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Do AirPods leak sound?

As an AirPods owner, I was frustrated when I realized that my AirPods were leaking sound. I did some research to figure out why this was happening and how I could fix it. In this blog post, I’m sharing what I learned from my research, as well as some other solutions I discovered to help other AirPods owners who might be experiencing the same issue.

Key Takeaways:
AirPods can leak sound at high volumes.
AirPods Pro tend to have less sound leakage.
Sound leakage occurs past 50% in AirPods and 70% in Pro.

Do Airpods Leak Sound?

AirPods can leak sound if you play them at a high volume. If you use AirPods at a low to moderate volume, they do not normally leak sound.

Yes, AirPods can leak sound, but this happens under different circumstances. For instance, your AirPods can accumulate dirt due to prolonged use.

When there’s a heavy buildup, the volume of your earpiece will decrease, and you may end up increasing your volume to compensate for the low volume.

When this happens, it will cause the sound from your AirPods to leak.

Additionally, the AirPods are constructed from plastic, which isn’t an excellent material for sound deadening, and it will likely cause the sound to bleed from its enclosure.


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Do Airpods Pro Leak Sound?

AirPods Pro can leak sound if you play them at a high volume. If you use AirPods Pro at a low to moderate volume, they do not normally leak sound.

Generally, AirPods Pro, leak sound less than regular AirPods because you can use them at a lower volume due to the noise-canceling feature.

Unlike the previous generation of AirPods, the AirPod pro doesn’t leak sound. The unique aspect of this earpiece is that you can switch the noise cancellation feature based on the surroundings you want.

Additionally, Airpods feature two microphones capable of making 200 adjustments every second. This improves your sound quality significantly, even in a noisy environment.

The other great feature of the AirPods pro is that they have the transparency mode that helps customize which sounds come through.

This enables you to balance the sound in your earpieces to hear whatever is going on around you effectively.

With a balanced sound, you’ll not have to raise your sound higher to compensate for the surrounding noise.

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Why Are My Airpods Leaking Sound?

A common reason most AirPods leak sound is that they may not fit snugly on your ear. This could be attributed to their small size.

If this is the case, you can solve it by purchasing earbuds for AirPods or silicon ear hooks available at your nearest retail store.

Remember that this may not be an excellent alternative when you want to hear background sound, especially if you’re jogging.

How Can You Fix Airpods Leaking Sound?

Here are ways to fix AirPods that are bleeding sound.

Reset your AirPods 

If there are issues with your AirPods, they can cause a significant increase or decrease in sound. One way to prevent this from happening is by resetting your AirPods. There are simple steps you can take to address this concern.

  • Begin by placing your AirPods in a charging case, close it, then leave it for about 30 seconds.
  • After 30 seconds, open the lid, go to settings, and choose the Bluetooth option on your phone. You’ll find your AirPods among the list of devices. Tap on it and select forget device.
  • While the lid of your charging case is open, press and hold the setup button for about 15 seconds, the status indicator will flash to amber, then white. This indicates that your AirPods have reset.

Avoid Raising Your Volume in Noisy Environments

If you’re using your AirPods in a noisy environment, like inside an airplane or a busy street, you may decide to compensate for the surrounding noise by increasing your volume.

This isn’t just damaging to your ear, but it’s a common source of a sound leak. In such cases, it’s best if you turn on the noise cancellation option on your AirPods.

Can Other People Hear My Airpods?

When using your AirPods, other people shouldn’t hear any sounds unless you turn your volume higher.

Remember that your AirPods will leak sound when there’s air vibration produced in your speaker drums. When you raise the volume past its usual limit, it can penetrate the headset pad and cause the sound to leak.

At What Volume Do Airpods Leak Sound?

The first and second generations of AirPods can leak sound when the volume is raised past 50%. In the Airpod pro and max, better noise cancellation and transparency mode minimize sound bleeding.

However, if you increase your sound past 70%, you’re likely to experience sound leakage.

Why Do My Airpods Seem Quiet But Loud Outside?

When your AirPods seem quiet but are loud outside, it could be that they have a heavy dirt buildup. To ensure that they’re working optimally, ensure that you clean them appropriately.

To do this, you should wipe them with a clean, damp cloth. It would be best to allow them to dry before you place them in the charging case.


  • Noise cancellation feature allows you to use AirPods at a lower volume.
  • Two microphones capable of making 200 adjustments every second.
  • Transparency mode helps customize which sounds come through.


  • Can leak sound if you play them at a high volume.
  • Can accumulate dirt due to prolonged use.
  • Plastic construction can cause sound to bleed from its enclosure.