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Can I Use Mac Mini as Apple TV?

You may wonder if you can use your Mac Mini as an Apple TV. Maybe you want to view your computer’s activities on a larger scale to entertain your family and friends or give your eyes a rest. Perhaps you want your movie viewing experience to be a bit more theatrical. 

The fantastic news is that you can use your Mac Mini as an Apple TV using one of two options. We’ll explain how you can use your Mac Mini as an Apple TV using a process called mirroring. It should only take a couple minutes to get set up and start viewing your favorite shows and movies. 

Can I Use Mac Mini as Apple TV?

Yes. You can use your Mac Mini as an Apple TV using a service called Apple AirPlay. Apple AirPlay allows you to share the screen on your Mac with a television. Alternatively, you can connect your Mac Mini to your television using an HDMI cable.

Requirements for AirPlay Mirroring

To use the mirroring process via AirPlay, you’ll have to have the latest versions of iOS on your Mac and television. Please ensure that you update the software on both devices before you try mirroring. 

Your Mac and your TV should also be connected to the same Wi-Fi network for mirroring to work via AirPlay. Check your network settings on both devices to ensure you have them set to the same network before starting. 

Furthermore, you must verify that your Mac Mini and television set have AirPlay. Not all Smart TVs have AirPlay, but you can check for your model on an updated compatibility list.

All may not be lost if your TV isn’t on the list, as you may be able to find a mirroring app that can do the trick. “AirBeam TV” and “Let’s View” are some tools that might work for you. 

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What Is the Difference Between Mac Mini and Apple TV?

The most significant difference between a Mac Mini and an Apple TV is its functionality. Apple TV units are designed to provide users with accessible streaming services to access movies, television shows, music, and the like.

Mac Mini models are full-fledged computer systems designed to do everything a primary Mac computer can. Thus, users who are interested in getting a full computer experience may prefer a Mac Mini.

In contrast, users who want to watch an array of movies and television shows may be content with an Apple TV. 

Many other differences exist between Mac Mini devices and Apple TVs. For example, Mac Mini devices can offer higher quality video playback than Apple TVs.

An Apple TV may only offer 720p quality, while the Mac Mini may offer 1080p or more. Mac Mini devices are also equipped to store an array of content, while Apple TVs are not. 

Apple TVs don’t use the full-blown version of iOS, either. They use a variant that can’t entirely run all iOS applications.

However, the Mac Mini uses a complete Mac operating system and can run any of the myriad applications iOS offers. 

Other differences exist between the models regarding processing speed, looks, size, ports, and the like. However, based on those facts alone, you can decide which model is most suitable for your purpose. 

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How Do I Use My Mac Mini as an Apple TV?

To use your Mac Mini as an Apple TV, you’ll need to activate AirPlay on both units. First, go to the television and navigate to “Settings” and then “AirPlay.” Ensure that you have the AirPlay toggle switch set to on.

Next, find the AirPlay icon on your Mac device. Tap it and then select your TV to active mirroring. You should now see everything that’s going on with your Mac’s display screen on the TV.

Using a Non-AirPlay TV

You can also share what’s on your Mac Mini with a non-AirPlay TV using an HDMI cable connection. Find the HDMI ports on your Mac Mini and television and connect a compatible HDMI cable.

Ensure that you purchase the appropriate cable, as your unit may require you to use a USB-C to HDMI or Thunderbolt to HDMI adapter. 

Next, go to your TV’s input selection menu and change it to the input that displays the HDMI. After that, go to your Mac’s “System Preferences” and then visit the “Displays” section.

Set your resolution to “Default” and make it so that there is only one display. You should be able to view your computer usage experience on your television now. 

Use the above-mentioned methods if you want to use your Mac Mini as an Apple TV. Don’t forget to contact an Apple expert if you have any severe technical issues while using these methods. A technician can get you back on the right path quickly so that you can enjoy your experience.