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Can I play slideshows on Samsung TV from a flash drive?

As a proud owner of a Samsung TV, I recently found myself frustrated after trying to play a slideshow from a flash drive. For hours, I tried various solutions to no avail. Finally, I did some research and testing and I’m here to share how I solved the issue and other solutions I discovered.

Playing this media is easily accomplished once you know the processes. There are several ways to do this including using a USB drive, portable digital media player, Amazon Fire Stick, or Android Stick.

Tips for Playing Slideshows on Samsung TV
Plug in the flash drive to the USB port
Press the source button on the remote
Choose the media option
Use an Amazon Fire TV stick, Android Stick, or portable digital media player as an alternative
Research the pros and cons of each option

Can I play slideshows on Samsung TV from a flash drive?

Yes, you can play slideshows or any other media type from a flash drive on your Samsung TV. The process is as simple as plugging the media directly into the television, accessing it on-screen via Samsung’s interface, and enjoy!

How to play slideshows on Samsung TV from a flash drive

The most straightforward process for playing slideshows o your Samsung TV from a flash drive is as follows:

Plug the storage into the USB port

The first step is to turn on your television and plug the USB storage device into the port on the back of your Samsung TV. 

On the Full HD, SUHD, and QLED TVs, you’ll see a pop-up message that allows you to easily move to the content list from the device, which allows you to select an item to play.

Press the source button

The next step is to press the source button on your remote, which will bring up TV, screen mirroring, HDMIs, and USB devices. 

Alternately, you can press the home button on the remote, scroll to the sources and select USB device.

Choose the media

The My Content screen will then appear with the different folders and files from your USB drive. Simply navigate to the slideshow you want to view.

Hit the enter button

Finally, by hitting the enter button, you will have confirmed the source and specific media you wish to play. The system will then transport you back to the control panel where you can hit the play button.

If you wish to play another media type saved on the flash drive, then simply press the Return button and it will navigate you back to the My Content page.

What ways are there to play slideshows on a Samsung TV?

In addition to a USB drive, Samsung TVs offer a variety of options for displaying slideshows with the most common including:

Amazon Fire TV stick

To manage remotely manage your slideshow without having to constantly remove a USB drive from your TV, the Amazon Fire TV stick pulls images from the cloud. 

This is a popular option because it’s a cloud-based product that’s familiar to many users, is easy to set up, and is incredibly affordable.

The easiest method of creating a looping slideshow using this stick is with the FlickFolio app, which only costs $2.99.

This app gathers images uploaded to a Flickr account, places them into an album, and creates a slideshow. 

One excellent feature of this software is anyone who can access your Flickr account can upload images into the slideshow album.

Android Stick

Using an Android Mini PC, you can install PhotosAlive! Digital Frame, which automatically downloads photos from your Dropbox account and displays them as a full-screen slideshow. 

You can adjust the slide transition time and install the auto startup application called AutoStart – No Root.

This handy piece of software starts the Photos Alive app automatically when you plug the stick into the port while the TV is on. 

One of the best features of this option is the stick plugs into an HDMI port, so there are no bulky HDMI cables to manage.

Portable digital media players

A portable digital media player is a step up from the USB port option. 

In addition to being able to display photo slideshows, media players can play many video formats in 1080p HD and come with a handy remote to zip through menus and content.

Media players easily connect via HDMI cable and include other media slots like an SD/SDHC memory card reader and USB ports.

Also, media players feature an aluminum case exterior, automatic restart following a power failure, and high bit-rate playback.

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