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Can I turn off the red standby light on my Samsung TV?

As a Samsung TV owner, I was frustrated to find that the red standby light on my TV was always on, no matter what I did. After doing some research and testing, I am here to share with you how I solved the problem and some other solutions I discovered.

Samsung doesn’t provide any way to disable the standby light by changing settings. However, there are multiple ways to shut it off by completely disconnecting power to the television when you’re not watching it. Another solution involves physically blocking the light to hide it from view.

There is no way to turn off the red standby light on a Samsung TV through the settings.
To turn off the light, you can disconnect the TV from its power source, use a tap switch, surge protector, power strip or smart electrical outlet, or cover the indicator with opaque tape.
To turn off the illuminated Samsung logo, look for the “Light effect” setting and change it to “off.”
The red light stays on when the TV is shut off but still connected to a power source.
Samsung TVs in standby mode consume between 0.2-0.6W of power, which can add up over time.

Can I turn off the red standby light on my Samsung TV?

While there’s no menu option to shut off the light, you can find several work-arounds.

The most effective approach is to disconnect the television from its power source whenever you stop watching it for any length of time.

This will turn off the standby indicator and save energy. Some solutions also protect your TV from harmful power surges.

While you could manually unplug the set, this may eventually wear out your outlet or plug. It’s better to use a tap switch, surge protector or power strip.

Many units can be purchased for $5 to $20. Surge protectors with higher joule ratings provide stronger protection. A tap switch is preferable if your TV is mounted on a wall and there’s no flat surface for a power strip.

You could also attach your Samsung television to a smart electrical outlet. This technology makes it possible to disable or energize an outlet using a voice command or smartphone app.

You’ll still need to turn the TV on separately. Another option is to use a conventional outlet that’s controlled by a wall switch.

Although it won’t save any electricity, the simplest and least expensive solution is to use tape to cover the standby indicator.

It’s best to choose an opaque type that matches the TV’s exterior and doesn’t allow any light to pass through. For example, black electrical tape will work better than masking tape.

How to turn off Samsung TV logo

Certain models have an illuminated Samsung logo below their screens. To shut off its light, you’ll need to locate the “Light effect” setting and change it to “off.”

You may find it under “Expert settings” in “System” under the “Settings” menu in the “Home” area. If not, open the main menu and look for it under “Setup.”

Why does the red light on my Samsung TV stay on?

The standby indicator stays illuminated whenever your television is shut off but still connected to a source of power.

If you unsuccessfully try to turn on the TV and the red light continues to glow, there may be a problem with the remote control, power button or other components.

Samsung TV standby power consumption

While some non-Samsung models with “smart wake” technology consume as many as 20 watts in standby mode, most Samsung TVs only draw around 0.2-0.6W.

This still becomes a significant amount over time. If the red light shines for an average of 21 hours per day, standby power consumption reaches 3,066 watts in a year. That’s enough energy to run a box fan at medium speed for 52 hours.

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