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Can You Charge an Apple Watch Without the Charger?

Apple Watch is a convenient way to stay connected, receive notifications from various apps, perform tasks, as well as monitor your activity levels and fitness parameters.

It’s no doubt a handy gadget to wear on your wrist, but at the end of the day, it’s an electronic device that needs charging to keep going. Without regular charging, your Apple watch won’t work properly – or at all for that matter.

So what if you lost your charger or went on a trip and left the charger being? This brings us to today’s question: can you charge an Apple Watch without the charger?

You can use any type of charging plug to charge your Apple Watch as long as it features a USB input and you connect it to a charging cable that ends with a magnetic charging pad. Without a magnetic charging cable, you can’t relay electric power into an Apple Watch as all models depend on inductive charging.

In today’s article, we’re discussing the possibility of charging an Apple Watch without its charger and sharing alternative solutions to get the job done. 

Is It Possible to Charge an Apple Watch Without Its Charger?

The Apple Watch comes with a magnetic charger. This goes for all models of Apple Watch because they all rely on inductive charging; a wireless method of power transfer that delivers electricity to portable devices using electromagnetic induction.

As such, there’s no other way you can charge an Apple Watch without throwing a magnetic charger or magnetic charging cable in the mix.

If you lose it, displace it, or forget to bring it along on a trip away from home, you’ll need to buy a magnetic charging cable or magnetic charger (we’ll list some options in the following section).

  • Here’s an interesting bit: earlier models of Apple’s smartwatches used to feature a hidden port that was supposed to be used for charging. Unfortunately, this port didn’t make it to official or newer models.

So does this mean we won’t be seeing any charging method for Apple Watch other than electromagnetic induction in the future?

Well, you never know! The technology world is always evolving. Soon enough, someone might just come up with a different way to charge an Apple Watch and you won’t have to use a magnetic charger anymore.

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Alternative Charging Solutions for Apple Watch

If you’re on the road and forgot to pack your charger with you, you lost/broke your charger, or you just can’t remember where you put it, don’t panic just yet!

You can use any of the alternative methods we’ll discuss below. It’s also a good idea to keep a spare cable in your backpack or carry-on bag just in case your Apple Watch runs out of juice when you’re away from home.

You’ll know when your Apple Watch is low on battery if you see it displaying a red lightning bolt icon as an indicator that some charging is due.

Of course, you’ll know when your Apple Watch is out of charge when it turns off on its own.

A heads up before we go through the alternative charging options: be careful when choosing gadgets and cables to charge your watch.

Not only do you need to connect the charger elements properly, but you also need to make sure that the gear you’re using to charge your Apple watch isn’t low quality or poorly made.

Otherwise, you may end up damaging the watch’s circuit or sensitive electronic components.

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Portable Power Bank Charger

You can use your portable power bank as a charger for your Apple Watch. Simply plug the magnetic charging cable into the power bank, place the watch on the pad, and wait for it to come to life once again.

There are also portable power banks that feature a built-in magnetic Apple Watch charger pad. These will save you the hassle of bringing a cable as all you need to do is lay your watch on it and it’ll start charging.

Some of these models also include extra ports so you can charge your iPhone or iPad at the same time or separately.

USB Charger

USB Apple Watch chargers are basically USB sticks with a magnetic charging pad built-in.

You can stick these into a laptop, Mac, or any other device that receives electricity and has a USB port. After that, just place your watch on the designated pad.

An iPhone Charger

Last but not least, you can connect the magnetic charging cable to your iPhone charger head once you make sure it’s plugged into the wall. After that, place your Apple Watch on the magnetic pad and it should start charging as normal.

Wrap Up

So, can you charge an Apple Watch without the charger?

The answer is yes. You can use any type of charging plug to charge your Apple Watch as long as it features a USB input and you connect it to a charging cable that ends with a magnetic charging pad.