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Computer Zoomed In On TV

As a tech enthusiast, I have been struggling to figure out why my computer screen appears zoomed in when I connect it to my TV. After much trial and error, I am happy to say that I have finally figured out how to correct the issue, and I’m here to share my experience and the solutions I discovered.

There are several issues that can cause this, from resolution to settings changing. You can fix this by changing the TV screen settings, including resolution and overscan, and by changing the computer settings, including resolution. You can also check your graphics card for updates. 


  • The problem of a zoomed-in computer screen on a TV can be caused by resolution differences, settings being turned on accidentally, and more.
  • To fix this issue, it’s important to check the TV settings, including overscan and resolution, and the computer settings, including resolution.
  • It’s also important to check for updates on your graphics card and to disable post-processing effects on the TV.
  • If these steps don’t work, it may be necessary to reinstall the graphics driver.

Why Your Computer Zoomed In On Your TV Screen

Plugging and unplugging your HDMI cable from your TV and computer to move it around can cause unforeseen problems that can cause your computer to be zoomed in on your TV. This is an annoying problem, as it can limit the information you can see on the screen at once and make things look awkward. 

Various things can use this zooming-in problem with your computer and TV screen. The cause can range from resolution differences to settings being turned on accidentally. Thankfully, most of these issues are easy to fix. 

How To Fix A Zoomed-In Computer Of A TV Screen

Several issues can cause your computer to be zoomed in on your TV, making finding the problem challenging for most people. First, when facing this problem, you should ensure your computer and TV have no outstanding updates that haven’t been installed. 

Once you have checked this and have ruled out this possible cause, you can move on to the other reasons this problem may occur. Below are the steps you can follow to diagnose and fix the problem of your computer zooming in on your TV. 

Step 1: Look At Your TV’s Screen Settings

The problem with the zoomed-in look could be due to your TV, so you will need to check your TV settings. If your TV settings are not configured correctly, this will affect how the screen looks. 

You will need to check various settings on your TV screen as several can cause this issue. Before you do this, try and plug your computer into different ports on your TV screen, and if you are using a 4K display, ensure your cables can support this. 

Step 2: Edit The TV Screen Settings

When you are ready to check the settings on your TV to see if they are the reason for this zoomed-in problem, you will need to open the menu on your TV. From here, there are numerous things you can look at, and we will cover each one in detail in their relevant sections below. 

Disable The Overscan Setting 

You will need to disable the overscan on the TV, so when in the menu, select the Picture option. From there, you will go to the Advanced Video option. If you use an HDMI cable, you will go to HDMI settings and select overscan. 

You will need to turn this off. This setting can also be called underscan, scaling, or pixel. Turning this on will affect how your computer is displayed on the TV screen. Once this setting is off, go back to the home page and see if it solved the problem. 

If not, you can try to disable all the post-processing effects on the TV in the same menu or continue with the information below. 

Disable HDMI Full Mode 

Another thing that could trigger this problem is the HDMI full mode on your TV screen. To change this setting, open the TV settings menu and scroll to the Extras option. 

You can then search for the HDMI full mode and turn this mode on. Go back and check if the problem is resolved; if not, continue with the processes below. 

Change The General Settings

Next, you will need to check the general settings of your TV screen. Open your TV settings and look for the auto-detect or the auto-size options and play around with the options to see if this fixes the problem. 

You can also try to decrease the sharpness of the TV to less than 10 and see if this resolves the issue. You can try to relabel the HDMI connection on your TV that your computer is plugged into to your PC and see if this solved the problem. 

Step 3: Check The TV’s Resolution 

The next step with your TV screen is to check the TV’s resolution settings. You will need to open the menu, go to settings, and then go to advanced settings or advanced screen resolutions settings. 

Open the resolution options and ensure the TV is set to 1920 x 1080, which is the perfect resolution for most computers. Go back and see if the issue is fixed. 

Step 4: Change Your Computers Resolution 

If the options above have not solved the problem, you will need to look at your computer’s settings and possibly change a few things. Open the settings menu on your computer can go to the change PC settings option. 

From there, click on the PC and devices selection and go to the display settings. On this page, you should see a slider for the resolution of the computer. Set this resolution to 1920 x 1080 and see if this has solved the problem. 

Edit The Display Settings On Your Computer

You can try changing your computer’s display settings if the problem is not corrected. You can open the settings again, go to the systems or settings option, and then click on the display option. 

Expand the drop-down display orientation of your computer and choose portrait. Check if the problem is solved; if it is, go back and change the setting back to landscape and it should stay fixed. 

Step 5: Update Or Reinstall The Graphics Drive

If you have tried everything and your computer is still zoomed in on your TV, you might need to reinstall the graphics drive of your computer. You can manually update the graphics drive or use your web browser to download the latest version of your graphics driver’s software. 


Having your computer zoomed in on your TV can be a frustrating problem, but what’s even more frustrating is that many things can cause this problem to occur. 

You can follow the advice in this article to try and fix the problem yourself, but you can also phone your TV manufacturer or the Microsoft or Apple help desks to help you through it. Good luck with your TV and computer!

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