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Blurry Square on iPhone Screen (Causes and How to Fix)

Be honest: what’s the first thing you do when you first wake up? If you answered ‘reach for my phone,’ you’re not alone.

Yet, have you ever turned on the phone only to notice that something on the screen doesn’t look quite right? Your initial reaction is probably to chalk it up to your half-closed lids. Then, you quickly realize that there’s nothing wrong with your eyesight. Your phone has an actual blurry spot!

The good news is that this doesn’t mean your phone isn’t broken. It simply means your iPhone just needs a bit of tweaking.

While there may be several reasons for that blurry spot, whatever it is, we’ve got you covered! In this article, we’ll look at all possible causes for a blurry square on an iPhone and how to fix it without spending a dime.

Let’s get to work!

Causes of a Blurry Square on an iPhone Screen

Some common reasons include the unintentional activation of unknown phone settings, an ongoing software bug, or outdated software.

So, before going to your local repair center, check out these troubleshooting tips first.

Light and Dark Mode Settings

Since 2020, many iPhone users have been trying to get an answer and a fix for blurry screen issues. Meanwhile, an iPhone 13 Pro user recently reported the same issue on the MacRumors forum while running iOS 15.5, which proves the problem hasn’t been fixed despite countless software updates.

Alternatively, one way to confirm a software issue is by taking a screenshot. If you can still see the blurred spot in the picture, then your phone is suffering from a problem with the phone’s light and dark modes. Luckily, it’s an easy fix.

While restarting your phone can fix some software issues, fixing the light and dark mode setting issue doesn’t require rebooting.

So, start by finding the Settings menu on your phone. Next, tap ‘Display & Brightness,’ and switch the settings to light mode if you’re currently in dark mode, and vice versa. 

You’ll instantly notice that your screen is no longer blurry. Note that you can change it to your preferred mode afterward while turning off the automatic mode setting.

Zoom Settings

Zoom feature is possibly one of the least noticed settings in an iPhone. Still, many iPhone users accidentally activate the Zoom Accessibility function. Unfortunately, this harmless feature could be one reason your screen has a blurry square.

With this in mind, to make the blurred section disappear, you’ll need to disable the Zoom feature in the Accessibility Settings. Simply go to Settings, then head to the Accessibility menu.

Next, under VISION, tap Zoom to toggle between on/off. Toggling this feature should fix the blurry square from your iPhone’s screen. If this doesn’t work, try the following:

Double-Tap Three Fingers to Zoom

If you can still see the blurry square after rebooting your phone and toggling off the Zoom feature, it’s time to try the three-finger tap.

To do that, double tap the screen with three fingers. If that fails, tap faster while ensuring your fingers aren’t touching each other. 

Tapping Home Button Thrice

This is possibly the fastest way to fix the blurry screen. First, tap the home screen three times. That should automatically shut down the accessibility setting causing the blurry square on your iPhone screen.

Zoom Out the Blurry Square

This is one of the most common issues iPhone users face, especially those with visual impairments.

Here’s how to fix it: tap on the blurry part on your screen, locate the Zoom slider, then select Zoom out. Hopefully, the blurred spot will disappear when the screen returns to its normal size.

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Disable the Larger Text Settings

The Larger Accessibility Text Size feature allows you to modify the text size for a more comfortable viewing. However, this could also be a culprit in the blurry screen issues.

To fix it, go to Settings, then Accessibility. Next, tap Display and Text Size. Finally, choose the Larger Text to disable it.

Update iPhone Software

In general, updating to the latest software provides significant enhancements and bug fixes for your iPhone. Typically, iPhone software is automatically updated.

Although, you can customize automatic updates by going to Settings and then select ‘General.’ Next, tap on Automatic Updates, followed by Download iOS Updates. Then, depending on your preference, toggle it on or off.

On the other hand, if no update shows up, connect your device to a computer and manually update it via iTunes. 


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Hopefully, we answered your query about what causes the blurry square on iPhone screens and how to fix it.

The good news is that fixing the problem is simple and straightforward. Yet, you must first determine the root cause, which could be any of the Accessibility features to the light and dark modes. It could also be an outdated iOS version.

Overall, this seems to be a bizarre issue that’s been recurring for several years. Unfortunately, despite numerous iOS updates, it’s still unclear whether we’ll continue to experience this on iOS 16 or whether Apple is aware of if they plan on fixing it anytime soon.

Good luck!