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Can You Use Google Home With Samsung TV?

As an owner of both a Samsung TV and Google Home, I was frustrated to find out that the two devices couldn’t be integrated. After doing some research and testing, I’m here to share how I solved the issue and some other solutions I discovered along the way.

CompatibilitySamsung TV and Google Home can be connected and controlled via voice commands
Connection MethodGoogle Chromecast and SmartThings app
ProsSeamless connection, voice assistant, easy setup, access to various media and information
ConsOutdated firmware, disabled CEC, faulty HDMI ports may cause issues
TroubleshootingUpdate firmware, enable CEC, check HDMI ports and cables, power cycle devices if needed
Google Home FunctionalityControl TV settings, adjust volume, search and play shows, access information from Google

Can You Use Google Home With Samsung TV?

You can connect and use Google Home with your Samsung TV. You could attribute this possibility to Google Chromecast, which ensures that the connection is significantly seamless in the long run. Linking these two is a seamless process.

Using Google Home on your Samsung TV allows you to control various entertainment accessories, including speakers.

It relies on the Google Voice Assistant feature, making it easier to manage your TV remotely. This voice assistant will ensure that you pause, start, or stop entertainment on your TV.

You could also use it to select your preferred movie.

How to Connect Google Home to Your Samsung TV

Samsung TVs have a built-in app called SmartThings. This application will often make the connection process much more seamless.

However, you must first sign in to your Samsung account via your smartphone to launch it. It should automatically detect your TV. You might also need to check that the SmartThings app can comfortably control your TV.

Once everything is ready, you’ll need to set up the Google Home app via your smartphone. Open the application and click on the +-sign to add your Samsung TV.

The next step will require you to set up the device. Next, press the Works With Google text, and click on SmartThings from the list provided.

Upon selecting SmartThings, you will sign in with your Samsung account. The account used should be similar on both devices, including the Samsung TV and SmartThings app on your phone.

The TV will be added automatically, allowing you to control it with your Google Home app.

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How to Get Google Home to Work With Samsung TV

A proper setup ensures that your Google Home works seamlessly with the Samsung TV. All you need to do is sign in to your Samsung account on the TV and connect it to the SmartThings app on your smartphone.

You will then launch the Google Home app on your smartphone and click on add device, Works With Google, SmartThings, and Sign In With Samsung account.

However, there are times Google Home will not find your Samsung TV. In that case, you will need to relaunch Google Home and click on the Account tab.

Choose Settings, then Home Control in the subsequent prompts. Under Home Control, add SmartThings and enter your account information. You will then select your location. Rerun the test to see whether the two connect.

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Why Are My Google Home and Samsung TV Not Working?

Your Google Home will not work with your Samsung TV because of outdated firmware, the wrong HDMI port, and a turned-off CEC.

Addressing these issues could help resolve the situation much sooner. Yet, you will need to keep in mind the following insights.

Outdated Firmware

The seamless functioning of your Google Home and Samsung TV depends on the status of the software. Outdated software might not offer the same reliability as an updated one.

Please go through the various applications you use and check whether they are updated.

There are four things you will need to focus on: SmartThings, Google Chromecast, Samsung TV software, and Google Home.

While the updates are often automated, checking could help avoid some mishaps. In this case, you have to visit the Play Store and update all the necessary apps.

You will also need to update your TV software. This process requires you to click on Support under Settings, selecting Software update to start the process.

Your CEC Is Off

 CEC is an acronym for Consumer Electronics Control. This feature allows various HDMI devices to be controlled with one remote control.

Adjusting some settings on your Samsung TV can turn off this feature, making it challenging to connect to Google Home. In such cases, you will need to turn it on manually.

You can turn on the CEC command under your TV’s settings. Once you do, the TV and Google Home connection will be seamless.

You might also find that the CEC is turned on, yet there is no connection. This problem will require you to turn the CEC function off and then on. You might also need to restart Chromecast to synchronize them.

Wrong HDMI Port

Suppose your HDMI port is faulty. A malfunctioning HDMI port will compromise the connection, including not connecting in the long run.

You can solve this issue by trying a different port. If the second one does not work, you might have to consult with your TV manufacturer. They might provide a warranty that will help cover this issue.

Why Won’t Google Home Turn On My Samsung TV?

Your Google Home will not turn on your Samsung Tv if there are power cycle issues or HDMI issues. Naturally, Google Home should turn on your TV with a simple voice command.

Its built-in Voice Assistant should conveniently and remotely turn on, control, and change different settings on your Samsung TV. However, you’ll need to find a perfect solution if this happens.

Power Cycle Issues

Power cycle is draining residual power from your TV or Google Home device. This process addresses different issues, including audio problems, picture issues, and power problems.

It is your go-to option whenever your Google Home fails to turn on the Samsung TV.

The best solution to this problem is to power cycle your Google Home device. This process requires you to unplug Google Home from its power source.

You will then let it rest for approximately one minute before plugging it back in. Try the voice activation feature once you turn it on. You could also try other features at the same time too.

HDMI Issues

HDMI issues could also affect the possibility of turning on the Samsung TV. A faulty or wrong HDMI port implies that your Google Home will not connect to the TV, failing to turn on.

Choose another HDMI port to restart the entire system. You will also have to confirm whether the connection is steadfast.

In addition, you could also confirm that your HDMI cables are reliable and functional.

What Can Google Home Do With a Samsung TV?

Google Home offers unmatched convenience, including efficiently controlling your Samsung TV via voice commands.

This setup will help you adjust your TV’s volume, settings, and themes. You could also rely on it to find a particular show, start it, pause it, or end it.

Doing this at the comfort of your seat via a voice command makes your entertainment significantly immersive. Besides, you can access a wealth of information thanks to Google’s Knowledge Graph.

Connecting Google Home to your Samsung TV is an effortless venture. It provides you with unmatched convenience, satisfaction, and efficiency.

Its voice commands make the entire experience worthwhile. The insights above will help you address various issues that could arise.

  • Seamless connection via Google Chromecast.
  • Voice assistant allows remote control of TV.
  • Streamlined setup process.
  • Easily access media, search for shows, and more.

Cons of Google Home with Samsung TV

  • Outdated firmware can cause connection problems.
  • CEC needs to be enabled for proper functioning.
  • Malfunctioning HDMI ports can cause issues.