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Chromecast Black Screen When Casting (Causes, How to Fix)

As an owner of a Chromecast device, I’ve been frustrated by the mysterious black screen that sometimes appears when I try to cast. After some research and testing, I’m here to share how I solved this issue and other possible solutions I discovered. In this blog post, I’ll be discussing the potential causes of Chromecast black screen when casting and how to fix it. Hopefully, this will help anyone else out there who is having the same issue.

Tips for fixing Chromecast black screen issue
– Troubleshoot and fix the issue on your own
– Common causes include setup, connectivity, and screen issues
– For setup issues, unplug and plug the Chromecast back in and ensure devices are up-to-date
– For connectivity issues, reset or reboot your router and ensure all devices are on the same WiFi
– For screen issues, try unplugging and reconnecting the Chromecast, use an HDMI extender, or reconfigure the device with your internet
– As a last resort, factory reset the Chromecast or contact Google support

What Causes Chromecast Black Screen When Casting?

Fortunately, you don’t need to call a technician the instant your Chromecast shows a black screen when casting. That’s mainly because you can easily troubleshoot and fix the problem for yourself.

In this section, we cover the most common causes behind this Chromecast black screen issue and how you can quickly solve it.

1. Setup Issues

The most shared reason for your Chromecast issues lies often in your setup. Sometimes, we don’t plug the ports properly or even connect our smart devices in the correct place.

One way to avoid this problem from continuing to happen is to understand how your products function. If you know that the Chromecast is typically plugged into the screen’s HDMI port, you won’t mistakenly put it somewhere else.

Additionally, you should keep in mind that all your devices need to be upgraded to the manufacturer’s latest version as well. This prevents your TV from unregistering your Chromecast accessory.

How to Fix

By checking your ports and plugs, you can quickly solve this problem. Try to unplug and plug the Chromecast back in after 30 seconds or so.

You can do the same with your screen’s cords too. Make sure your systems are up-to-date just in case. 

2. Internet and Connectivity Issues

Connectivity issues are another factor that’s highly likely to contribute to why your Chromecast is malfunctioning. As most of us face internet lagging problems on a daily basis, it makes sense that this is a probable cause for your issue.

A golden rule to remember is that smart devices mainly rely on one another to function. As such, it’s always better to have all products connected to the same WiFi to ensure a seamless connection across. 

Not just that, but it’s possible that you’re a neat person and you like to tuck your Chromecast away or behind your TV screen when it’s on. While that may not affect its overall performance, the Chromecast may not be able to read an internet connection from there.

How to Fix

When fixing a connectivity issue, you need to look at all the devices in play. You should start with your WiFi router. Try resetting or rebooting it after you’ve disconnected your Chromecast and screen.

If the problem doesn’t lie in the router, invest in an HDMI extender or simply move the Chromecast closer to it. You can attempt to reconfigure the devices with your internet as well.

3. A TV or Screen Problem

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When it’s not your Chromecast that’s the issue, it’s likely to be your TV, or rather, whichever casting device you’re using. Similarly, rebooting said appliance might quickly solve your issue.

As a rule of thumb, you’ll know that the problem lies in your TV if the LED light of your Chromecast is still flashing white. Other colors may indicate that the Google device is just running low on charge and needs to be plugged into its power source.

However, it’s not always that simple. You need to make sure that your casting device is compatible with Chromecast and is logged onto the same WiFi as well. 

If you have guests over and would rather they don’t have your WiFi password, make sure they’re using Guest Mode on Chromecast. Guest Mode will allow them to cast whatever media they want without using WiFi.

How to Fix

In case you’re using a smart TV screen, try to unplug it from the power source and disconnect it from Chromecast beforehand. 

Reconnect the Chromecast cable first before turning the TV back on after a few minutes. Plug the Chromecast into the HDMI port once the TV has finished rebooting.

Another simple solution would be to simply stop casting from the device, wait a few minutes, and then try again. 

Extra tips

Power from the mains

If your Chromecast is currently being powered via the USB port on your TV, try powering your Chromecast via the USB to mains adapter that it comes with. The issue is that the USB port might not be supplying your Chromecast with enough power.

Reboot the Chromecast

Often, an easy solution is to simply restart your Chromecast device.

  • To do this, open the Google Home App, Touch and hold the device’s title, tap settings, more settings then reboot.
  • Alternatively, you can simply unplug the Chromecast for at least 60 seconds which will reboot the Chromecast.

Clear the cache

It would also help to try clearing the cache of your Chromecast.

To clear the cache on Chromecast with Google TV, you need to follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to your profile icon and select Settings, then System, then Storage, then Internal shared, storage then Cached data. Select “Clear cached data for all apps,” then click Ok

Factory reset the Chromecast.

As a last resort, you can also try factory resetting the Chromecast.

While the device is plugged into the TV, hold down the power button for around 25 seconds. The device would flash red, then white. Once it flashes white and your TV goes blank, release the button.

It might also be the case that the HDMI cable being used is faulty.  

In Summary

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There are quite a few causes for your Chromecast black screen when casting. A few examples to mention would be issues with your TV, internet connection, or the overall setup of the Chromecast.

Luckily enough, fixing this simple problem is rather easy and won’t take long. You may need to try some of our guide’s solutions a couple of times before your Chromecast is up and running again.

If all else fails, simply contact the Google support team and have a technician help you figure out how to solve the malfunction right away.