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Can You Use Chromecast Without a Phone? (Yes, Here’s How)

As a proud Chromecast owner, I was frustrated to find out that I couldn’t get it to work without my phone. After a bit of research and testing, I’m happy to share what I’ve learned about how to make Chromecast work without a phone. In this blog post, I’ll discuss how to set up and use Chromecast without a phone, as well as a few other solutions that I discovered. So if you’re wondering if you can use Chromecast without a phone, then the answer is yes, and I’ll show you how.

The original Google Chromecast was initially designed to work by casting phones as well as tablets and computers. However, you couldn’t use it directly, as it lacked the capability to work as a standalone device. 

This recently changed with the latest version of Chromecast, which now has its own remote and user interface, allowing you to use it as a standalone device on Android TVs to enjoy a variety of Google Play Apps.

Tips for Chromecast Usage
– Older models of Chromecast require a device, such as a phone, tablet, or computer, in order to cast content.
– The new Chromecast with Google TV comes with its own remote, which allows you to use it as a standalone device.
– You can use the tablet or computer to cast downloaded media, stream Android TV apps, or cast web pages from the Google Chrome browser.
– If you have an older model of Chromecast, you should consider upgrading to the new model or consider other alternatives.

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How Can You Use Chromecast Without a Phone?

Technically speaking, you can use Chromecast with a wide range of devices other than your phone. In fact, you can also use it on any Android tablet, and it should have the same functionality and features as a smartphone. 

For example, you can use the tablet for screen mirroring in order to cast your phone screen directly on the TV. 

Additionally, you can use the tablet to cast downloaded media on your phone, allowing you to watch movies directly on the TV, using various casting apps as well as the Google Home app.

In addition to tablets, you can also use Chromecast on a computer. To do this, you’ll need to download the latest version of Google Chrome Browser. After that, click on the settings menu in the top right corner, which has an icon of 3 vertical dots.

Choose the “Cast” option from the drop down menu, and a small window should appear, showing your Chromecast device as an option. This allows you to cast your computer screen as well as downloaded media.

Not only that, but you can also cast specific web pages from the Google Chrome browser, and stream a variety of Android TV apps!

Can You Use Chromecast Directly without Other Devices?

The answer to this question varies greatly depending on the version of Chromecast you’re using, so let’s answer the question based on each of those options:

For Older Generation Chromecast

The first, second, and third generations of Chromecast, released in 2013, 2015, and 2018 respectively, both needed 4 main aspects in order to work. These are:

  1. The Chromecast device itself
  2. A TV with HDMI and USB ports
  3. Working WiFi connection 
  4. A device to cast content from, whether it’s an android device (phone or tablet) or a computer (laptop or desktop)

In other words, older Chromecasts always needed a device in order to cast and can’t be used as a standalone streaming device. The improvements in these models were in connectivity, casting quality, frames per second, etc.

With that said, there are some Android apps that have direct integration with Chromecast, allowing you to directly stream the media from your android device or computers, such as Youtube, Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, Amazon Prime Video, and more. But, as you can see, you still need your phone for that.

Keep in mind that the third generation is still in production, so it’s not technically an old generation. However, like the old ones, it can’t be used without a device.

For New Generation Chromecast

In September 2020, the latest generation of the Chromecast, called “Chromecast with Google TV” was released.

This one was slightly more expensive than the previous models, but it offered a new built-in user interface that provided the user with a fully-fledged streaming experience without the need to connect a phone, computer, or any other device to the TV.

In addition to retaining all the features of older generation devices, it also comes with its own remote control, and you can use it directly to control the device’s interface and download Android apps from the Play Store.

The new generation of the Chromecast also became a major competitor to many streaming devices that are available out there, such as

  • Roku 
  • Amazon Fire Stick TV
  • Apple TV

Final Thoughts

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This concludes today’s guide that shows you everything you need to know about using Google Chromecast without phones. As you can see, the original Chromecast works with phones, tablets, and computers, offering various casting features, but it couldn’t be used as a standalone device.

However, the new Chromecast with Google TV now has its own polished user interface and even comes with its own remote to let you control all its features with relative ease. With that said, you should know that all these features are only found in the new Chromecast device. 

So, if you have the old one that doesn’t come with a remote, you should consider upgrading to the latest model or consider other alternatives like Amazon Fire Stick, Roku, or Apple TV.