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Can You Track Fake AirPods?

As an owner of AirPods, I know how frustrating it can be when they get lost or stolen. Recently, I’ve been hearing about fake AirPods showing up in stores and online, so I decided to do some research and testing to see if there is any way to track fake AirPods. In this blog post, I’ll be sharing my findings and other solutions I’ve discovered that can help you track your AirPods, fake or not. Let’s dive in and see what we can learn!

In most cases, you can’t track fake AirPods using Apple’s Find My service due to firmware incompatibility with the ecosystem. However, it’s still possible to locate them with a Bluetooth scanning app by tracing the signal strength.

TopicKey Takeaways and Tips
Can You Track Fake AirPods Using Apple’s Find My Service?No, you cannot track fake AirPods using Apple’s Find My service because they do not have GPS locators or iCloud syncing features.
How Can You Track Fake AirPods?You can track fake AirPods using a third-party Bluetooth scanning app, such as LightBlue or Wunderfind. You need to make sure that the fake AirPods are turned on for the scanner to pick up the signals. If you see the name of the fake AirPods on the scanning app, then they are within range and activated. You can then try blasting some loud music to hear if it’s playing from the fake AirPods. Lastly, you can move around with the scanner to see if the signal strength on the fake AirPods drops or increases.
Additional InformationIf your fake AirPods were turned off before you lost them, it is unlikely that you will be able to track them using the Bluetooth scanning app. It is essential to be patient while scanning the area for the fake AirPods and keep in mind that this method only helps you confirm that the fake AirPods are within range, but not the exact location.

Why Can’t You Track Fake AirPods With the Find My App?

The Find My app uses GPS locators to be able to track down paired devices on the iCloud. This allows you to locate, play sound, or even mark lost AirPods as lost. The same range of services also applies to many other products and gadgets by Apple.

It all sounds wildly convenient, but the bad news is that all these features only work as long as the AirPods are authentic.

Since fake pods don’t typically have either GPS locators or the iCloud syncing features, you won’t be able to use the Find My service to track them.

How Can You Track Fake AirPods?

Even if your AirPods are fake, there might be a way to track them down. It just doesn’t include Apple’s Find My service. Instead, you’ll need a third-party app, and it’s not as convenient as the Find My app.

For one, this method could only help you confirm that the fake AirPod is within range, but you might not be able to locate where it is exactly. Plus, it requires the pods to be powered on for the scanner to pick the signals up.

On the plus side, this method doesn’t require any previous pairing or syncing to the cloud. You just need a smartphone with a Bluetooth connection and a scanner.

Here’s how it goes:

  1. Get a Bluetooth Scanner App

All Bluetooth devices act as a beacon that transmits wireless signals. If you have the right tools, you can scan any given area for those signals.

When we say tools, we mean scanning software. Some people opt to use the phone’s default scanner, while others use third-party apps.

You can try the steps with the built-in one first, and if that doesn’t work, consider downloading something like LightBlue or Wunderfind.

  1. Open Bluetooth and Start Scanning

Keep in mind that it’s not just enough for the fake AirPods to be sending out signals. You also need to switch on the Bluetooth on your iPhone for the scanner to be able to pick those signals up.

Once that is done, you can head to the scanning app and start the search. If you see the fake AirPod’s name on the list, then you know for a fact that they’re in range and activated. In this case, you can move on to the next step to be able to locate them.

  1. Try Blasting Some Loud Music

Maybe you’ve noticed it before, but sometimes, you can actually hear the music blasting from the pods without putting them on. It can be a bummer when you’re outside and don’t want others to know what’s on your playlist, but in this case, it can come in handy.

To use this feature to your benefit, try pairing to the fake AirPods, play a track, and set the volume to the max. It might also be useful to quiet down any other running devices or side conversations in the background.

This should help you when you’re tracking the pods in the next step.

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  1. Move Around With the Scanner

Since fake AirPods don’t usually have GPS compatibility, standing in place with the scanner will only tell you that the pods are indeed within range. This range could extend for 33 feet or so.

So, what you’ll need to do here is to start moving around the range with your phone in hand. If the signal strength on the fake pods drops, then you know you’re getting further and vice versa.

On apps like Wunderfind, you’ll even be able to see the estimated signal strength translated to feet.

All in all, this method will take a while. However, you can at least narrow down the search area to a single room, which is better than nothing!

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Wrap Up

So, can you track fake AirPods?

No, you can’t — at least not the traditional way using Apple’s Find My app since they’re not compatible with the iCloud and the GPS locators.

Yet, if the counterfeit AirPods were turned on before they got lost, there might be an alternative solution to save you in a pinch. You can track the pods down using a third-party Bluetooth scanning app, some loud music, and a lot of patience!