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Can’t Find Apple TV on Fire TV (Causes And How to Fix)

I recently bought an Apple TV and wanted to watch my favourite shows on my Fire TV. However, I was frustrated when I couldn’t find the Apple TV app on my Fire TV. After hours of searching and trying out different solutions, I finally figured out the cause and found the fix. I wanted to share my experience and the tips and tricks I discovered along the way in this blog post.

The most common reason you can’t find Apple TV on Fire TV is that Apple TV may not even be installed. Sometimes the installation itself may be faulty or the app is installed but unrecognized or hidden.

Download and install Apple TV from the App Store
Check if Apple TV is hidden in Settings
Check the list of supported devices
Contact Fire TV Support and Apple TV Support
Reset Fire TV stick as a last resort

Apple TV May Not Be Installed

Most people may not realize it, but you may be searching your Fire TV for an app that’s not even there.

If Apple TV isn’t installed on your Fire TV, use the following steps to fix the problem:

  1. Navigate to your device’s app store and search for Apple TV
  2. Click on download
  3. Open the app and follow the installation process
  4. Sign in using your Apple ID

Once installed, simply navigate your Fire TV again and you should be able to easily locate Apple TV.

Faulty Installation of Apple TV

If your installation step has been interrupted for whatever reason, it could lead to either a corrupted Apple TV app or stop it from being installed in the first place.

This usually happens when the internet goes down during the installation process. Another reason for that is if your Fire TV gets unplugged by accident while installing.

To avoid this, keep your device plugged in and make sure that you have a stable internet connection during downloading and installing Apple TV.

Apple TV Is Hidden

Someone may have used the hide app option on your Apple TV. The app is there but you can’t access it or find it.

To check the status of your Apple TV, go to Settings → Main Menu. Then browse the list of apps and check that your Apple TV isn’t hidden. If it’s indeed hidden, simply unhide it.

Additionally, the Apple TV app may be hidden inside various folders. Use the search bar to instantly locate Apple TV if it’s installed on your Fire TV.

Unrecognized Apple TV

Have you ever added a new contact to your phone and tried to find them on WhatsApp or Snapchat but were unsuccessful?

Sometimes, due to a software bug, your Fire TV won’t instantly recognize newly installed apps.

If you just installed the Apple TV and have ruled out the faulty installation problem, you may need to wait for a few minutes until your Fire TV recognizes Apple TV.

Alternatively, you can try the basic troubleshooting methods like replugging your Fire TV stick, restarting your TV, or resetting your internet.

The Device Isn’t Supported

Sometimes your Fire TV isn’t supported by Apple TV. This is a rare case since most Fire TV sticks usually have no problem accessing and streaming Apple TV.

However, in rare cases, it does happen. If you want to make sure that your device is indeed supported, you can check the list of supported devices and look for your Fire TV model.

If you find your device name on the list, the problem lies elsewhere. If you don’t find your device, sadly there’s not much you can do at this point.

The Fire TV Stick Is Faulty

The software of the Fire TV stick may be a bit buggy. You may try resetting it entirely as your last resort. Keep that in mind resetting the Fire TV stick will delete your data.

To reset your Fire TV, go to Settings → System → Reset to Factory Defaults.

This may be a radical solution that should be at the bottom of your troubleshooting list. It could, however, be the solution. 

None of the Above Worked for Me

If none of the solutions works for you, you may need to contact Fire TV Support and Apple TV Support.

Contacting customer service may be a slow-paced process but who better to help than the device’s creators? If all other options fail, they may offer to replace your firestick.

The Verdict

If you can’t find Apple TV on Fire TV, we hope that one of the above solutions works for you. In most cases, the Apple TV won’t even be installed on your device, so downloading and installing it should quickly fix the problem.

Should this not work, you can try alternative solutions like checking the hidden apps, checking if your device is supported or not, and, as a last resort, resetting your Fire TV stick.

If all else fails, contact customer support. They often provide valuable feedback and will help you to find the origin of the problem and fix it.

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