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Can You Connect Xbox to TV Wirelessly?

In most cases, gamers may connect their Xbox via an HDMI cable. Now, with new and upcoming tech, you may be wondering, “Can you connect Xbox to TV wirelessly?”

The good news is yes, you can. To do so, you’ll need to purchase a separate device known as an Xbox wireless adapter.

Other devices like a Wireless Video HDMI can also allow you to wirelessly connect your game console to your TV. With these devices, you’ll be able to avoid any crowded cable hassles.

Stick around to learn more about how you can connect your Xbox to your TV wirelessly.

How to Connect Xbox to TV Wirelessly

Thanks to the ever-developing world of technology, emerging devices have allowed you to develop a wireless connection between your Xbox and TV.

Method #1: Using Wireless HDMI Kit

You can use a wireless video HDMI to connect any gaming console to your TV wirelessly. This device allows you to transfer any video or audio from your Xbox to your TV. The technology uses a transmitter, which will be connected to your Xbox.

Your TV needs to be fitted with a receiver to collect the transmitter’s signals. When it comes to power supply, some of these HDMI wireless devices have their own power adapters. Others get their power from the device their attached to, whether it’s the TV or gaming console.

What to Consider Before Using a Wireless HDMI Kit

Before purchasing the wireless HDMI kit, there are a few considerations worth looking over first.

They Can Be Pricey

Wireless HDMI kits are a considerable investment. Their prices can range between $130 to $250, depending on several features.

For instance, the pricier options can give you an impressive long-distance connection of up to 100 feet.

Latency Rate in Gaming

The latency rate mainly refers to how much it’ll lag. While each product differs, some may provide zero latency. Others could give a more budget-friendly less than 100ms low latency. You could also find products with less than 10ms, which virtually contain little to no latency.

Distance Between Transmitter and Receiver

If you’re planning on having a standard setup with your Xbox and TV next to each other, then this factor may not worry you too much. Nevertheless, if you want to put your console in a different room, then you may want a wireless HDMI kit to support this distance.

Some options can go for about 40 feet, while more advanced devices can give you a farther 165 feet connection.

Method #2: Using Wireless Display App from Microsoft

This method will allow you to connect your PC to your TV. Now, you may want to use this method if you’re connecting your Xbox controllers to your PC.

To use this method, you’ll want to purchase the Microsoft display adapter. You should have two products, the HDMI and USB end port. Use the prior for your TV and the latter for your PC.

Now, on the PC, click on the Windows logo key and “K.” Then, choose the name of the adapter from the available options presented.

To upgrade the adapter, make sure to download the app on your PC in the Microsoft Store.

Method #3: Using Wireless Xbox Adapter

To use this method, you’ll need to buy a wireless Xbox adapter. Similar to the Microsoft wireless adapter, it’ll come with two components. One, you’ll connect to your TV, which will act as the receiver. Meanwhile, the other will be the transmitter, which will be connected to your Xbox.

After connecting both devices, open your TV and Xbox, then click on the Xbox button to access the guide. Next, go to “Settings,” “All Settings,” “Network,” “Network Settings,” and then, lastly, “Advanced Settings.” Be sure that the TV is connected to the same input as your Xbox beforehand.

Method #4: Using Miracast

Another option you can use to have a wireless connection between your TV and Xbox-connected PC is by using Miracast. This application will allow you to share the same image from your Windows 10 or 11 PC to your TV wirelessly.

To begin, you need to have the Miracast adapter and plug it into your display. Then, go to your Windows 11 PC and on the right side, click on the “Network” icon. Afterward, choose “Cast,” then click on the display or adapter option.

For Windows 10, you’ll want to go to the taskbar and click on the “Action Center” icon followed by “Connect”. It should then show you your display options.

To Conclude

Connecting your Xbox and TV wirelessly will give you a clean gaming setup. You can achieve this connection by using a wireless HDMI kit or the Microsoft Display app to mirror your PC setup to your TV.

Luckily, the process is straightforward, you mainly need to purchase extra devices. The provided manual should also assist you in case you need any help.