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Can 2nd gen AirPods charge in the 1st gen case?

As an Apple user, I recently ran into an issue trying to charge my 2nd gen AirPods in the first gen case. Frustrated and curious, I decided to do some research to see if this was possible and what solutions were out there. In this blog post, I’m going to share what I learned in my own experience and what solutions I discovered that might help other Apple users facing the same issue.

Yes, the 2nd Gen AirPods do charge in the first gen case

Key Takeaways and Tips
– The light on the AirPods case does not stay on while charging
– A green light indicates a fully charged case, while an orange light indicates charging AirPods
– To verify if the case is fully charged, remove and reconnect the cable
– If the light does not turn on while AirPods are in the case, the case may be out of battery
– A constantly illuminated light with AirPods in the case may indicate issues with the case, charging cable, or wireless charging pad
– Test the charging cable with other devices to check for damage
– Check the case for debris and clean it with a cloth

Can 2nd Gen AirPods Charge In the 1st Gen Case?

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First-generation cases are excellent at charging second-generation AirPods. However, there is a slight difference in how this case will charge your device—it will not do so wirelessly.

You’ll need to use the cable option when using the first-generation case. You can attribute this to the difference in the technology used to make these two AirPod versions.

In this case, you will need to connect the case to a power outlet or source. You will use lighting attached to the USB cable and a compatible power adapter.

Remember, both the first-generation and second-generation AirPods come in the same size. This element allows them to fit in the same case comfortably.

Notably, second-generation and first-generation AirPods come in the same case. These cases are used interchangeably, making it much easier to charge your 2nd generation AirPods in the 1st generation case.

The only difference is the charging technology in place. While the 2nd generation AirPods boast Qi wireless charging potential, 1st generation AirPods rely on cables or cords to charge.

That means you’ll need this cord when charging your second-generation AirPods too.

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Technical Specifications of Second-Generation AirPods

Second-generation AirPods come with multiple technical specifications, guaranteeing a significant upgrade from the first-generation devices.

This generation has dual optical sensors, which detect whether the AirPods are in a user’s ears. This element assures you of enhanced efficiency, as the sensors can differentiate between your skin and a hard surface.

Its dual beamforming microphones are worth appreciating. These microphones provide you with incredible sound quality.

In addition, there are two accelerometers on these AirPods: motion-detecting and speech-detecting. All these elements ensure that you enjoy better audio quality at the end of the day.

What Charging Technology Do Second-Generation AirPods Use?

Second-generation AirPods rely on wireless charging technology to charge. This Qi technology requires placing the device on a Qi-certified charging mat, wirelessly connecting to the charging source.

Once the device is connected to the wireless charger, its LED indicator turns on. This indicator allows you to monitor the progress of the charging.

Can 1st Gen AirPods Charge In Second-Gen Case?

The first and second-generation cases are interchangeable, meaning that each can charge a different generation of AirPods.

For this reason, you can use a second-generation case to charge the first-generation set of AirPods. Remember, each of these cases has the Qi charging standard, making it easier to charge whichever set of AirPods.

At the same time, second-generation cases are backward compatible. Its design is an excellent choice for anyone who wants no upgrade but still needs to benefit from wireless charging.

The inclusion of this new technology implies that the case is much greater than in the previous generation. Besides the increased weight, the first and second-generation cases are eerily similar.  

Do AirPods Pro Use The Same Case?

No. AirPods Pro relies on a different set of cases, which are different from the standard AirPods. The charging system in the case used for Airpods Pro is significantly different.

You cannot use ordinary to charge them. Ideally, they are not interchangeable unless they are similar to AirPods of different generations.

Will 2nd Gen Airpods Still Connect If Using In a First Gen Case?

Undoubtedly, most people will fear whether there’ll be a connection when using second-generation AirPods in a first-generation case.

Notably, the first-generation and second-generation cases are interchangeable. While they do not have similar charging systems, you can rely on either of them to charge your second-generation AirPods. In short, 2nd generation AirPods will connect in 1st generation cases.

However, this connection can only be achieved when you use a cable during the process. That is because the first-generation case provides no Qi charging technology.

Will Swapping Charging Cases Damage AirPods?

Various people fear that swapping charging cases can damage your AirPods, regardless of the generation. Yet, this has proven untrue.

According to the manufacturer, Apple, the first and second-generation cases are interchangeable. The second-generation case has backward compatibility technology, working with first-generation AirPods.

How do I Charge My AirPods?

It is vital to understand how best to connect your AirPods to your set of charging cases. The idea is to ensure a seamless charging process in the long run.

This process requires you to place the earbuds in the charging case correctly. Setting the AirPods correctly will ensure that the status light lights up, flashing an amber tone.

You’ll then hold the setup button for a few seconds, prompting the case to flash a white light.

After this setup, you will need to open the lid and place it near your phone. Let the case remain open until a setup screen pops up on your phone. This screen will prompt you to follow specific instructions, starting the charging process.

Do AirPods 1 and 2 Have the Same Cases?

There is a slight difference in the AirPod 1 and AirPod 2 cases. While they appear eerily similar in size and structure, these devices are hardly the same. Yet, you can use them interchangeably.

For instance, the technology used to build the second-generation case highlights the Qi charging system. This wireless option offers unrivaled convenience and flexibility in the long run.

This case is much heavier than its successor, thanks to the Qi charging technology used in second-generation cases.

On the other hand, the first-generation case has no Qi charging system. That means you’ll need to plug in your AirPods whenever you want to charge them.

Can I Replace My AirPods 1 or 2 Cases?

No. Apple does not sell AirPod cases separately.

Instead, you’ll need to invest in purchasing an entire set, meaning that you get new AirPods and casing. This move provides you with an extra pair of backup AirPods. While it is costly, it is the only way out.

However, suppose you lose your Airpods. In this case, you can purchase new AirPods without necessarily replacing your case. Replacing your Airpods will be much more affordable than investing in an entire set.

Will the 3rd Gen Case Charge the 2nd Gen AirPods?

The battle between third-generation and second-generation AirPods is imminent. Unfortunately, the third-generation case cannot charge the second-generation AirPods.

First, these two options come in different styles, meaning that one cannot fit in the other. The 3rd generation AirPods have a smaller stem, which means the 2nd generation AirPods might not effectively fit the case.

At the same time, the third-generation AirPods offer a different charging system. This option has the MagSafe charging system coupled with a wireless system at a premium.

On the other hand, second-generation Airpods use Qi charging technology and lightning.

The significant difference in the charging system has proven a challenge for case interchangeability between these two generations.

Notably, the third-generation case offers a slightly more extended charging period, assuring you a battery lifespan of up to 30 hours, unlike 24 hours in the AirPod 2.

To conclude, various elements prove how interchangeable the first and second-generation AirPod cases are. This interchangeability implies that you can rely on either to charge your device. All you need is to use a cable in either case.


  • Interchangeable cases for different generations of AirPods
  • The cases are similar in size, allowing 2nd gen AirPods to fit in 1st gen case
  • Second-generation cases have backward compatibility, allowing them to charge 1st gen AirPods


  • The 1st gen case does not offer Qi wireless charging, so it must be plugged in to charge
  • The 2nd gen case is heavier than the 1st due to the addition of the Qi technology
  • The third-generation case cannot charge the second-generation AirPods due to significant differences in the charging system.