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Can you connect Bluetooth speakers with Apple TV?

Apple TVs are some of the best televisions on the market, and boost a wide array of features that anyone looking for a smart television will love.

They come in a wide array of sizes and prices, and are readily available. One question that is often asked is if you can connect Bluetooth speakers with an Apple TV? 

You can connect Bluetooth speakers with Apple TV. However, the Bluetooth speaker will need to be compatible with the Apple TV, and you are limited to the number of Bluetooth devices you can pair at one time. 

Even though pairing a Bluetooth speaker isn’t a difficult task and can take only a few minutes, there are some things that can arise that prevent the speaker from properly pairing with the Apple television.

The good news is that, in most instances, these issues can be easily fixed. 

Can you connect Bluetooth speakers with Apple TV?

Bluetooth speakers can be connected to Apple TV. This process of connecting the speaker to the television is rather simple and done in the settings menu on the Apple TV.

In fact, speakers are paired with an Apple TV in the same manner as pairing any other Bluetooth device to the television. 

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How to connect Bluetooth speakers with Apple TV

Before you can connect the Bluetooth speaker, you will need to check the device’s instructional manual to find out how to set the speaker to Discoverable.

Once you have done that, open the Settings menu on your Apple TV. Select Remotes and Devices > Bluetooth. Select the device listed in “Other Devices” that you want to connect to the TV.

The Bluetooth speaker is now connected to your Apple TV.

What if I still cannot connect the Bluetooth speaker to my Apple TV?

If you are still having issues connecting with the speaker, there are some troubleshooting steps to try.

Make sure you’re close enough to the TV, and that there is no interference that could disrupt the speaker’s ability to connect to the TV.

Another thing to check is to ensure the speaker is fully charged and turned on.

If that still doesn’t work, check to ensure the software on the speaker and the Apple TV is updated. Outdated software can prevent the speaker from properly connecting. 

If you see the speaker listed under the Bluetooth section in the Remotes and Devices of the Apple TV settings, yet it still cannot connect, try unpairing the speaker and then pairing the speaker again.

If you’re still unable to connect the Bluetooth speaker with the Apple TV, contact the manufacturer of the speaker for further assistance. 

Can you connect multiple Bluetooth speakers with Apple TV?

You can connect up to 4 Bluetooth devices that are MFi-certified to your Apple TV, including remotes, speakers, headphones, and keyboards. You can also connect up to 5 Apple TV Bluetooth devices. 

If you have more than that amount paired to your television, you will need to remove some of the devices in order to successfully connect to the Bluetooth speaker. 

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How can I unpair a Bluetooth device from my Apple TV?

Visit the Settings section on your Apple TV home screen and then click on Remotes and Devices. Click on Bluetooth and, under the list of connected devices, find the device you want to remove and select it.

Then click on Forget Device. You may have to select Forget Device a second time to confirm. Once confirmed, the Bluetooth device will no longer appear in the connected devices.