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Chromecast Keeps Turning Off TV (Causes, How to Fix)

As an owner of a Chromecast, I know first hand the frustration that can arise when your TV unexpectedly turns off after connecting the device. After doing some research and testing, I’m here to share what I’ve learned about the causes and solutions for this issue.

Whether you’re experiencing this issue for the first time or you’ve had it for a while, I’m confident that you’ll find something helpful in this blog post.

The main reason why your Chromecast may be shutting down your TV is the lack of electrical power. Your Chromecast will drain the power coming from the outlet and prevent your TV from getting enough power to stay on.

Tips for Preventing Sudden TV Turn-Offs
1. Insufficient power is the most common cause of sudden TV turn-offs.
2. Make sure your Chromecast isn’t draining power from your TV using the USB port.
3. Try to connect your Chromecast directly to the wall outlet to ensure that your TV gets enough power supply to stay on.
4. Check your outlet and converter for any damage.
5. Unplug your Chromecast from your TV if it keeps shutting down.
6. Soft reset your TV and Chromecast.
7. A slow internet connection can’t shut down your TV on its own.

Insufficient Power Supply

Insufficient power is the most common cause of sudden TV turn-offs. The Chromecast device drains power from your TV when it gets plugged in through the USB port. 

For unknown reasons, the power that your TV receives from the outlet stops being sufficient for both devices. If the Chromecast competes with your TV and reduces the incoming power below a minimum threshold, your TV will turn off.

Two reasons reduce the power supply to your TV:

  1. Allowing Chromecast to Drain Power From the USB Port

Most Chromecast users prefer the ease and quickness of plugging Chromecast into the USB port of the TV. Chromecast is advertised to work fine if it drains power from the TV. However, this isn’t always the case.

Chromecast may be a small device but it drains a lot more power than a simple USB stick. The USB port isn’t a fully-fledged power outlet and it may prove insufficient for the Chromecast device.

When the Chromecast fails to get enough electricity from the USB port, it will drain your TV’s power instead. This problem is especially noticeable with some Samsung TV models

It’s not clear why Samsung TVs suffer from this problem the most but for now, the best solution to the issue is to plug your Chromecast directly into the wall outlet. 

  1. A Problem in the Power Outlet

Sometimes the wall outlet itself isn’t providing enough power to supply both your TV and Chromecast. If that’s the case, your Chromecast will compete with your TV over power and shut it down occasionally.

You may want to try a different outlet to stop that from happening. If you’re using a converter, consider replacing that too.

Defective Google Chromecast Device

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Many Chromecast users experienced sudden, unpredicted shutdowns of their TVs for no obvious reason. They often say that the problem started a few months after using Chromecast.

Some users also reported that Chromecast forces their TVs to restart a couple of times initially before turning on permanently.

Many of those users tried using the wall outlet power instead of relying on the USB port. It solved the problem for most of them but the issues persisted for others. That mostly means a faulty Chromecast device that drains too much power.

At that point, nobody can tell what’s the reason for this problem. What’s especially annoying is that some Chromecast devices may shut down the TV even if the user isn’t actually using Chromecast.

That leads us to the conclusion that even if you’re not actively using your Chromecast, it’s still drawing power from your TV or power outlet.

Since this problem doesn’t have an official solution yet, we’ll recommend what most users did to stop the problem; unplugging your Chromecast from your TV.

If you have already tried supplying your Chromecast with the wall power outlet with no success, then you need to unplug Chromecast whenever you’re not using it to avoid the shutdowns.

Soft reset the TV and Chromecast

It would also help to try soft resetting both the TV and the Chromecast.

To soft reset the TV simply unplug it from the wall outlet and wait for 60 seconds. Doing this resets the internal cache of the TV.

To soft reset your Chromecast device, do the following:

  • Open the Google Home App, Touch and hold the device’s title, tap settings, more settings then reboot.
  • Alternatively, you can simply unplug the Chromecast for at least 60 seconds which will reboot the Chromecast.

Do I need to buy a new Chromecast if it keeps shutting down my TV?

Unless your Chromecast is actually defective, buying a new one won’t solve the problem. A new Chromecast will still compete with your TV over power and cause it to randomly shut down.

Can I schedule my Chromecast to shut down my TV?

Chromecast doesn’t have a shutdown timer and you can’t use it to shut down your TV after a while. However, you can have a shutdown timer on your TV itself.

Can a slow connection cause my Chromecast to shut down my TV?

A slow internet connection will cause buffering, pausing, and occasional freezing. A slow connection, however, can’t shut down your TV on its own.

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The Verdict.

If Chromecast keeps turning off TV, you should make sure that Chromecast isn’t draining power from your TV using the USB port. 

Try to connect your Chromecast directly to the wall outlet to ensure that your TV gets enough power supply to stay on. You should also make sure that your outlet is fine and that your converter isn’t damaged if you’re using one.