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Can you charge airpods through a computer?

If you have an AirPods case but do not have a charger that you can use for the case, you might be wondering if you can plug the case into the computer and charge it that way. This post will show you that you can do just that and other ways you can charge the AirPods case.

If you have a USB to lightning cable or a USBC to lightning cable that you can plug into your computer and attach to your AirPods case, then you can charge your AirPods case by plugging it into the computer.

There are actually a number of different ways that you can charge your AirPods case including wirelessly, using a computer, a laptop or a charger that you plug into a wall.

Can you charge airpods through a computer?

You can charge an AirPods or AirPod pro case by connecting it to a computer. You can charge the AirPods case with any charger as long as you are able to connect the charger to it by using a cable that has a lightning connector at one end that you can put in the case (since AirPods cases have a lightning port for charging).

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Why won’t my AirPod’s case charge when connected to my computer?

Below are possible reasons why your AirPods case does not charge when plugged into your computer.

You need to make a software change

Some users have reported that their cases give an error in the device manager. When they right-clicked the error and uninstalled the USB output device, it started working normally. You may also need to scan for hardware changes.

Broken cable

It could also be the case that the cable you are using is actually what is causing the problem.

If you have any other chargers you can use, try plugging the cable into that and see if your case charges then. If it does, it means that it is not the cable that is at fault.

Problem with your USB port

It might also be the case that there is an issue with the USB port on your computer. It would help to try connecting a different device to that USB port.

If you can’t connect any device to that USB port, it means that it is actually the USB port that is broken.

The computer stops charging when it goes to sleep

Sometimes, computers will stop supplying power to the USB port when it goes to sleep. If your AirPods case does charge when the computer is awake, this would be likely to be what the issue is.

If none of the above seems to work, your best bet would be to buy a cheap charger plug online that you can plug your AirPods case into for charging.

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Can I charge my AirPod’s case by plugging it into the Mac?

Yes, you can charge your AirPods case by plugging it into your Mac. As long as you have the right cable to connect the case to the Mac, it will be possible for you to charge the case.

What ways are there to charge an AirPods case?

Ways to charge your AirPods case include using a wireless charging mat (if you have a wireless AirPods charging case), using a laptop or a computer or by plugging the case into a charging plug that you plug into the wall.