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Do I Need Apple TV If I Already Have a Smart TV?

The Apple TV device, which is a TV box and not a standalone TV, is another Apple creation that revolutionizes the streaming of shows and movies. Sure, it can be a welcome addition to a non-smart TV, but what about a smart one?

This begs the question: Do I need Apple TV if I already have a smart TV?

You won’t need an Apple TV to attach to your smart TV if your TV supports the Apple TV app (which is different from the device). However, a smart TV that doesn’t have this app can benefit from the TV box’s exclusive Apple productions.

But how is the Apple TV device different from having the Apple TV app? What else is there to know about the popular TV box?

We’re about to find out!

How Do the Apple TV Box and Apple TV App Compare?

Aside from their obvious difference (one being a physical device and the other a mere application), these two services have other things that set them apart.

For example, the Apple TV app doesn’t exist on all smart TVs. In that case, the Apple TV box can come to the rescue to bring you all the awesome features that the app has to provide.

Also, if you don’t have a smart TV, you can’t expect to find a built-in Apple TV app on it. Yet, once again, you don’t have to miss out on all the fun; just purchase the Apple TV device and convert your normal TV into a smart one!

The streaming box also turns your smart TV’s integrated interface into tvOS, which sounds heavenly for people who have an iOS-only lifestyle!

Let’s not forget that the Apple TV streaming box is available in 4K and HD options, which may or may not be available on your smart TV.

Overall, owning an Apple TV box can surely be your best course of action if your TV isn’t smart or it’s smart but doesn’t have the Apple TV app. This is because the streaming box will bring the app to your fingertips anyway.

From there, you can access the Apple TV+ streaming service, which has all the famous streaming services like HBO MAX, Netflix, and the like. Sounds pretty cool, right?

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Why Do Some People Not Prefer the Apple TV Box?

Despite its cool features, a lot of people remain reluctant to purchase the TV box for their smart TVs.

The first reason behind this is that most smart TVs nowadays already come with all the essential streaming services built into their system. A smart TV that doesn’t have Netflix or HBO Max is almost nonexistent.

Since Apple TV+ also includes those premium streaming apps, there’s no reason to get them twice on your TV!

Plus, AirPlay 2 allows you to play music, videos, and movies from your iPhone or iPad on your smart TV. Again, this lets you access all the awesomeness of Apple TV+ without buying a separate TV box.

All you’ll have to do is drop whatever song or video you’d like to watch via AirPlay 2 after starting it on your iPhone or iPad Apple TV+ app. Talk about convenience!

Still, remember that AirPlay 2 isn’t compatible with all smart TVs, not to mention that it won’t work on a non-smart TV. Therefore, investing in an Apple TV box will be a lifesaver in this situation.

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How to Decide Whether or Not You’ll Need an Apple TV?

With all the previous points in mind, it can be pretty easy to determine whether or not buying an Apple TV box will be the right choice for you.

First, you’ll have to check if your smart TV supports the Apple TV app. If it does, there’ll be no need to get a streaming box.

Thankfully, most smart TV models nowadays, especially those released in 2018, will have the Apple TV app. These include Roku TVs, LG TVs, most Samsung TVs, and plenty of Fire TVs.

If not, it’ll be time to see if your smart TV welcomes pairing with AirPlay 2. Again, if this is a yes and you have an iPhone or iPod with the Apple TV app, an Apple TV box will be redundant.

To Wrap It Up

Do I need Apple TV if I already have a smart TV?

If you have a smart TV, especially a more recent one, you’ll likely not need to get Apple TV. That’s because most smart TVs have a built-in Apple TV app or AirPlay 2 support, and both can replace the Apple TV box without skipping a beat.

Still, if your smart TV doesn’t have these two features, you may want to reconsider buying Apple TV for a seamless streaming experience!