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Do regular AirPods have noise canceling?

If you are thinking of getting AirPods, you might be wondering if they have noise canceling. This post will show you if AirPods have noise canceling and what earphones are best for noise canceling.

Regular AirPods do not feature noise canceling. Only AirPod pros feature noise canceling.

While regular AirPods do not have noise canceling, it is possible to pickup AirPod pros at a similar price when you buy them second-hand and you can cheaply replace the ear tips.

Do regular AirPods have noise-canceling?

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AirPods do not have noise canceling and they do not even feature ear tips. AirPods latch onto your ears and only play sounds without doing anything else.

If you want noise-canceling, you will have to buy AirPod pros or earphones from a different brand.

How good is the AirPods pro noise-canceling?

AirPod pros do not cancel out all noise. It will still be possible to hear things such as people talking around you or other loud sounds.

However, when the ear tips are the right size, AirPod pros do cancel out moderately loud noises and below.

When you are using the right-sized ear tips, AirPod pros do block out most background noise. However, if the background noise happens to be loud, it will not block it all out.

If you plan on working at a coffee shop with them, or somewhere similar, you should expect to still hear some noise.

To make AirPod pros cancel more noise, the most important thing is to ensure that you are using the right-sized ear tips.

If your ear tips are too small, it will not be possible for your AirPod pros to cancel out a lot of noise since they will not be able to form a proper seal in your ears.

Also, many people have found that switching to memory foam ear tips gave their AirPod pros much better noise canceling.

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Should I get AirPod pros instead of regular AirPods?

AirPod pros have a lot of advantages over regular AirPods. AirPod pros feature noise-canceling, a transparent mode and they actually have an ear tip that fits into your ears.

A lot of users find that regular AirPods are not good for working out or running in because they can fall out easily.

This is not such a common occurrence with AirPod pros because the ear tip makes it a lot harder for them to fall out.

What earphones have the best noise canceling?

If you want to get earphones that block out a lot of noise, the Sony wf-xm4 earphones are very highly rated and known for having very good noise canceling.

They also have a much longer battery life than you can get with the first gen AirPod pros.