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Can You Mount a 70-Inch TV on a Wall?

Just got a 70-inch TV? Congratulations! You’re in for an incredible viewing experience, provided of course, that you pick the right place to mount the device on.

Most people simply go for the wall since it’s the most convenient, plus, it’s just there. Others, however, opt for floating shelves or TV stands. Either way, our guide today will focus on the first option.

So, can you mount a 70-inch TV on a wall?

Can You Mount a 70-Inch TV on a Wall?

The short answer is that you absolutely can mount your new 70-inch on any wall you like. 

It’s important to add here, though, that some walls aren’t suitable to mount a TV on. Not only that, but other factors come into play too, including the TV’s weight, as well as the distance between the device and the ground.

To make matters easier for you, we’ll go through each element you need to keep in mind below. This way you can display your expensive appliance without much trouble.

Choose a TÜV-Certified Mount

Not many consumers have heard of TÜV-approved models. We’re here to tell you that this trademark is rather essential when it comes to products such as wall mounts and lamps.

Because these appliances can pose one or two risks, it becomes necessary that they’re tried and tested beforehand to ensure their safety.

As such, make sure that you look for the seal of approval from TÜV, or other organizations that share the same goal, like OSHA (The Occupational Safety and Health Administration).

Know Your Wall Type First

Mounting heavy appliances, especially a 70-inch TV, on the wall can be tricky. That’s mainly because you don’t want to deal any damage to your home’s infrastructure.

So, a good trick to avoid such an issue is to keep one rule in mind: the safest wall to mount a TV on is one that appears hollow behind the drywall.

That said, other walls should be fine as well—regardless of what kind of mounting model you’ll be using. Just remember to pick one that supports the full weight of your TV to prevent certain accidents from happening.

Why Would You Mount a 70-Inch TV on a Wall?

Why wouldn’t you? You stand to gain a lot from mounting your 70-inch TV and this section will cover just a few of them.

A Stylish and Organized Appearance

One of the many hassles that a modern home faces are the extensive amount of wires lying around. On top of their messy, unappealing look, these wires pose a fire hazard and a cause for injury—particularly if you have kids around.

By putting your TV up on the wall, you’re saving yourself the trouble of having to constantly move your wires around. It’s admittedly better to have cables and cords mounted or supported on the wall than leaving them on the ground.

An Optimal Viewing Experience

Since you’ve bought a 70-inch TV screen, it’s safe to assume that you care about your viewing or gaming experience. In other words, mounting the TV on the wall is the better choice for you as it’ll maximize your high.

Plus, a slidable or full-motion wall mount will also add to your viewing experience as it gives you the choice to move the screen around as you like. Throw in dim background lights and your home is now a cinema!

What to Consider before You Mount a 70-Inch TV on a Wall

With the above in mind, let’s go through two other factors you need to consider before deciding to mount a 70-inch TV on the wall.

Size and Design of Room

A big TV screen needs a big room. Take down the measurements of both the selected wall and room to make sure they suit the dimensions of your TV. 

The position of the room’s outlets, as well as how close the seating area is, should also be considered. 

It’s a Permanent Choice

Once you’ve put up that 70-inch beauty, there’s not much more you can do. Unlike mounting the screen on a shelf, for instance, you won’t be able to move the TV if the need arises. 

In other words, make sure to pick a point in the room where everyone would be able to view the screen.


So, in the end, can you mount a 70-inch TV on a wall? Yes, you absolutely can! With the right equipment, mounting model, as well as wall type, you should be more than able to successfully put up your new and expensive 70-inch TV.

While mounting a TV on the wall is both convenient and stylish, it’s best to remember the safety guidelines regarding such a project. Don’t attempt to put the TV up on your own unless you have the proper experience and skills to do so.