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Can AirPods translate languages?

As someone who loves exploring new cultures and experiencing different parts of the world, I have always been curious if there was a way to make language barriers less of a challenge. I recently heard about the possibility of using my AirPods to translate languages and while I was skeptical at first, I decided to do some research to see if it was truly possible. In this blog post, I will share what I discovered about using AirPods to translate languages and explain how you can make the most of this technology.

AirPods themselves do not translate languages. However, you can use Siri to translate words and phrases for you.

Quick tips:

  • AirPods themselves do not directly translate languages.
  • You can use Siri to translate words and phrases for you.
  • To use AirPods to translate languages you just need to say “Hey Siri, how do you say x in Spanish” (or whatever language).

Can AirPods translate languages?

AirPods themselves do not directly translate languages. However, you can use Siri translate to translate words and phrases for you.

To do this you just need to activate Siri by saying “Hey Siri” followed by “How do you say hello in Spanish” or whatever it is you want to translate.

Methods for translating Languages with AirPods

  1. Google Translate App:

Download the Google Translate app from the App Store and install it on your iPhone. Pair your AirPods with your iPhone, open the app, and choose the languages you want to translate between. Use the conversation mode or voice input to speak into your AirPods’ microphone, and the app will translate your speech into the desired language. You can listen to the translation through your AirPods.

  1. Siri Translation:

Siri, Apple’s voice assistant, can help you with basic translations. With your AirPods connected to your iPhone or iPad, simply ask Siri to translate a phrase or sentence into the desired language. For example, say, “Hey Siri, how do you say ‘Good morning’ in Spanish?” Siri will provide you with the translation, which you can hear through your AirPods.

  1. Third-party translation apps:

There are numerous third-party translation apps available on the App Store that offer voice translation features, such as iTranslate, Microsoft Translator, or Speak & Translate. Download and install one of these apps, pair your AirPods with your iPhone, and use the app’s voice translation feature to speak into your AirPods’ microphone. The app will translate your speech and play the translation through your AirPods.

  1. Live transcription and translation:

Some apps, like Ava or, provide live transcription services that can be helpful in translating languages during meetings, conferences, or other events. Although these apps primarily focus on transcription, you can use third-party translation services, like Google Translate, to translate the transcriptions in real-time. With your AirPods connected, listen to the translated transcriptions as the conversation unfolds.

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ConvenienceUsing AirPods for language translation is convenient as they can be paired with your iPhone or other Apple devices.
Seamless integration with SiriAirPods work seamlessly with Siri, making it easy to ask for translations without taking out your phone.
Hands-free experienceWith AirPods, you can translate languages hands-free, which is particularly useful when traveling or multitasking.
DiscreetAirPods are small and discreet, allowing you to translate languages without drawing too much attention to yourself.
Wide range of compatible appsYou can use AirPods with various translation apps, like Google Translate, iTranslate, Microsoft Translator, and more.
Limited translation capabilitiesAirPods themselves do not have built-in language translation capabilities, and the translation accuracy relies on the app or service used.
Dependent on internet connectionMost real-time translation apps require an active internet connection, which can be a limitation when traveling.
Battery lifeAirPods have a limited battery life compared to some other wireless earphones, which might require more frequent charging during extended use.
CostAirPods can be expensive, and there are more affordable translation alternatives available in the market.
Language supportThe number of supported languages depends on the app or service used, which may not cover all the languages you need.

Alternatives to AirPods for translating languages

There are several alternatives to AirPods that offer real-time language translation capabilities. Here are some popular options:

  1. Timekettle WT2 Plus Translator Earbuds: The Timekettle WT2 Plus Translator Earbuds provide real-time translation in 40 languages and 93 accents. They feature a unique design where one person wears one earbud while the other person wears the second earbud, facilitating smooth conversation. The earbuds connect to a smartphone app that translates the conversation in real-time.
  2. Google Pixel Buds: Google Pixel Buds are a great alternative for language translation. They are designed to work seamlessly with Google Assistant, which can translate real-time conversations in over 40 languages. To use the translation feature, you need to have the Google Translate app installed on your smartphone.
  3. WT2 Language Translator: The WT2 Language Translator is another wearable translation device that supports 36 languages and 84 accents. It has a similar design to the Timekettle WT2 Plus, with two earbuds for two users. The device connects to a smartphone app for real-time translation during conversations.
  4. Langogo AI Language Translator Earbuds: Langogo AI Language Translator Earbuds offer real-time translation for 20 languages and 70 accents. These earbuds connect to the Langogo app on your smartphone, which uses AI-powered technology to provide quick and accurate translations during conversations.
  5. Mymanu Clik S Translator Earbuds: Mymanu Clik S Translator Earbuds provide real-time translation for 37 languages. They connect to the Mymanu Translate app on your smartphone, enabling you to have multilingual conversations effortlessly. The earbuds are also sweatproof and water-resistant, making them suitable for various environments.