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Can I Connect Chromecast to USB?

As an owner of a Chromecast device, I was recently frustrated by not being able to connect it to my USB port. After doing some research and testing, I’m here to share my experience and how I solved the issue as well as some other potential solutions I discovered.

Yes, you can use a USB cable or adapter as a power supply for your Chromecast device in a TV port or a wall socket. However, it doesn’t replace the need for an HDMI connection to stream data to your TV.


  • You can use the USB port on your Chromecast to power the device.
  • The USB cable/adapter that comes with the Chromecast must be used with certain models.
  • An HDMI connection is also required to stream data to your TV.
  • You can use a USB port on the TV or a wall socket to power the Chromecast.
  • Don’t use a replacement power supply brick for the Chromecast Ultra.

How Can I Connect Chromecast to USB?

When you buy a Chromecast, you get two types of cables to go along with it. The first is a short HDMI, and the second is a USB cable/adapter.

Both of those connections are essential to running the device, but the USB is what delivers power.

Let’s see how you can use the USB slot on your Chromecast in two ways:

USB to TV Port

You can just hook the cable to the USB port on your TV and call it a day. Whenever you turn on your TV, you’ll also be providing power to the Chromecast, which cuts down the hassle of the process.

Thankfully, the cable that comes with the regular Chromecast is 69 inches long, so you shouldn’t have any trouble reaching the port anywhere on the TV.

All you need to do is:

  • Connect one side of the USB cable to the Chromecast.
  • Check that your TV’s USB matches the 5V, 1A requirement.
  • Hook the other to one of the USB ports on the TV.
  • Power up the TV and confirm that the Chromecast is running.

USB to Power Socket

For a lot of people, using the TV USB port to power the Chromecast is convenient. Yet, it’s not always recommended.

If you use the Chromecast Ultra or a Google TV model, you’ve got to use the adapter that comes with the box. That’s because the power brick here also doubles as an Ethernet port, which is not something you get with a basic USB cable.

On the downside, this means that you’ll have to look for a nearby power supply instead of the port on the TV.

However, the Chromecast Ultra arrives with a 78.8-inch cable/adapter line. This extra length can make looking for a wall socket behind the TV a little easier. If that ends up being too short, you can look into power disruptors, but try to get a sturdy one to handle the supply.

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Can I Use a USB Connection Only for the Chromecast?

The input cables on all Chromecasts are HDMI, and you can’t substitute that for a USB connection.

Whether you’re hooking the USB in a TV port or a socket on the wall, you’ll still need to link the TV to the Chromecast with the short HDMI cable.

This HDMI line doesn’t relate to the power supply, but it’s vital for the streaming input. Without it, the TV won’t even recognize the Chromecast as a media source.

If your TV doesn’t have HDMI input, you might need to look into a converter to adjust the compatibility. For instance, you can get a USB-C to HDMI or a component video-audio to HDMI adapter.

Just keep in mind that using converts might compromise the connection strength and cause a bit of delay.

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Would Any USB Cable Replace the Original Chromecast Kit?

For regular Chromecasts, it’s possible to use a replacement USB cable, but it’s not your best bet if you’re looking for optimum performance. That’s mainly because poor-quality lines can slow the connection, cause delays, or even lead to overheating.

Meanwhile, with Chromecast Ultra models, you have to use the original adapter since it’s not just your everyday USB cable. Even if you manage to find a brick with 110-240 V AC 50/60 Hz compatibility, it still won’t take over the Ethernet function.

The Google support team doesn’t recommend swapping the power supply brick with any other replacement line, and we wouldn’t, either. It’s too much of a risk without any added benefits to consider.

Wrap Up

So, can I connect Chromecast to USB?

Yes, linking the USB cable to your Chromecast isn’t only possible; it’s essential to power the device. To do this, you can either use a USB port on the TV or hook up the adapter to a socket.

With certain models, like the Chromecast Ultra, you might not be able to use the TV port, so it’s better to double-check the manual before you go ahead and finish the setup.

Just don’t forget to connect that short HDMI cable, too. You need both lines to get the Chromecast up and running!