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Can You Get Apple TV on an Amazon Fire TV?

As an Apple TV user, I was frustrated to learn that I couldn’t access my favorite streaming service on my Amazon Fire TV. After doing some research and testing, I’m here to share my findings and offer some solutions to help others in the same situation.

Using Apple TV on your Amazon Fire TV depends on your model and whether it’s compatible to work with Apple TV. There may be a couple tweaks you can do if you’re experiencing problems or can’t locate the app. 

Apple TV is compatible with a compatible Amazon Fire TV.
You can search for Apple TV in the Search menu or use voice commands with Alexa.
If you can’t find Apple TV, your model may not be compatible, or you may need to update your software.
If you own a first or second-generation Fire TV, Apple TV may not be compatible.
If you’re having trouble with Apple TV on the Fire Stick, try rebooting the device, updating the software, or performing a full factory reset.

Can You Get Apple TV on an Amazon Fire TV?

Yes, you can get Apple TV on a compatible Amazon Fire TV. First, you will need to visit your television’s home page. Next, select “Search” and run your query to look for the Apple TV app. Then you’ll choose the app and click “Get” to download it to your Fire television. Open the app and enjoy.

If you’re a huge fan of voice commands, you can also tell Alexa to search for the Apple TV app for you. After entering the ” Search ” menu, you will speak the words to her to make her look for the app. 

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Why Can’t I Find Apple TV on My Amazon Fire TV?

The most likely reason you can’t find Apple TV on your Amazon Fire TV is that your model is not compatible with it.

In that case, you will not see Apple TV when you run a query. You can check Apple’s list of supported devices against your model number to ensure that it’s on the list. 

It’s not likely that your Amazon Fire TV is incompatible if you own one of the newer devices. Apple TV is downloadable and usable in more than 60 countries for people who have Amazon Fire televisions.

However, it may not be compatible with your device if you own a first or second-generation Fire TV.

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Try Updating Your Television

If your unit is on the list, but you’re still having problems finding Apple TV, you can try updating the software on your Amazon Fire TV.

You can also take this step if your television isn’t on the list of compatible units, and you may get lucky.

To update the software on your Fire TV, visit the main menu, go to “Settings”, and then right-click on “My Fire TV.” You must then click the “About” tab.

You will see “Install System Update” if a new update exists that you need to have. Allow your unit to update and restart, and then perform your search for Apple TV a second time.   

Why Won’t Apple TV Play on the Fire Stick?

Apple TV is not compatible with the first-generation Fire TV Stick, and thus, you will not be able to use Apple TV on such a device.

If you have a compatible Fire Stick, your problem may lie with incompatible software or a general need for a reboot or reset. 

Reboot Your Fire TV Stick

Try rebooting your Fire Stick by unplugging it and then allowing it to sit for 10 seconds. Plug it back in, allow it to reboot, and then see if you can now use Apple TV with it. 

You can also try a less abrupt way of rebooting your Fire Stick. Hold down the “Select” and “Play” buttons on the remote for approximately 10 seconds. Your Fire Stick will cycle off and on and reboot with a fresh mind. 

Update the Software

A need for a software update can cause the Firestick not to display your Apple TV programs correctly. To ensure that you have the most recent software version, visit the main menu and go to “Settings.”

Then you’ll go to “About” and then “Check for System Update.” Click that to see if there’s an available update for you. Proceed with the update if so. 

You may also need to update your Apple TV app. Go to your apps and then select “Apple TV.” You will see a pop-up box before Apple TV opens if an update is available.

You’ll need to click “Update” to do the update. Check to see if you can use Apple TV afterwards. 

Install and Uninstall the App

Apple TV may be glitching, and perhaps you need to uninstall it. Visit the app on your screen and then hover over your “Settings” icon until you see “Applications.” Click that and then click “Manage Installed Applications.”

Highlight Apple TV and then click “Uninstall.” Click it again after the warning pops up on you. To reinstall it, click the “Add” button and search for it to put it back on your Fire Stick. Maybe it will act accordingly now. 

Perform a Full Factory Reset 

In some cases, it’s best to perform a factory reset on your Fire Stick. Go to your home page and select “Settings,” “My Fire TV,” and then “Reset to Factory Defaults.”

Confirm that you want to do it by clicking “Reset.” Allow the device to return to factory settings and then set up again to see if it helps. 

You should be able to understand and solve problems related to Apple TV, Amazon Fire TVs, and Amazon Fire TV Sticks.

You may consult with an Amazon device technician or Apple technician if you experience a stubborn problem that won’t resolve. 

Pros of Apple TV with Fire TV

  • Compatible with some Amazon Fire TVs
  • Can be found with voice commands using Alexa
  • Easy to download and access on compatible Fire TVs

Cons of Apple TV with Fire TV

  • May not be compatible with all Amazon Fire TVs
  • May require a software update
  • May require a reboot or a full factory reset