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Cost To Ship 50/55/60/65/70 Inch TV

As a homeowner who recently invested in a 65-inch television, I know first-hand how overwhelming and confusing it can be to figure out the cost to ship such a large item. After hours of research, comparing prices, and trying to find the best deal, I’m here to share my experience and what I’ve learned. In this blog post, I’ll be discussing the cost to ship a 50, 55, 60, 65, or 70-inch television, including pros and cons of various methods, tips for getting the best deal, and how I ultimately solved my problem.

Shipping a 50 to 70-inch TV will usually be around $2.57 for the first few miles, dropping to $0.34 for anything under 1000 miles. Every shipping company will have different prices, with the size of the TV also increasing or decreasing the price, with even the weight causing price increases. 

The exact costs of shipping a TV, no matter the size and weight, can be a big challenge, especially as each state has different prices. You will often find that changing the postal code of where you are going to one area can save you several hundred dollars. 

TV SizeShipping Cost EstimateFactors Affecting CostProsCons
50-60 inch$100 to $300Weight, Total Size when packed, Carrier Carefulness– Worry-free about TV damage
– Save money with special offers
– Ship to local store
– Save money with smaller box
– Higher cost for larger TVs
– Weight affects cost
– Size affects cost
– Different state prices
60+ inch$300 to $500Weight, Total Size when packed, Carrier Carefulness– Worry-free about TV damage
– Save money with special offers
– Ship to local store
– Save money with smaller box
– Higher cost for larger TVs
– Weight affects cost
– Size affects cost
– Different state prices

How Much Does It Cost To Ship Different Sized TVs?

While we can mention that the prices for every TV will be different, especially if you are using the shipping company to box up the TV, we have a few solid prices. We have calculated these prices based on previous shipping of TVs around the states and how they will differ between shipping companies. 

It is important to remember that your prices will most likely be wildly different than what we have been able to gather. Not only will the companies have different prices, but the distance you are moving and everything else you are moving will cause your price to rise or lower. 

50 To 60-Inch TVs

From our experience, shipping these TVs between different states can usually be around $100 to $300, with further distances greatly increasing the price. In contrast, by buying these new TVs and shipping them into the country, the shipment price rises to similar levels as the actual TV. 

Further, we always recommend that you check the shipping prices before simply paying to have everything shipped around. You may often find the option to have the TV shipped to a local store or even to a branch of the shipping company for a significantly lower price. 

60-Inch And Larger TVs

When working with much larger TVs, the shipping costs drastically increase, as the TV’s weight and overall size make things more difficult. Further, the courier company needs to take precautions to prevent the TV from being damaged during shipping. 

On average, the shipping cost for a TV of 60-inches or more will be around $300 to $500 just for shipping across one or two states. If you are shipping it further, the cost will drastically increase, usually making it much more affordable to buy a new TV or ship everything in a larger truck. 

What Affects The Cost Of Shipping A TV?

Three things will affect the total cost of shipping a TV, whether across state lines or into another country. Everyone forgets that TVs are some of the most disturbing things to ship because nothing can be stacked on top or even close to them. 

This has caused many moving companies to refuse to ship TVs while larger shipping companies have special boxes and pricing for TVs. We always recommend that you stay up to date on what will affect the actual price of the entire shipping experience, whether you are buying a new TV or shipping your current one. 

The Weight Of The TV

Most modern TVs over 60-inches will all weigh the same, meaning the price has become standard. However, when looking at TVs below the size of 60-inches, the price will be different, as the shape of the TV makes it heavier, increasing the overall cost of the TV being shipped. 

If you are shipping with a truck or boat, you will not be charged for the TV’s weight and the box it is in. However, when shipping through air-freight, every pound will be measured and charged for, which is usually why overnighting something can cost triple the cost of buying it brand new. 

The Total Sized When Packed

This is the main thing that will decide how much your shipping will cost, no matter which type of shipping you are using. The more space it takes to pack into a truck, train, ship, or plane, the more it will cost to ship, which is often why people choose to remove the Styrofoam from the box. 

We recommend using the box that the TV has come with or a specially made box that is meant for TVs. This will ensure that your TV arrives where it needs to without damage or that just the slightest bump can cause the TV to be damaged. 

How Careful The Carriers Have To Be

When shipping larger, thinner TVs, the shipping company will usually be required to use extra care to ensure that it does not get damaged. Many modern TVs are similar to a pane of glass, too much twisting of the TV box can cause it to be damaged beyond repair. 

Doing this can greatly increase the overall cost of shipping your TV, with many people driving with their TV in the back of their car to save on this cost. We always recommend that you consider the fragility of the TV when packing it into a box, ensuring that you are happy with your TV when it arrives. 

Why Does It Cost More To Ship Large TVs?

The simple answer is that the more space used on the shipping of choice, the more money that shipping company loses. Most shipping companies discount when you are shipping something heavier and larger, with many people not realizing that they would pay similar prices for things a fraction of the size. 

We recommend you consider this when packing in your TV, as packing it into a smaller box may save you some money, but you will regret it. Many people make the mistake of trying to use the smallest possible box, only to regret it when the TV arrives at the shipment location completely shattered. 

It is highly recommended that you talk to your shipping company before you start the packing process. Doing this will ensure that you know how the size of the TV’s box will change the overall price of your shipments, even if you are only moving to one city over. 


  • You don’t have to worry about the TV being damaged during transportation.
  • You can save money by using special offers from the shipping companies.
  • You can ship the TV to a local store or branch for a lower price.
  • You can save money by packing the TV into a smaller box.


  • Shipping a larger TV will cost more than shipping a smaller one.
  • The weight of the TV will affect the shipping cost.
  • The size of the TV affects the shipping cost.
  • Different states have different prices.


Shipping your TV will have a price attached to it, making most people completely change their minds about the whole process. While shipping a TV from another country into your own country can usually be a mistake that you will only make once or twice. 

Whatever you do, please remember that buying locally may seem like a bad idea initially, but it will save you an arm and a leg. 

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