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Can a Soundbar Be Mounted Above/Behind the TV?

As an owner of a soundbar, I was frustrated when I noticed that the sound it produced was not as clear and impactful as I had hoped. After hours of research, I decided to see if mounting the soundbar above or behind the TV would improve the sound. I’ve decided to share my findings, as well as other tips and tricks to help other soundbar owners get the most out of their system.

While you can mount a soundbar anywhere you want, in most cases, the ideal location to mount it would be directly below the television set. By doing so, the soundwave could travel to your ears unobstructed. 

Mounting LocationPros and Cons
Above the TVPros:
– Can work well with upward-firing speakers
– Utilizes room space and solid objects for better sound
– May not work as well for non-upward-firing speakers
– Sound quality may be affected if not placed correctly
Behind the TVPros:
– Can work if not too close to the TV and mounted on the wall
– Sound quality greatly reduced if blocked by the TV
– Tight space behind the TV can affect sound clarity
– Reverb from solid surfaces may cause echoes and distorted sounds
Below the TVPros:
– Ideal spot for most soundbars
– Minimizes obstructions that reduce sound quality
– Best to place soundbar at ear level for optimal sound
– Optimal distance: 4-6 inches from TV, 3 feet from sidewalls, 10-23 feet from the couch
– Sound reflection and dispersion may be affected if placed too close to the TV
– Room acoustics and other factors can impact sound quality, so consider adding curtains, rugs, or bookshelves to help absorb noise and reduce echoes

Can a Soundbar Be Mounted Above/Behind the TV? 

There are three common spots where people mount their soundbars. It’s either above, behind, or below the TV. 

Let’s have a look.  

Mounting a Soundbar Above the TV

If you’re thinking of mounting your soundbar above your TV set, better check if what you have is an upward-firing speaker. This type of speaker is designed to perform best when the soundwave is projected directly to the ceiling. 

To explain further, upward-firing soundbars utilize the room’s space and other solid and flat objects to make the sound more realistic. This enhanced audio quality improves user experience, especially when watching cinematic films.

Mounting a Soundbar Behind the TV

As mentioned earlier, you can place your soundbar in any spot you want. This all-in-one speaker will work and produce sounds regardless of its location. However, the quality will be greatly reduced if the TV’s back blocks the soundwave. 

Moreover, the tight space behind the television could also bring down the supposed crisp and clear sound of the soundbar. 

If you really wish to place your speaker behind the TV, make sure not to place it too close to the television. Also, you might want to consider mounting the soundbar on the wall. However, it’s still no guarantee that you’ll be able to enjoy its full performance. 

That’s because any solid surface that hinders soundwaves only creates reverb. While it serves a purpose in some cases, reverbs produce echoes and distorted sounds, which aren’t pleasing to hear, especially when watching TV.

The Ideal Spot to Mount a Soundbar

After learning the requirements and consequences of placing your speaker above/behind the TV, we’ll now have a look at the ideal spot for mounting a soundbar. 

Needless to say, the whole point of adding this speaker is to make TV shows and films more enjoyable to watch. That said, placing it directly below the television set ensures that its performance is utilized well.  

That means you want to have your speaker mounted in a spot where the sound can move freely without too much interference. You see, room acoustic has a lot to do with the quality of the sound we hear in an enclosed space. 

In other words, the placing of solid objects, paneling, and materials used in the room could impact the sound output.

So, mounting the soundbar just below the TV minimizes obstructions that reduce sound quality. Furthermore, it’s best to place the soundbar at ear level to let the sound travel straight to your ears. 

The Optimal Distance Between a Soundbar and the TV

To maximize the benefits of mounting a soundbar below the TV, consider optimizing the distance between these devices. It’s because when they’re so close to each other, the television itself could affect both sound reflection and dispersion of the speaker. 

So, be sure to mount the soundbar around 4 to 6 inches away from the TV. It’ll also help if you place the soundbar away from the room’s sidewalls. Around 3 feet is a reasonable distance. These setups will provide a balanced sound dispersion around the room. 

Now to kick this up a notch, you could further improve your overall listening experience by placing the soundbar and the TV at least 10 to 23 feet away from the couch. 

In addition, having some window curtains, a woven rug, and perhaps a bookshelf in the room could also enhance the sound quality of the speaker. They help absorb noise and reduce echoes. 


There it is—a concise yet detailed answer to the question, “can a soundbar be mounted above/behind the TV?” 

We’ve seen how important it is to mount a soundbar in the right spot to utilize its full potential. It helps if sound waves can travel without any obstructions. Anything that stands between the speaker and your ears will reduce the quality of the sound.

Out of the three spots seen earlier, behind the TV set is the worst place to mount a soundbar on. While putting it above the television works okay with an upward-firing speaker, the best spot to mount a standard soundbar would be directly below the TV. 

So, mount that soundbar now and enjoy its fantastic sound quality. Cheers!