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Can any case charge AirPods?

This post will show you if any case can charge AirPods and how to pair AirPods with a new case.

Any case can charge AirPods as long as the case has been designed for the AirPod’s generation. To charge the AirPods, you simply put them in the case. If you open the lid while the AirPods are in the case, an orange light means that the AirPods are being charged and a green light means they are fully charged.

Can any case charge AirPods?

It is possible for any case to charge AirPods or AirPods Pro as long as they fit the case.

You can charge AirPods Pro using any official AirPods Pro case. You can also charge AirPods Pro using third-party cases that have been designed to work with AirPods Pro.

You can charge regular AirPods using any official case that has been designed for regular AirPods. However, different generations are not always compatible.

The gen 1 and 2 cases are interchangeable when charging AirPods gen 1 or gen 2.

However, AirPods gen 3 only charge in the AirPods gen 3 cases because the AirPods gen 3 have a different shape to the AirPods 1 and 2.

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Can AirPods be charged in another case?

You do not have to charge AirPods in the case that they have been paired with. You can charge AirPods in any official case as long as the case has been designed for that generation and the case has power in it.

To tell if the case has power, you just need to open the lid when the AirPods are not inside the case.

If the light shows orange, it means that there is less than one full charge remaining in the case.

If the light is green, it means that there is at least one full charge remaining in the case. If there is no light, it means that the case is out of power or broken.

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How to connect AirPods to another case?

To connect AirPods to another case, do the following:

  1. Forget your AirPods from your devices
  2. Put your AirPods in the case
  3. Open the lid
  4. Hold the button for 15 seconds until the light flashes orange then white
  5. You can now pair the AirPods with your devices using that case

To pair your AirPods with your devices, do the following:

  1. Put the AirPods in the case
  2. Open the lid
  3. Press the button so that the white light shows
  4. Your AirPods should now appear on the Bluetooth list of your devices and you can click on them to pair the AirPods with the device