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Can You Screen Mirror From PC to Samsung TV?

As a tech savvy owner of a Samsung TV, I have spent many hours of frustration trying to figure out how to screen mirror from my PC to my TV. After hours of research and testing, I am here to share my experience and the solutions I have found to this common problem.

In this blog post, I will be discussing the different ways you can screen mirror from PC to Samsung TV and the pros and cons of each.

Click the Start menu on your PC, and start typing Bluetooth and other device settings. Click on ‘Add Device’ or ‘Add Bluetooth or other device’ when the option appears. Finally, click your TV’s name when it’s displayed as an option.


  • Screen mirroring from PC to Samsung TV is possible and can be accomplished in four different ways: Easy Connection, Screen Sharing, Samsung Dex, and Microsoft 365.
  • To use Easy Connection, install the Easy Connection to Screen app on your PC, make sure your keyboard and mouse are connected to the TV, and follow the on-screen guide.
  • To use Screen Sharing, adjust your settings to connect the PC and TV, then follow the on-screen instructions.
  • To use Samsung Dex, select it from the PC on TV menu and pull down the menu on your mobile phone to tap the DeX button.
  • If screen mirroring isn’t working properly, try restarting both devices, checking for updates, and making sure the devices are compatible.

Can You Screen Mirror From PC to Samsung TV?

Yes. On the PC to TV menu panel, you can find four ways of mirroring your PC. Easy Connection will allow you to remotely control your PC through an app. Screen Sharing will mirror the PC that’s already been connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

Samsung Dex allows you to use your cell phone as a PC on your TV, and Microsoft 365 can be easily accessed using the built-in TV web browser.

How to Screen Mirror From PC to Samsung TV

Install the Easy Connection to Screen App on your PC. Make sure your keyboard and mouse are connected to the TV, then simply follow the on-screen guide.

Screen Mirror With Easy Connection

The Easy Connection to Screen App gives you control of your PC through your Smart TV. To use this method, select Source in the SmartHub Menu, then select PC on TV.

Select your make of PC (Windows or Mac). This will cause the PC guide for that brand to appear.

Download the app to your PC via the link on the guide screen. Then, log into the same Samsung account that’s active on the TV. Finally, select the connected PC’s icon if it’s displayed on the screen.

Screen Mirror With Screen Share

Samsung TV’s Wi-Fi direct helps facilitate seamless screen sharing between PCs and TVs. To share screens this way, follow the on-screen instructions to adjust your settings.

First, select Management Center or Device in the notification area of your taskbar. Then, select Connect and choose your TV to complete the connection.

Screen Mirror With Samsung Dex

Select Samsung Dex from the PC on TV menu, and the on-screen guide will appear. Pull down the menu on your mobile phone, and tap the DeX button. Choose a TV to connect, and tap ‘Start Now’.

Why is Screen Mirroring Not Working on My Samsung TV?

There are many possible reasons screen mirroring could be malfunctioning on your Samsung TV.

Most commonly, it means there is some conflict between the two devices – one may need an update, or they may simply not be compatible with each other.

How Do I Fix Screen Mirroring on My Samsung TV?

The most common, and likely the simplest, fix is to turn both devices off and back on again. This simple reset often fixes most problems.

If restarting both devices doesn’t solve the issue, check for updates on both devices and install them if needed.

If you’re still experiencing issues, you may need to contact support, or make sure that your devices are compatible.

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