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Can Drywall Anchors Hold a TV?

If you want to reduce the TV’s footprint and enjoy a theater-level viewing experience, you might want to mount your TV directly on the wall. 

However, if you have drywall, you might be curious whether the anchors used for hanging items would do the trick. So, can drywall anchors hold a TV?

You can mount a TV on drywall anchors as long as you install them properly and make sure that you don’t exceed the weight bearing capacity of your drywall anchors and the wall itself. For larger and heavier TVs, you have to rely on the studs supporting the wall.

If you want to find out more about the holding capacity of the drywall anchors and how to mount a TV using them, keep on reading this guide!

Is It Possible to Use Drywall Anchors to Hold TVs?

Drywall includes a combination of various compressed materials, such as paper packing, wood pulp, and gypsum. 

This makes for a relatively affordable reliable interior wall but it’s not durable enough to support heavier items.

Drywall anchors will simply attach themselves to these walls from the other side so that they’re sturdy enough to hold items.

Ideally, a set of good quality drywall anchors is capable of mounting a TV that is around 25 to 30 lbs, but that also depends on the condition of the drywall and how thick it is.

If you want to mount a relatively large TV to the wall, it’s best to mount its bracket into the studs in the wall, as they’re capable of supporting extra weight without fail.

How to Mount a TV on Drywall Using Anchors

If you want to mount a relatively lightweight TV that your good-condition drywall can support, here’s what you need to do:

1. Mark Pilot Holes Where You Want to Install the Anchors

Start by finding out where you want to mount the TV using the holder bracket, then mark the spots where anchors should be installed (depending on the holder’s installation guide)

After that, drill the pilot holes using an electric screwdriver and make sure that the hole is wide enough for the anchor to pass through the wall.

Tap the anchors into the wall using a rubber mallet or slide them into the wall if you’re using toggle bolts.

2. Screw the TV Mount into the Anchors

Once the anchors or toggle bolts used are in place, you should be able to secure the TV mount directly on them.

Simply hold the TV mount against the anchors so that the holes line up perfectly, then screw them on using a screwdriver. You can use the help of another person here to make things easier.

3. Hang the TV onto the Mount

Now that the mount is attached to the wall, you can easily hang the TV onto the mount using hooks, clips, or depending on the method specified in the user manual of the TV holder.

How to Mount Large TVs on Drywall

As previously mentioned, larger TVs can’t be mounted directly on drywall using an anchor, as the wall will fail if it’s loaded with too much weight.

To solve this problem, you need to utilize the studs behind the drywall. Here’s how to get the job done:

1. Choose a Suitable Height for the TV Mount

Start by choosing the proper viewing height of the TV. The sweet spot is usually at a height of around 35 to 45 inches off the ground, but it can vary depending on personal preferences.

2. Locate the Studs on the Wall

To find the studs, you need to use a studs finder. Simply hold it against the wall and turn it on, then move slowly across the wall until it detects the stud. If you know where the studs are on the wall, you can skip this one. 

3. Mark the Pilot Holes Using the TV Mount

Mark the studs that you want to attach the TV mount on, then mark the holes that you want to drill using a pencil. Make sure that the mount is level, so that the TV is well-oriented.

4. Screw the Mount into the Wall

Drill the holes that you’ve marked earlier but make sure that drilled hole is 1/8 inches shorter than the screws for maximum accuracy.

After that, attach the TV mount to the wall properly and screw it on using your electric screwdriver.

5. Hang the TV onto the Mount

Lastly, bring the TV on the mounting bracket and attach it as instructed, which is usually by carefully positioning the TV onto the hooks of the bracket.

Wrap Up

Mounting your TV on drywall depends mainly on the overall weight of the TV in question as well as the condition of the drywall itself.

If your TV weight is within the capacity of the wall, you can go ahead and install the TV using drywall anchors. However, if the TV is too heavy, it’s best to mount them on the studs supporting the drywall.