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Do I Need To Keep My TV Box

When purchasing a new TV, the biggest thrill is in opening the TV box to reveal the prized possession inside. The following state of delight is in the assembly before I finally press the remote button to display my new TV’s clarity and beauty. Now I need to tidy up the packaging and throw away the empty box! Or do I need to keep my TV box?

An empty TV box should be kept for the duration of the warranty period. It is easier to return the TV in its box or if you need to transport or want to re-sell it. After the warranty period, you can reuse the box for creative DIY projects or prepare it for recycling.

So, you have just unwrapped your new TV, and now you have an empty box! Do you keep it? If you do, for what purpose? And if you throw the box away, you might just need it in the near future! If you are not really sure about what to do, read on for some insightful information!

Is It Necessary To Keep Your TV Box?

Most people will simply throw away the box their new TV was packaged in without giving it much thought. But there are some convenient reasons why you should hang on to the empty box, at least for a short while! Below is some good advice I received from speaking to retailers selling old and new TVs and chatting with friends.

Why Keep A TV Box?

Here are some good reasons to keep your empty TV box.

Keep The TV Box For Convenience

This may not sound like a necessity, but believe me, it is much easier to transport the TV in its original package if you need to:

  • Return the TV – if your newly purchased TV is faulty, you will need to return it. Most manufacturers have a 60-to-90-day return policy.
  • Move house – if you are planning to move soon, having the empty box will come in handy when transporting the TV in your car or removal truck. The box is the best way to keep the TV from being scratched, and the Styrofoam in the box holds the TV securely in place.
  • Re-sell – if you ever want to sell the TV, having the original box makes a better impression on the buyer.

Can You Return A TV Without The Box?

Should you need to return your TV for any fault while under warranty, you do not need the box at some retail stores! However, other retailers only accept your TV if it is in the original package.

Rather have peace of mind and instead keep the TV box for the warranty period. Or find out from the retail store or online outlet where you purchased the TV if, for return purposes, they require the TV to be in its original box.

Throwing Out An Empty TV Box

So, you have kept your empty TV box for the duration of the warranty period and now feel it is time to throw it out! But before you do, TV boxes are durable and are usually made from corrugated cardboard. There are other uses for this empty box, so don’t just discard it before looking at other options.

Revamping An Empty TV Box

If DIY creative projects are something you like doing, there are some interesting ideas to revamp an empty TV box. You can make a fabulous closet or use the box for innovative projects with the kids. Or cut out alphabet letters to create lovely ‘happy birthday’ garlands that can be stored and reused whenever needed. Search the web for more creative ideas to revamp your empty TV box!

Other Uses For An Empty TV Box

Because empty TV boxes are sturdy, there are other ways to reuse them. Here are some ideas:

  • For storage – An empty TV box is ideal for storing items like artwork or canvasses. This is a great way to protect the canvass from damage such as dust or moisture. Or you can store magazines in the box or rolls and sheets of wrapping paper. Use decorative contact paper or fabric to dress up the box.
  • In the garden – cut out a large square or oblong shape and cover the cardboard with pretty contact paper. You can use this as a mat to kneel on when weeding your garden. 

You can also cut small pieces of cardboard and soak these in some water. Place the wet cardboard between the mulch or wooded areas of your garden. The cardboard will attract unwanted pests like termites. 

Recycle Your Empty TV Box

Corrugated cardboard has multiple layers of cardboard and is easy to recycle. But you should check with your local recycling facility if they can handle this type of recycling.

How To Prepare A TV Box For Recycling

You are responsible for adequately preparing any box for recycling. The guidelines for recycling boxes may vary for different cities, but here are some general procedures for recycling a TV box.

  • Remove all packaging materials from the box like Styrofoam or bubble wrap.
  • Snip off any stickers that are hanging loose, as well as plastic handles.
  • Inspect the box for any steel or brass staples that might have been used to seal the box. These must be removed.
  • Make sure the box is clean and dry.
  • Flatten the box. You may have to cut the edges where it is held together to properly flatten it.
  • If the box is very large, flatten it and cut it into smaller pieces.
  • Place the box in the recycling bin.


Keeping your empty TV box is not an absolute necessity. But storing it for the warranty period is a good idea. Should the TV be returned for repairs, or if you need to transport it or decide to sell it, the box will come in handy. Once the warranty period has lapsed, you can either find a way to reuse the box for storage or creative DIY projects or recycle it.