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Can You Access the Samsung TV Menu Without a Remote?

A remote control device is the most convenient way to control your Samsung TV. This device allows you to switch between different systems, channels, and applications.

Yet, you could lose or get your remote control damaged. In such instances, you will want to understand whether you can access the Samsung TV menu without the remote. The following insights will help.

Can You Access the Samsung TV Menu Without a Remote?

Yes. Thanks to the TV control button, you can access and control your Samsung TV without a remote. Every Samsung TV is designed to allow you to access different settings and menus using the TV control button.

This button offers multiple functionalities, from changing the volume and source output to accessing the menu and settings. You can also rely on it to access the Smart Hub.

This TV control button could be in one of three places: the back of the TV, the middle of the front panel, or the side of the front bezel.

The location of this button varies with the model of the Samsung TV. You might want to check the user manual to identify where the control button sits.

While you can turn on and control your Samsung TV without a remote, the functionality could be significantly limited.

It could also be a little inconvenient to reach out to the button, mainly if the TV is relatively far from where you are seated.

Instances When You Cannot Use a Remote Control

Various reasons could force you not to use the remote control on your Samsung TV. A damaged or lost remote control will compel you to use alternative methods for a start.

The damage could be in different ways, including not responding to the sensor, water damage, and breakage. Excessive heat could also damage your device.

There are four critical ways in which your remote control could get damaged. First, this device could suffer substantial physical damage.

In this case, your remote could be broken or damaged by water or heat. In this case, the sensor will not work.

Slow responsiveness could also be another problem. Fortunately, you can address this by performing TV software updates, replacing batteries, and removing obstacles covering the IR receiver.

Suppose you rely on your voice only to control the TV. In this case, you will need to consider other alternatives to the voice function.

And a dysfunctional voice function could also translate to other internal issues, meaning that you cannot use it to operate your TV.

On the other hand, failed buttons could also pose a nightmare, forcing you to reconsider using the device altogether.

How to Access the Samsung TV Without a Remote

You can access the Samsung TV menu without a remote in four ways: controller button, SmartThings App, an external projection device, and intelligent control.

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Breaking down these approaches will ensure that you choose an excellent method when necessary.

Jog Controller Button

You could also refer to the jog controller button as the control stick. Pressing this button will turn on the TV, allowing you to effortlessly access different settings and channels.

However, you must first understand how to locate this controller button.

In most cases, this button is accompanied by a red light, which turns off once your TV is on. Wherever you see this light, it is the button’s site.

The jog controller stick is often found in three different places, including at the back, the middle part of the front bezel, and on the side of the front panel. This position will always vary from one TV to another, mainly depending on the model.

Most Samsung TVs have a control menu panel at the backside of the television. This control stick has approximately four buttons to change the volume, channels, source, and settings.

Pressing the button in the middle for an extended period will switch the TV on or off. You can also toggle between multiple options before choosing your preferred setting.

However, suppose the TV controller is in the middle of the front bezel. In this case, expect up to six buttons.

These buttons allow you to change the channels, volume, source, and power off. However, be careful when handling them.

The SmartThings App

The SmartThings app is a product of Samsung. It is designed to control various devices within your household, including smart TVs and refrigerators.

Its objective is to improve convenience and energy consumption within the house. Relying on it to control or access your Samsung TV menu is worth it.

First, this SmartThings app will only come in handy if pre-installed. Ensure that you configure your TV to work with this app before losing or damaging your remote.

You will need to use the same account on both the TV and the smartphone. It is the only way these devices will pair.

You will also need to download this app on your smartphone, whether Android or iOS. The download process is significantly straightforward. You can only use it to access and control your TV once you launch it on your phone.

Once you have the SmartThings app working on both devices, you will pair them. Usually, this process requires you to turn on the TV, preferably using the jog control button.

You will then launch the SmartThings app on your smartphone and tap on the Device tab. Here, you will select the Home icon and add a device.

You’ll be prompted to specify the device type, where you need to select TV. Tap Samsung next. You will then need to tap TV, Start, and Next, in that order.

The last step requires you to select OK. Some models could ask for a Pincode.

External Control Devices

You can also rely on different external control devices to access your Samsung TV menu. The best control devices would be an external keyboard and mouse.

These devices could be wired or wireless, depending on personal preferences and what is available.

In this case, you will need to add the mouse to your TV accessories. For instance, suppose your preferred mouse relies on Bluetooth.

In that case, you will need to access TV settings and opt for Bluetooth. You will then connect these two devices, allowing you to control the Samsung TV effortlessly.

At the same time, you could use Google Home to access and control your Samsung TV. In this case, you will rely on your smartphone to initiate any changes and access to your device.

Remember, this option requires you to use the built-in voice assistant. It is significantly convenient, as you will not need to leave your seat. However, ensure that you configure your TV in advance.

Suppose you have embraced smart home automation technology. In this case, you can rely on it to control the TV. While this option offers you limited functionality, you are sure of accessing the Samsung TV menu.

You will also switch your TV on or off remotely, guaranteeing unrivaled convenience in the long run. However, some advanced systems could let you access more features.

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As you look forward to an immersive entertainment experience, preparing for the worst will help avert crises. The insights above will guide you. Yet, you will need to choose the most convenient option.