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Can you use AirPods that you found?

This post will show you if you can use AirPods that you found and what happens if someone finds your own AirPods.

It is possible to use found AirPods. All that is needed is to put them in a compatible case and reset them. It is also difficult to track down the original owner for security reasons as well as tracking reasons.

Quick Tips for Using and Losing AirPods
– Use a compatible case to reset found AirPods
– Reset AirPods to erase your Find My iPhone tracking
– Mix different AirPods as long as they’re from the same gen
– Someone can reset your AirPods by holding the case’s button

Can you use AirPods that you found?

It is possible to use AirPods or AirPod Pros if you find them. All that is needed is to put them in a case and to reset them.

However, the first thing to do would be to return them to their original owners if you happen to know who they are.

However, if you do not know who they are, it is actually quite difficult to find out. Apple can track the serial number but they will not tell you who the owner is for security reasons.

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What happens if someone finds my AirPods?

If someone finds your AirPods, they will be able to put your AirPods in the case and reset them. Once the person resets your AirPods, there will not be much you can do to find them.

Once the AirPods are reset, it is also the case that Find my iPhone will stop tracking them and their location will no longer be updated on your Find My app.

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Can you mix AirPods?

It is possible to mix different AirPods together provided that they are both from the same generation and they are a left and a right AirPod.

To pair different AirPods together, all you need to do is to put them in the case, wait for 30 seconds, open the lid and then hold the button on the case for about 15 seconds until the light on the case flashes orange then white.

The AirPods will now be paired together. Now you can open the lid and press the button near to an iPhone or iPad and pair the AirPods to the device the normal way.

It is important that there is some charge in the AirPods when doing this and it is important to make sure that the case also has some charge.

You can charge different AirPods in the same case before you pair them together.

Can someone reset my AirPods?

It is possible for someone to reset your AirPods. For someone to reset your AirPods, all they need to do is to put your AirPods in a compatible case, open the lid, then hold the button until the case flashes orange then white.