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DirecTV Without Dish (Can You? How To?)

Have you ever wondered if you could get DirecTV without a dish? Well, I was asking myself that same question recently and I had to do some digging to find out. After researching the pros and cons and learning some tips and tricks from other DirecTV users, I’m here to share what I’ve learned. In this post, I’ll explain exactly how you can get DirecTV without a dish, so you can start enjoying your favorite shows and movies sooner.

Using the full version of DirecTV requires the use of a satellite dish to receive the video signal and display it on your TV. The only way to have DirecTV without a dish is to use the DirecTV streaming service, which is less comprehensive, has fewer channels, and carries no NFL channels. 

DirecTV with DishFull satellite TV service, requiring a dish to receive signals.Access to a large number of channels, full sports coverage, including NFL channels.Requires installation of a satellite dish, which can be expensive and time-consuming.
DirecTV STREAMStreaming service without the need for a satellite dish.No satellite dish required, easier setup, less expensive than the full satellite service.Limited channel options, no NFL channels, fewer sports channels compared to full service.

Can You Use DirecTV Without A Dish?

DirecTV is among the primary satellite television streaming service in the United States and remains the best place to watch some of the most popular content that is not available on streaming services such as Netflix or HBO Max. 

Many people use DirecTV for this purpose, but if you do not have a DirecTV subscription, you may be wondering if it is at all possible to use the service without installing a satellite dish. 

Installing a satellite is time-consuming and expensive, and fixing a dish to the outside of a house may not be an option for tenants who are renting from a landlord. Most satellite dishes are unreliable and frustrating, and using a dish like this to stream content may cause interruptions based on weather conditions and how well the system is installed and set up. 

Using online streaming platforms is significantly easier, much cheaper in every way, and much more reliable. This reality leads many people to wonder if there is a way to use DirecTV without using a satellite dish. 

The truth here is that there is no way to use the full DirecTV television service without using a dish. The receiver that decodes the signal from the satellite requires a dish to receive the TV signal. Without using a dish, there is no way to get the TV signal from the satellite to the receiver to be decoded into the images you can see on your screen. 

However, there is a DirecTV package that is available for online streaming rather than streaming via a satellite and satellite dish. This service is called DirecTV STREAM and is less expensive than the full satellite service. 

Paying a monthly subscription for DirecTV STREAM is the only way to access DirecTV without using a satellite dish, but there are some significant downsides to using the streaming service rather than the satellite service. 

DirecTV STREAM does not come with the full catalog of sports options, and no NFL network viewing is available on this service. If you primarily use DirecTV for watching sports, or if you want to join DirecTV for the sports options, bear in mind that there are no NFL streaming options on the STREAM package. 

The channel list for DirecTV STREAM is about half of what is available on the full DirecTV satellite package, but there are some options that come with it, such as a free trial for HBO Max and reduced monthly prices for other streaming subscription services. 

Is Using DirecTV Without a Dish Worthwhile?

DirecTV is the premier satellite TV system in the United States. This service is among the very best options for those who enjoy television shows and for anyone who is not interested in using online streaming services. 

However, if installing a satellite dish is not an option for you and you want to use the DirecTV service, the only way to have access to the DirecTV channels is to subscribe to the DirecTV streaming service. This streaming service behaves in the same way as the satellite system, and you can scroll through television channels in the same way. 

Most of the same sport viewing packages are available on the streaming service, and much of the functionality remains the same. However, there are fewer channels to watch on the streaming version of DirecTV, and there are no NFL viewing options at all. 

This leaves us with the original question: is using DirecTV without a dish worthwhile? 

Whether or not the DirecTV streaming service is a good option for you is an entirely personal decision that should be entirely based on what type of content you prefer to watch. 

If you are very into watching sports and if football is your sport of choice, using the DirecTV STREAM service is not a good option, as there are fewer sports channels and no NFL viewing options available on the service. 

In this instance, using the full satellite subscription service is a much better option, even though it requires a satellite dish to function. 

However, if you do not care too much about sports and you want to have the experience of watching TV by flipping through channels and having constant access to whatever is playing on the television networks and news channels, then using the streaming version of DirecTV may be a good option for you. 

Many of the same casual viewing and movie channels are available in the streaming service, as well as s all news outlets and general viewing channels. 

Using the streaming service may be ideal for you if you enjoy the experience of watching regular TV rather than streaming, and this experience is worthwhile for many viewers. 


At the end of it, there is no way to fully utilize the DirecTV service without using a satellite and paying for the satellite TV package. This is the best option for lovers of sports, and it is the best way to have access to regular television viewing. The only alternative to using a dish is using the DirecTV STREAM service, which is significantly less comprehensive. 

If you want to have access to DirecTV without a dish, use DirecTV STREAM, but be aware that not all of the same channels are available. Take the time to consider all of the options when deciding which service is better for you, and make the decision based on what you like to watch and the experience that you want to have. 

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