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Can You Shower With Apple Watch?

As an Apple Watch owner, I was frustrated to find out that I couldn’t shower with my watch. After doing some research and testing, I’m here to share how I solved this problem and some other solutions I discovered.

Yes, you can wear your Apple Watch in the shower! But keep in mind that some models might not be able to withstand a full submersion. Knowing the difference between all of the models can help save your Apple Watch.

Tips for Apple Watch Water Resistance:
Not all models are water-resistant, so know the difference between them.
Series 2 and newer models can be submerged in water down to 50m.
Before exposing your watch to water, disable the Water Lock feature to avoid accidental taps.
Rinse your watch with freshwater and dry it thoroughly with a lint-free cloth after swimming or exposure to saltwater or other liquids.
Don’t use sprays, blow dryers, or shake your watch.
Avoid exposing your watch to high-velocity water, such as showerheads or jets, and extreme temperatures or chemicals.
If your watch has been exposed to water for an extended period or the speaker sounds muffled, use the Water Eject function and have it inspected by Apple Support.

Can You Shower With Apple Watch?

With an Apple Watch, everything you need is just a glance away from your wrist. It makes it possible to stay connected to the world without being tied down by your phone.

Apple Watch is perfect for anyone interested in monitoring their health as well as those who simply want to spend less time on their phone. It can track your sleep, heart rate, steps, and even calories burned

Can it do all of that while you’re showing, though? 

Absolutely! Apple says the device is water-resistant down to 50m and that it can be worn while swimming in a pool or the ocean.

However, when it comes to showering and using shampoos and conditioners, it can get a little tricky. Yes, the unit has a water-resistant build, but exposure to showering products can affect the seal and membranes of the watch. 

How Water-Resistant Are Apple Watches?

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Apple Watch models differ in how well they resist water. Let’s take a look from the eldest to the latest model.

The First Generation and Series 1

The first Apple Watch, also known as generation one or zero, was released back in 2014. The following year, Apple Watch Series 1 was launched as well.

If you happen to have either watch, you should know that they’re a lot less water-resistant than recent models

They can handle some splashes, but submerging them completely in water isn’t recommended at all. So, maybe showering with one isn’t the best idea.

Apple Watch Series 2 and Newer Models

Later, Apple introduced a higher level of water resistance in its watches. They introduced their newest model as being both swimming-friendly and able to withstand immersion down to 50m.

Plus, the newer models have a “Swimming Workout” mode. When it’s turned on, your Apple watch will lock the screen to avoid any unexpected taps while you’re floating away. 

After you’re done, just turn the Digital Crown on the side to unlock the screen and let your watch rid itself of any excess water.

However, they can only be worn in shallow waters. You can wear it while swimming in a pool or the ocean, but diving deep into the water will likely damage the watch due to the limited 50m resistance. 

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How to Know What Apple Model You Have

If you aren’t sure what model your Apple Watch is, there’s an easy way to find out! 

All Apple Watches have a model number that indicates which series the watch belongs to. Here’s how to identify your watch’s model:

  • Connect your Apple Watch to your phone
  • Open the Apple Watch application
  • Tap on My Watch 
  • Head to General
  • Head to About
  • Tap on the number next to the Model field
  • You’ll find the model number in there beginning with an A

The only problem you will face is that after you know the model number, you need to look it up in the Apple Watch generation list.

What to Do If Your Apple Watch Gets Wet 

First, don’t panic! As we mentioned previously, most Apple watches are water-resistant. A small splash won’t result in any major damage. 

If you have an old model like the first generation or Series 1, just wipe the water off with a soft, clean cloth and it should be fine. 

If your Apple Watch is a Series 2 or newer, no need to worry about water damage. These watches are designed to handle submersion down to 50m, after all. 

If you’re interested in how to clean your watch properly, check out this Apple support page on how to do so.

Also, here’s some advice on what to avoid:

  • Don’t use sprays 
  • Don’t use blow dryers or any heat
  • Avoid shaking the watch
  • Don’t insert anything in any opening

Final Words

So, can you shower with Apple Watch? Absolutely! As long as it’s not one of the older models, your watch is completely safe in the shower.

However, you should still keep an eye on the shampoo, conditioner, or lotion getting too close. Now, you don’t have to be separated from your watch unless you want to!