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Can You Use a Dongle on a Smart TV?

As a tech-savvy owner of a smart TV, I was frustrated to find out that I could not use a dongle to watch streaming services on my TV. After a lot of research, I decided to put together a blog post to share my findings and explore the pros and cons of using a dongle on a smart TV. In this post, I’ll break down the different tips and tricks I discovered and provide some insight into the potential solutions available.

Purpose of a Dongle on a Smart TVA dongle enhances the user interface, provides more features, improves loading speeds, and can boost Wi-Fi signal strength.
CompatibilityEnsure your dongle is compatible with your smart TV before purchasing.
Connecting a DongleConnect the dongle to the HDMI port of your TV, plug it into a power source if necessary, and use the HDMI extender if provided.
Setting UpFollow the on-screen instructions or navigate to the appropriate settings in your TV menu to set up the dongle for use.
Wi-Fi RequirementDongles need Wi-Fi to provide internet connectivity and streaming features, but they don’t need Wi-Fi to function.
ChargingMost dongles come with power cables and adapters, while others charge directly from your TV via a USB cable.
Top Dongles for Smart TVsAmazon Fire TV Stick, Google Chromecast with Google TV, and Apple TV 4K are among the top dongles available for smart TVs.

Why Use a Dongle on a smart TV?

A dongle is a little device that can be connected to your TV to give it Wi-Fi connectivity. In the case of a smart TV, a dongle enhances its user interface and provides it with more features.

It can make your smart TV load faster and enable you to stream content from your phone. Besides that, a dongle can boost your smart TV’s Wi-Fi signal

However, not all smart TVs require a dongle. Depending on the make and model of your TV, a dongle may not add any benefit.

For example, most LG smart TVs have a great interface with superior online streaming and gaming capabilities. You don’t need to use a dongle in this situation.

How to Connect a Dongle to My Smart TV?

Connecting a dongle to your smart TV is a simple process. All you need to do is to connect your dongle to the HDMI port of your TV. Then, you set it up and it should start working.

You have to keep in mind the compatibility matter. So, make sure that your dongle will be compatible with your smart TV before buying it.


Here are the detailed steps for connecting your new dongle to your smart TV:

  1. Take the power cord and plug one end into the micro-USB port of the device
  2. Plug the other end of the power cord into a wall outlet
  3. If there is an adapter provided, plug the cord first into the adapter, then into the wall
  4. Connect the HDMI cable into the HDMI port of both your TV and dongle
  5. If your dongle looks like a stick or a flash memory, plug it directly into the HDMI port of your TV
  6. Now, press the Input button on your TV and select the HDMI port where your dongle is connected

Stick dongles usually come with an HDMI extender that you can use instead of plugging the whole device directly into the TV.

Setting Up

When you connect your dongle to your TV, a message should appear asking you if you’d like to connect to it. Select “Yes,” then follow the setup instructions that will show up.

If that isn’t the case with you, follow these setup steps:

  1. Press the “Smart Home” menu on your TV
  2. Select “Settings” or “Setup” depending on what shows on your TV
  3. Choose “Network Connection” or “Wireless Network Setup,” again depending on what shows on your device
  4. Then, choose the “Internet Setup” option and select “Auto Setup”
  5. Finally, follow any setup instructions that will show on your screen 

Keep in mind that the option names shown on your TV will differ from one device to another. Just choose the options that sound familiar to what we mentioned here.


Does a dongle need Wi-Fi to work?

Dongles don’t need Wi-Fi to function. The main purpose of a dongle is to provide your TV with internet connectivity and the features that come along with that.

So, you need to connect your dongle to Wi-Fi to take advantage of its benefits and features. Otherwise, you won’t be able to stream content online.

Does my dongle need charging?

Most dongles come with power cables and adapters that need to be plugged into while using them. 

If your dongle doesn’t have a power cable, it’ll most likely be charged from your TV directly via a USB cable.

What are the top dongles for smart TVs?

Amazon Fire TV Stick is one of the best dongles on the market. It’s pretty affordable and does its job effectively. Another budget-friendly option is Google Chromecast, which has a built-in Google TV.

Apple TV 4K is another incredible dongle. It’s not the most affordable option. However, it provides high performance and allows you to access Apple+ content.

The Wrap Up

So, can you use a dongle on a smart TV? Yes, you can use a dongle on your Smart TV.

A dongle works on smart TVs by enhancing their streaming and gaming performance. It also provides you with more features and increases the capabilities of your TV.

All you need to do now is to buy your desired dongle and enjoy the experience!

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