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Chromecast Keeps Restarting (Causes and How to Fix)

As an owner of the Chromecast device, I have been incredibly frustrated by the issue of my device constantly restarting. After doing some research and testing, I am here to share how I managed to stop the device from restarting, as well as a few other solutions I discovered along the way. In this blog post, I will discuss the common causes of Chromecast restarting and how you can fix them.

If your Chromecast keeps restarting for no reason, it may be an issue with connectivity, signal strength, the app and device you’re using to stream, or the Chromecast device itself. Despite being annoying, this problem is often easy to fix.

IssuePossible CausesRecommended Fixes
Restarting ChromecastGeneral troubleshootingManually restart Chromecast and streaming device
Power Source IssuesUnstable current, TV as power sourceEnsure stable outlets, use a power adapter, try a different micro-USB cable
Wi-Fi Connection ProblemsWeak or unstable connectionCheck router, restart router, ensure internet speed of at least 20 Mbps
Issues with External DevicesOutdated firmware, app issuesRestart streaming device, update device firmware or OS, update app(s)
Chromecast CacheSlow performance, temporary dataClear cache from TV’s settings
Factory ResetLast resort for unresolved issuesPerform a factory reset, contact Google Support if issues persist

Can Restarting Chromecast Fix the Issue?

As in any tech-related issue, manually restarting your devices has proven to be a quick fix for most problems, even if the issue is your Chromecast automatically restarting out of nowhere. 

In this case, reboot not only your Chromecast but also the device you’re using to stream, whether it’s your TV, mobile phone, or computer.

To correctly reboot your Chromecast:

  1. Disconnect your Chromecast from your TV.
  2. Unplug your Chromecast’s power cable from its power source or outlet.
  3. Wait for around 1–2 minutes before plugging it back in.

Keep your fingers crossed in hopes that this does the trick so you can get back on track with minimal effort.

Other Fixes for Chromecast Restarting Issues

If restarting doesn’t work, consider these fixes instead. The problem is probably with the power source or the WiFi connection.

Check Your Power Source

Another possible reason for your Chromecast misbehaving is your power source’s unstable current. Make sure your outlets are secure and working fine, as this may cause performance issues with your Chromecast, as well as your other electronic devices. 

It might even cause your Chromecast to malfunction altogether.

If you’re using your TV to power your Chromecast, it might be better to plug it directly into a power adapter. Your TV might not be able to completely power up your Chromecast, which could lead to performance issues.

If you have a spare micro-USB, you can also try using that if the issue is with your Chromecast’s original micro-USB cable.

Check Your Wi-Fi Connection

Are you seeing red on your router? This might be the culprit of the Chromecast restarting crime. Make sure you have a strong and stable connection to avoid performance issues with your Chromecast. 

It’s recommended by Google to have an internet speed of at least 20 Mbps or higher for best results.

If you’re having a bad day with your router, you might want to try restarting it. Once you have that green light signal, try streaming with your Chromecast again.

Check Your External Devices

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Maybe it’s not your Chromecast but your external devices instead. If you’re using your phone to stream, try using a different device to check if you’re encountering the same issue. If the restarting problem seems to be related to your external device, you can try the following:

  • Restart your phone, computer, or whichever device you’re using to stream.
  • Make sure your device’s firmware or OS (Operating System) is up to date.
  • If you’re using a specific app on your device, try checking if it has any pending updates.

Your Chromecast can only be as strong as its weakest link. Make sure to regularly check on your external devices!

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Clear Chromecast Cache

If you clear the cache, you’ll only delete temporary data. So, you don’t need to worry about reinstalling the apps or signing in again. Additionally, you’ll enjoy a faster performance while streaming.

Simply, go to the Apps menu from your TV’s settings. Then force-stop the target apps. After that, select Clear Cache and enjoy your fresh apps.

Do a Factory Reset

If nothing else seems to be budging, it might be time to consider a factory reset. Doing this will reset your Chromecast to its original factory settings, fixing most issues.

The only downside is that it will also erase all your data, and you’ll have to set it up again from scratch.

If the factory reset doesn’t work, it might be best to reach out to Google Support for further steps to take. Hopefully, you’ll have a solid warranty in case a replacement is the only way out.

Final Thoughts

The restarting issue is like a common cold to Chromecast. It might be troublesome, but there are a lot of quick and easy ways to get it treated. Just keep an eye out on your Chromecast’s connection, as well as your other external devices.

As technology continues to advance, we’re offered better and more convenient ways to enjoy the fruits of its labor. Be that as it may, we’re still bound to bump into a few roadblocks known as glitches here and there.

If all else fails, a factory reset is always a reasonable choice, though you may not be ready to part ways with all your data.