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Can You Watch Live TV On HBO Max?

I’m an avid fan of HBO Max and I recently encountered a problem that I had to figure out; can you watch live TV on HBO Max? After a lot of research, trial and error, and conversations with other HBO Max users, I’ve compiled all of my findings into this blog post so that I can share them with you!

In this post, I’ll be discussing the pros and cons of watching live TV on HBO Max, as well as providing some helpful tips and tricks for making the most of your streaming experience.

HBO Max doesn’t stream live TV. Live broadcasts require about twenty-four hours before they can be released to streaming services. This is because these shows and events require time to be prepared for streaming. HBO shows and movies that premiere on HBO are released on HBO Max at the same time.

HBO Max does not stream live TV
Live sports will be available in 2023
Hulu, Direct TV Stream, and YouTube TV offer live TV streaming
FuboTV, Sling TV, and Philo offer live TV streaming
Multiple options are available to watch live TV without a cable subscription

Can You Watch Live TV On HBO Max?

You will find that most of the new HBO content that premieres and airs on HBO also premiere on HBO Max. However, this cannot always be said for shows and events that air live since this content requires an estimated 24 hours before it can be released on HBO Max. That’s because there are many differences in how the two technologies work and operate.

However, times are changing for HBO Max, and they are evolving each and every day, making significant leaps in terms of what we learned to appreciate in live broadcasting services like HBO and what they offer the entertainment world. Hopefully, the fact that not all shows are streamed live will soon change for HBO Max and on-demand TV streaming services in general.

The main shortcomings are live broadcasts of things like news, sports, and other special events. But in all honesty, none of these were ever HBO’s forte, to begin with. HBO is known for its spectacularly epic TV shows and movies, and the channel always preferred to leave the rest to other broadcasters like CNN and ESPN, so the question is, does it really matter if these are not available on HBO Max?

For now, there are other alternatives to fill this void with other live TV streaming services, which you can access for live TV while you use your HBO Max subscription for all the rest.

Can You Watch Live Sport On HBO Max?

We all know that sport is a big part of the entertainment world. As of now, no sport is streamed live on HBO Max. This, however, is about to change for the better. HBO Max scored a big goal thanks to a new agreement between HBO, Turner, and the U.S. Soccer Federation. 

Starting in 2023, HBO Max will be live streaming more than 20 United States National Soccer Team matches each year. Though many of these matches will also air on TNT and TBS, HBO Max has exclusivity on some of the matches that will be streamed live for your enjoyment.

This is a sign that great things are on the way for HBO Max and its subscribers. If these streams turn out to be popular, it’s guaranteed that HBO will negotiate other similar deals and increase its live sports streaming service to include even more sports.

How To Watch HBO Live Without Cable

There are three popular streaming services apart from HBO Max that have impressive offerings for those who enjoy all that live TV and entertainment have to offer. With these services, you no longer have to keep your cable connected to enjoy live entertainment.

These three services looked at what the consumers wanted, and they responded by combining both live TV and on-demand content, including live-streaming HBO shows. In light of this, it is probably only a matter of time before all or at least most of the streaming services catch up to the demand for live TV content on streaming services. The services that currently offer this content are:


Hulu offers HBO Max as an optional add-on to the Hulu subscription you pay for, with an additional charge of approximately $14.99, depending on the service provider that you opt to sign up with. However, with this additional fee, you will also be able to stream live TV, including channels like CNN, Fox News, ESPN, History, Discovery, Disney Channel, Disney Junior, and E!

Direct TV Stream

For an additional fee above what you are already paying for your Direct TV Stream subscription, you will also be able to stream HBO Max with other live TV streams such as regional sports networks, game show networks, and cooking entertainment shows. It is an affordable option with a lot to offer in both live TV streaming and on-demand TV.

YouTube TV

YouTube TV has a total of 85 channels that you can stream, and one of these channels is HBO Max. So, in that one subscription, you can get all the entertainment that HBO Max offers, plus all the other offerings of YouTube TV. Streaming services already offer so much for both on-demand viewers and those who enjoy live TV.

We all know that YouTube TV is constantly expanding and adding additional content, which includes sports and news. This trend is likely to increase over the next few years.

Other Streaming Services That Offer Live TV

Apart from HBO Max, other streaming services can also stand their ground in terms of what they can offer you as the consumer. None of these streaming services have the option of an HBO Max add-on. Still, they all have the added benefit of live TV streaming, which holds a definite appeal for some consumers who appreciate the old days of live television broadcasts similar to what cable offers.


If you are someone who loves sports, FuboTV is the live TV streaming service for you. It has broad coverage regarding how it can keep a viewer entertained for hours with channels such as ESPN, FS1 and FS2, the Golf Channel, CBS Sport, and the Big 10 Network. With many additional add-ons, viewers can choose a subscription that will fit their particular sports interests.

Sling TV

Though Sling TV has a few limitations if you choose one of the main two subscription plans that it offers, it also has a plan that combines the two subscriptions (called the Orange and Blue plans) for $50 per month, which offers 47 channels. This includes live TV streaming that consists of sports, news, game shows, and many other forms of live TV entertainment.


Philo is the cheapest live TV streaming service by far. It falls short when it comes to pleasing viewers looking for daily news and sport; Philo does not cover this line of entertainment. But Philo offers plenty of live entertainment and lifestyle channels with the option to load an add-on to your subscription for additional entertainment.


HBO Max doesn’t offer much in terms of live TV at the moment, though that is set to start changing soon. But, as you can clearly see, there are a number of other options. If you are one of the many viewers who prefer to watch live TV, then you can choose any of the other streaming services that offer more live TV channels than the options that are currently available on HBO Max.

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