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Chromecast Green Screen (Causes and How to Fix)

Chromecast is a neat technology that makes streaming a breeze as long as you have a solid internet connection. However, it can experience its hiccups, like when your screen suddenly turns green!

Chromecast green screen can happen because of an HDMI handshake issue, existing bugs, or incompatible resolution.

Read on to learn more about how these causes lead to a green screen and how to fix them.

Causes of Chromecast Green Screen

With any device, issues can lie within cable connections or device settings. For Chromecast, connections and device incompatibilities are two of the most common causes of a green screen.

HDMI Handshake Issue

When an HDMI cable connects to another device, they exchange information that allows you to see video transmission. We call this process a “handshake.” 

You’ll know that this handshake is successful when you see videos on the screen. However, there can be a handshake issue when devices are incompatible, leading to a green screen.

For example, connecting your Chromecast to a TV may fail because the connection doesn’t follow the HDMI handshake protocol. That usually means your device isn’t modern enough to support the HDMI connection.

The same failure can also happen when you connect your Chromecast with a different device, such as a laptop or computer. 

Existing Bugs

Existing bugs can lead to a green screen and other similar problems. Much like many other technologies, Chromecast needs constant updating. This way, you can enjoy the latest features and maximize their use.

Of course, even if there’s a new update, there’s no guarantee that the software will work fine all the time. That’s why constant updating can also result in buggy software.

For Chromecast, a small bug in the system can be the difference between a functional screen and a green screen. Lucky for you, bugs like this have easy fixes. Plus, developers usually solve them quickly.

Incompatible Resolution

TVs typically have a standard refresh rate that determines the times your screen refreshes every second. 

Most TVs in the market either have a 60 Hz or 120 Hz refresh rate, but there are still some that only have 50 Hz. The lower refresh rates are more common in European and Asian countries.

Chromecast is compatible with TVs that at least have a 60 Hz refresh rate. So, if you have a screen with a lower refresh rate, chances are there will be an incompatible resolution.

If Chromecast’s output is set at 60 Hz, a device with a 50 Hz refresh rate can lead to a green screen. Sometimes, Chromecast will also automatically adjust your TV’s refresh rate to correct the problem. However, this option doesn’t apply to most users.

So, it’s important to check if your TV has a compatible resolution with Chromecast to avoid green screen problems.

How to Fix Chromecast Green Screen

Fixing your Chromecast can be as easy as rebooting it, but sometimes, you’ll have to play with the display and resolution settings.

Here are a few things you can do:

Reboot Chromecast

A short rebooting of the software can fix the problem at hand. Depending on what system you have, you can reboot your Chromecast from the Google Home app, the power source, or your Google TV.

Google Home App

To reboot using the Google Home application, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Link your Chromecast and device with the same account.
  2. Find the Google Home app.
  3. Look for your device.
  4. Then, press and hold on your device’s name.
  5. Select settings, more settings, and then reboot.

Power Source

The next method involves a simple unplugging from the socket. This process isn’t the same as unplugging the Chromecast from the HDMI port. 

Here’s how to do it properly:

  1. Locate your Chromecast’s plug.
  2. Unplug the power cable from the socket.
  3. Leave it unplugged for the next minute or so.
  4. Plug the cable in again.

Google TV

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If you have a Google TV, rebooting your Chromecast only requires several straightforward steps.

  1. Go to your Profile using your Chromecast Voice Remote.
  2. Then, click on Settings.
  3. From the Systems, press Restart.
  4. Then, press Restart again.

Allow HDR Matching

High Dynamic Range (HDR) matching can be the key to fixing your green screen issue. Take a look at how to allow HDR matching:

  1. Locate and select the Chromecast Settings.
  2. Choose Display and Sound.
  3. Press on Match Content.
  4. Toggle the “Match content dynamic range” button.

Change Resolution

You can also change the TV’s resolution to match the Chromecast’s output. Typically, this process is automatic, but here’s how you can do it manually:

  1. From your TV, select Settings.
  2. Go to Display and Sounds.
  3. Choose Advanced Display Settings.
  4. Then, click on Resolution.
  5. Finally, choose the most compatible resolution for your device.

Contact Google Support

As always, there’s Google Support as your last resort. Simply send them a message about your  Chromecast problem, and you’ll surely get a more detailed solution.


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Chromecast is an excellent addition to your streaming experience, especially if it has no issues. However, Chromecast green screen can be a common problem.

To fix this issue, you can simply reboot the device, modify your TV’s display and resolution settings, or reach out to Google support to fix the issue. 

Whichever ends up working for you, you’ll be able to enjoy your Chromecast with no green screen anymore.