamlessly into the Apple ecosystem, which makes them more valuable for loyal consumers.

Apple Ecosystem IntegrationShaky ConnectionsAirPods are designed for loyal Apple fans and integrate seamlessly
Proprietary ChipsetsEasy to LoseThe H1 chipset improves latency and performance
Feature BundlesNot a Guaranteed FitANC, Transparency mode, spatial head tracking, and water resistance
Not the Best Audio QualityAudio quality may not be satisfactory for seasoned audiophiles
Short Battery LifeBattery health may decline after 2-3 years of use

What’s Unique About AirPods?

Whether you love or hate them, AirPods take up a whopping $10 billion cut of the Apple wearables business.

Millions of units are sold annually, and this rate doesn’t seem to stop anytime soon. So, Apple must be doing something right here.

Let’s take a look at the top reasons why AirPods have managed to stand out from the competition:

Apple Ecosystem Integration

The main appeal behind getting AirPods is the Apple ecosystem.

If you already have an iPhone, Mac, and an Apple Watch, odds are, it’ll be so much more convenient to get an earbud that fits right into this world.

This covers the Find My Device services, announce notifications, and reliable customer support service. 

Plus, the automatic device switching makes the hop between devices a breeze with zero third-party apps needed. So, you don’t have to worry about shifting the connection manually every time you’re using one of your Apple products.

All in all, Airpods are made for the loyal Apple fan.

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Proprietary Chipsets

It might seem to the casual observer that Apple is just releasing more and more products every couple of years that look like they’re just a slightly redesigned version.

However, these releases usually come with innovative tech updates, too.

For instance, the AirPods went from the W1 chipset to the H1 in only one generational jump. This upgraded H1 chipset helped reduce latency not only when compared to many other options on the market but also its predecessor in the AirPod 1.

Feature Bundles

If you take a look at the features you get on something like the AirPod 3, you’ll find that it’s more than just a sleek-looking gadget.

The Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) and Transparency modes are quite the selling point for many people out there. Imagine not having to worry about crying babies on flights but also keeping the convenience of switching back to transparent playback!

Plus, you also get spatial head tracking and water resistance. It’s hard to find a Bluetooth headphone that tackles all these points.

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What’s There to Hate About AirPods?

So, with impressive chipsets, smooth integration, and innovative tech, why do some people still believe that the AirPods are overrated?

Here are a few common pitfalls that charge people against Apple’s wireless headphones:

Shaky Connections

Every once in a while, the connection between AirPods and iPhones fails.

However, that’s basically the case with almost all Bluetooth-based earbuds. At some point, you’re bound to experience a bit of signal dropping, depending on where you are and the surrounding interference.

Easy to Lose

Many of us grew up using regular wired headphones. While those cables would break down like crazy, they weren’t as easy to lose as the little AirPods.

It’s not uncommon for someone to even drop an AirPod while running.

Not a Guaranteed Fit

Speaking of AirPods dropping out of your ear takes us to the fitting issue. Many people feel like AirPods would never offer a “universal” fit as much as over-the-ear headphones.

Not the Best Audio Quality

The audio quality is above average on the AirPods. Yet, a seasoned audiophile might not be as impressed as the everyday casual consumer, especially if we’re talking about the first-generation pods.

Short Battery Life

Another common complaint about the AirPods is how the battery health drops after 2-3 years. However, most people just choose to upgrade by then, anyway.

Should You Get Airpods?

If any of the problems we covered above are a serious concern for you, opting for wired headphones might be your best bet here.

Keep in mind that newer iPhone models might not even have that nifty little jack to use a regular headphone.

Alternatively, you can just get something that goes behind the neck like the Skullcandy Method. These add a touch of wireless convenience without being as easy to lose.

Wrap Up

So, are AirPods overrated?

AirPods might be overpriced when compared to other products on the market. That said, they’re still a nifty addition to an Apple enthusiast’s tech gear.

Once you get used to them, they could be hard to replace, especially if you get the newer models with tech features like ANC/Transparency modes.

Ultimately, the choice between the showy AirPods and other alternatives will boil down to your budget and priorities. You might even prefer to shift to the traditional wired headphones!