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Can you connect a mobile hotspot to a Samsung TV?

We’ve all been there; you’re trying to stream something on your TV and your Wi-Fi network starts acting up. You’re at a critical point in the show where you need to know what happens or you won’t be able to sleep at night, so now what? Luckily, there’s an easy solution: create a mobile hotspot and connect it to your Samsung TV!

With a mobile hotspot, you can continue accessing all the same smart TV functionalities as with your Wi-Fi. This will allow you to watch the critical part of a show or movie or continue playing games or listening to music until your Wi-Fi decides to play nice again. 

Keep reading to learn more about how to connect a mobile hotspot to a Samsung TV!

Can you connect a mobile hotspot to a Samsung TV?

Yes, Samsung smart TVs with internet capabilities can connect to a mobile phone hotspot, dongle hotspot, or any type of internet hub. 

There are numerous ways to connect a TV to the hotspot that includes wired or wireless methods like USB tethering.

The processes for connecting your Samsung TV to a hotspot vary greatly, so it’s important to understand the process before starting. Don’t worry, you won’t fry the television if you make a mistake!

How to connect a mobile hotspot to a Samsung TV

To connect your Samsung TV to a mobile hotspot, utilizing your wireless network is the best route, but since your Wi-Fi is down, there’s another option.

Most smartphones have a hotspot feature that allows you to utilize mobile data across many devices, including a Samsung TV. These are the steps to connect:

Step one: Navigate to wireless connections

The first step is to find the wireless connections section of your mobile device and choose “mobile hotspot” or “personal hotspot”, depending on the device.

Most modern devices have search functionality that will lead you directly to this feature.

Step two: activate the hotspot feature

Next, activate this hotspot feature on your device, ensuring that mobile data is also turned on. Note, if your mobile data is switched off, then the Samsung TV won’t detect the hotspot signal.

After it’s on, there’s a password feature below the Wi-Fi name, so if you live in an apartment building or area with many other residents, you’ll want to set a password, so others don’t use your data.

Step three: navigate to your TV’s network settings

Once your mobile device is sending out a signal, it’s time to allow your television set to accept the said signal. To do so, navigate to your TV’s network or connection settings, so it can scan for available Wi-Fi networks.

Step four: choose the phone’s network

Once the name of your phone appears on the list of available networks, choose it, and enter the password you previously set. It’s important to save this password on your television so you will never need to enter it again.

Step five: watch away!

Once connected, you can start streaming your favorite content using your mobile phone’s data. 

One warning: if you live in a rural area with poor service or your signal fluctuates in populated areas due to the number of simultaneous users on the network, then you may have streaming issues.

Also, once your Wi-Fi returns, remember to turn off your mobile hotspot. In addition to draining your phone’s battery, it can also consume substantial amounts of data.

Even with an unlimited data plan, many carriers start to slow down your data once you surpass a certain limit.

Why won’t my mobile hotspot connect to a Samsung TV?

Sometimes you have followed the above steps and your TV could refuse to see your mobile device or cannot connect to the hotspot.

There can be many reasons the hotspot isn’t working with your Samsung TV, including:

Cellular service provider may not support hotspots

If you’re having issues with a personal hotspot, then you should contact your cellular service provider. 

You want to ask if your data plan supports personal or mobile hotspots because some plans do not include this feature. 

Also, your plan may have limits on personal hotspots, so you could have unknowingly exceeded the cap. Finally, your carrier could be experiencing outages, which is why a signal doesn’t immediately appear.

Hotspot may not be working

If all is well with your provider, then check if the hotspot is working by trying to connect it to another device that isn’t your Samsung TV. 

If it connects to another device, then the problem lies with your television. If you have already updated and restarted your set, then you may need to reset it to factory settings.

Phone software isn’t updated

One of the fundamental issues why a mobile hotspot doesn’t work is your TV or device isn’t updated with the latest firmware and software. 

To check each, navigate to the software update menu and if there’s a system update waiting, install it.