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Disney Plus Won’t Load on Firestick (Causes and How To Fix)

As an owner of a Firestick, I know the frustration when Disney Plus won’t load. After my own experience dealing with this issue, I decided to do some research and testing to find out the root cause and how to fix it. I’m here to share my experience and what I learned in the hopes of helping others who might be facing the same issue. In this blog post, I’ll discuss the potential causes of why Disney Plus won’t load on Firestick, as well as a few solutions that can help get your streaming service up and running again.

Disney Plus can stop loading on Firestick for various reasons, including a slow internet connection, an in-app problem, or a glitch. Fixing this issue is as easy as resetting your device or updating the software.

Causes of Disney Plus Not Loading on FirestickSolutions
Issues with the streaming service itself1. Check server status
Glitch in your account1. Re-log into your Disney Plus account
Slow internet connection1. Check your internet speed
2. Check Wi-Fi signal strength
3. Move router closer to TV or use a LAN cable for better connection
Service software bugs1. Update Firestick Operating System
Firestick hardware malfunction1. Restart your Firestick (forced restart or restart through settings)
Compatibility issues1. Update Firestick Operating System
The Disney Plus app needs an update1. Reinstall Disney Plus app
2. Force stop Disney Plus and clear cache

Disney Plus Won’t Load on Firestick: Causes

Commonly, Disney Plus stops loading for issues related to the service itself, the Firestick, or the internet connection.

Here are a few reasons why you may encounter this problem:

  • Issues with the streaming service itself
  • A glitch in your account
  • Slow internet connection
  • Service software bugs
  • Firestick hardware malfunction
  • Compatibility issues
  • The Disney Plus app needs an update

Disney Plus Won’t Load on Firestick: How to Fix It

Some quick and easy fixes for this problem include:

That said, here are some other fixes you need to try:

1. Check the Server Status

Before attempting any fixes, check to see if the Disney Plus service is down in your area. If this is the case, it’s wise to wait for a couple of hours until the server is back up, then try again to see if it’s working. You can do that through this site.

2. Check the Internet Speed

Internet speed plays a huge role in the stability of any streaming service. Generally, you need a minimum internet speed of 20–40 Mbps for streaming 4K videos, among other uses. 

The speed requirements vary depending on the number of users and the activities they engage in.

3. Check the Wi-Fi Signal Strength

Once you ensure that you have the right internet speed, the next thing you need to do is to check the Wi-Fi connection’s strength. 

The TV’s placement could be too far away from the router, with various obstacles and walls in between. This may cause the signal to be weak.

Try bringing the router closer to the TV for a stronger Wi-Fi signal. If this isn’t possible, connect the TV to the internet via a LAN cable. This way, you ensure a stronger and more stable signal.

4. Reset Your Firestick

Now that we’ve cleared out the most common issues, if the problem persists, it’s probably a good idea to reset your Firestick

That’s because it helps clear the device’s cache memory, which causes problems when the cache data accumulates.

There are two ways to do so, which are:

Forced Restart

  1. Turn your Firestick on.
  2. Press and hold down both the center and the play buttons on your Firestick remote control for 15 seconds.
  3. Wait for a couple of minutes for the Firestick to reboot.
  4. Launch the Disney Plus app, and check if it’s working.

Restart Through Settings

  1. Press and hold down the center button for a couple of seconds.
  2. Go to Settings ˃ My Fire TV.
  3. Press Restart.
  4. Open the Disney Plus app and see if the problem is resolved.

5. Force Stop Disney Plus and Clear Cache

If resetting Firestick didn’t work, try resetting the app itself and clearing its cache. 

The accumulated cache data usually takes up storage, which could potentially overwrite other essential data.

To force stop the app and clear the cache, do the following:

  1. Press and hold down the center button on the Firestick.
  2. Open Settings and choose Applications.
  3. Select the Manage Installed Application option.
  4. Scroll down the list and choose Disney Plus.
  5. Click Force Stop.
  6. Repeat the same steps, and at the end, select Clear Cache.

6. Update Firestick Operating System

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An outdated firmware can cause compatibility issues between the Firestick and the apps. That’s why you need to update your Firestick OS to the latest version. 

To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Open Settings > My Fire TV, then press About.
  2. Select Install Updates.
  3. Click Install if there’s an available update.
  4. Restart the Firestick, and check if the Disney Plus app is working.


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If Disney Plus won’t load on Firestick, there are a few reasons for this. It’s either a problem with the software or the hardware. Before you jump to conclusions, check if the Disney Plus servers aren’t down in your area.

That being said, it’s always an excellent idea to check the internet speed and signal strength. Additionally, resetting the device and TV before attempting any software fixes is the way to go.

Once it’s all covered, try updating the software, forcing stop the app, and clearing the cache. All these fixes don’t require an expert, and hopefully, get the issue resolved.