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Can you use any Wi-Fi adapter for Samsung TV?

As an owner of a Samsung TV, I know all too well the frustration of trying to find the right Wi-Fi adapter to use with it. After doing some research and testing out a few different Wi-Fi adapters, I am here to share my experience and the solutions I discovered.

The true answer to this question is it depends on your TV model and the wireless adapter type you wish to connect. Not every adapter was developed to work with every device, especially those that are older.

Not every Wi-Fi adapter is compatible with every Samsung TV model.
Samsung Smart TVs can work without a wireless adapter by using an ethernet cable.
USB Wi-Fi adapters for computers won’t work on Samsung TVs.
The best Wi-Fi adapter for Samsung TVs is the Samsung LinkStick Wireless USB Adapter for newer models and the Samsung LinkStick Wireless LAN Adapter for older models.
For third-party Wi-Fi adapters, the ATING Wi-Fi Dongle RJ-45 is the best option for new Smart TVs.

Can you use any Wi-Fi adapter for Samsung TV?

Every Samsung smart TV post-2012 boasts a pre-installed Wi-Fi dual-band (2.4GHz / 5GHz), which cannot be removed but can be upgraded.

Therefore, if you purchased a new smart TV and are confused about which adapter to connect to your home Wi-Fi, it can be confusing since there are countless options on the market.

However, you cannot use just any wireless adapter on the market since specific options are only compatible with certain newer models.

Therefore, if the adapter doesn’t list your TV model and brand then it is incompatible. Also, older Samsung televisions aren’t equipped with wireless adapters, so they also cannot be used with any component.

The reason is that Samsung wireless LAN adapters only work on smart TVs that are from 2012 or newer! Unfortunately, if your model is older than this then you must look for alternatives.

Does Samsung Smart TV work without Samsung wireless adapter?

Yes, a Samsung Smart TV can still work without a wireless adapter. The solution is as simple as connecting the ethernet cable to your television from your router. The purpose of the wireless adapter is to connect your television to the internet without cables.

However, without the adapter, there are still ethernet ports that will provide the same, if not better, connectivity since it’s hardwired directly into the router.

The ethernet connection allows you to stream all your favorite apps, shows, and movies, as well as play games, the same as if you were using a Wi-Fi adapter.

However, if you’re tired of having to unplug the wire each time you move the television or don’t want to drill holes in the wall to run a long ethernet cable through different rooms, then the alternative is a Wi-Fi adapter.

Will a USB Wi-Fi adapter work on a Samsung TV?

USB Wi-Fi adapters for computers or other similar devices require drivers or other types of software to link the hardware with the local operating system.

When plugging a generic PC Wi-Fi adapter into a computer, the instructions will prompt you to install a driver, or the operating system automatically pocks up the driver from a preinstalled database.

However, Samsung TVs have their own operating system layer that the wireless adapter must be coded with for compatibility. Therefore, you can’t take a PC USB Wi-Fi adapter, plug it into a Samsung TV and expect it to work. The Samsung TV coding wasn’t built to accept this component type.

Which Dongle is best for Samsung TV?

Hundreds of wireless adapters exist for smart TVs, but the best option depends on if your model has an integrated adapter.

If it does, then the best option is to purchase an adapter with Bluetooth 4.0 since they are compatible with Samsung TVs. 

The following is a list of the best Wi-Fi adapters for Samsung televisions:

Samsung LinkStick Wireless USB Adapter

Since this is a wireless USB adapter produced by Samsung, the compatibility will be flawless with Samsung televisions. This is the latest version of the LinkStick series, which is most compatible with the newest TV models.

Samsung Lan Adapter

This model is compatible with 2012 LED versions EH4500, EH5300, and ES5500 and supports IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n connectivity.

Samsung LinkStick Wireless LAN Adapter

This LAN adapter is the older model, which is the ideal option for older televisions.

Although this model is the original option, it’s on this list because it functions just as well as the newer versions, only it was built when the older TVs were first launched.

ATING Wi-Fi Dongle RJ-45

Within the third-party market, the ATING Wi-Fi RJ-45 Dongle is the best option for new smart TVs. Since it’s a third-party brand, the price may be less expensive than the Samsung branded adapters.