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Can You Put a TV on a Floating Shelf?

As the owner of a cozy apartment, I was in the process of installing a new wall unit and was excited to put a beautiful floating shelf above my TV. However, I quickly realized this wasn’t as easy as it seemed – can you really put a TV on a floating shelf? After some research and trial and error, I’m here to answer this question and share the solutions I discovered.

Key Takeaways
Floating shelves can support more than just a TV, as long as they have enough studs on the wall.
Bookshelves aren’t suitable for holding a TV due to their weight capacity.
Adding other accessories on a floating shelf next to your TV is possible as long as you calculate the overall weight.
Putting your TV on a floating shelf creates a clean, organized look and maximizes safety by keeping wires out of reach.
When choosing a floating shelf for your TV, consider its length, quality, and sturdiness.
Remember to measure the TV’s weight and choose the right floating shelf for the job to ensure no problems occur.

Can You Put a TV on a Floating Shelf?

At a quick glance, floating shelves don’t look like much. In fact, the reason why many doubt these wooden planks could hold a device as heavy as a TV is that any piece of furniture without legs doesn’t seem that sturdy.

The reality is, however, that the right floating shelf can easily support more than just a TV. As it stands, more and more people are actually opting for the neat look of mounting their TVs and TV-related accessories on floating shelves.

Not only does it keep the wires away from the ground, but it allows you to put your TV at a comfortable height as well. In other words, say goodbye to straining your neck and eyes after hours of watching your favorite show.

Still not convinced? Well, here’s a golden nugget for you: did you know that for every stud a floating shelf has on the wall, it can carry about 50 pounds?

Since the standard, 32-inch, flat screen TV will weigh no more than 30 pounds, you can safely put it on your floating shelf with 20 to 70 pounds left to spare—depending on how many studs you have installed. 

Can You Put a TV on a Bookshelf?

We found that many ask this question too. Unfortunately, bookshelves aren’t made to carry that much weight, unlike a floating shelf

Although bookshelves look like they can withstand a few heavy pounds, appearance isn’t everything. The reality is, that despite lacking a base or wooden legs, floating shelves can handle more than a bookshelf can.

Can You Put Anything Next to Your TV on the Floating Shelf?

Absolutely! As we’ve mentioned before, you can add a few extra accessories nearby to your TV if you like—provided, of course, that you calculate the overall weight of each item you put on the floating shelf.

So long as you don’t overwhelm the furniture piece with heavy valuables, the shelf should keep itself up just fine.

Why Should You Put the TV on a Floating Shelf?

Aside from the sleek appearance putting a TV on a floating shelf will give you, there are other advantages to this simple change.

A Clean, Organized Look

Wires are a big issue in any modern home. It’s why more and more appliances are now being redesigned to be wireless. Bluetooth earbuds, for example, were released only a few years ago, in 2015.

In other words, we all don’t like to deal with organizing as many wires. Frankly, we don’t like their chaotic appearance either. Luckily, the new trend of using floating shelves fixes that pressing problem.

Maximizes Safety

Having wires lying around poses a risk to you, your children, and your pets. In addition to being an electrical hazard, wires are a fire risk as well. Let’s not forget tripping over them or finding out a pet or infant has unknowingly chewed on one.

As such, it becomes a wiser, safer choice, to mount your TV and other wired appliances far from reach. You can even install supports near the floating shelf to manage all cables and cords.

How to Choose the Right Floating Shelf for Your TV

It’s important to note that not all floating shelves will do a great job of holding your TV. That’s why it’s best you keep the following factors in mind when shopping for a suitable shelf.

Length of Shelf

As a rule of thumb, the floating shelf should be about two inches wider from either side than the TV. This allows enough room for circulation and leaves room for one or two other items. 

If you’re planning on adding more appliances next to the TV, make sure there’s space for these devices to breathe as well.

Quality and Sturdiness

Quality and sturdiness play an important role in the shelf life (get it?) of your floating piece of furniture. 

Your budget should accommodate a floating shelf that’s both strong and is made of high-quality wood.

To Sum Up

So, in the end, can you put a TV on a floating shelf? Absolutely, you can! In fact, we urge you to go ahead and take this decorative decision. It’ll surely leave your home looking neater and more inviting!

Just remember to choose the right floating shelf for the job as well as learn the measurements and weight of your TV. This way you guarantee that no problems will happen. 

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