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Does AirPods Pro Noise-Canceling Work on Android?

If you want to get AirPod Pros but you use Android, you might be wondering if it will be possible for you to use the noise-canceling feature. This post will show you that you can use the AirPod Pro’s noise canceling on Android and what features are missing on Android.

It is possible to activate AirPod Pro noise-canceling on Android. To activate noise-canceling, you just need to squeeze on one of the AirPod Pro stems until you hear a beep.

While you can use noise-canceling and transparent mode on Android, there are some features that are missing. You also can’t control noise-canceling or transparent mode directly on Android like you can on Apple devices.

Does AirPods Pro Noise-Canceling Work on Android?

You can activate the AirPods Pro noise canceling mode on Android. All you need to do is to squeeze on the stem until you hear a beep sound.

When the noise canceling turn on, you should hear a lot less of the sounds going on around you.

To make sure that it is working properly, try turning on some ambient noise on your computer or another phone, then activate noise-canceling mode.

The most important factor in getting AirPod Pros to cancel as much noise as possible is the ear tips. If you are using small ear tips, the AirPod Pros will not cancel much noise.

Whereas, they can be made to cancel a lot of noise by using the correct ear tips that are large enough to create a seal in your ears.

Often, people have more success using memory foam ear tips because they expand in the ears.

If you do not hear a lot less of the ambient noise when the noise-canceling turns on, it might be the case that your AirPods are faulty or you are not using a large enough ear tip and it would help to try some larger ear tips.

To tell if you have the correct fit, you can do the fit test using an iOS device.

You can purchase larger ear tips directly from Apple or you can buy some memory foam ear tips on Amazon.

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Can you control the AirPod pros on Android?

It is only possible to control the volume of the AirPod pros when you are using an Android device.

When using Apple devices, it is also possible to activate Siri, to see the battery percentage of the AirPods and the case, to get updates, to activate noise-canceling and transparent modes directly on the device and to connect find my iPhone to the AirPods allowing you to track them.

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How to make noise canceling work better on Android

The most important factor in getting the AirPod pros noise-canceling to work well, is to make sure you are using the correct sized ear tips.

If the ear tips you are using are too small, the AirPod pros will not be able to block out much noise. Often, people find that switching to memory foam ear tips gives the best results.

How do I know if noise Cancelling works on AirPods Pro Android?

When you activate noise canceling mode, by squeezing on the stem of the AirPods, you should hear a beep and notice that the sounds around you become a lot quieter.

If this does not happen, the AirPods might be out of power, you might not be squeezing the stem correctly or you might be using ear tips that are too small.

What AirPod Pro features are missing on Android?

While you can still activate the noise-canceling and transparent modes on Android by squeezing the stem, there are a lot of useful features that Android can’t make use of.

On Apple devices, it is also possible to do the following:

  • Activate Siri using your voice (you can’t activate Google Assistant using your voice)
  • Connect your AirPods to Find my iPhone. This is a feature that allows you to track your AirPods and to get them to play a sound when you lose them.
  • Update the AirPods. AirPods do receive updates and you can update them by putting them in a charging case that is being charged near to a connected Apple device.
  • See the battery percentage. On Apple products, you can see the AirPod’s battery percentage as well as the battery left in the case.
  • Activate noise-canceling or transparent mode directly on the device. On Android you can only activate noise-canceling or transparent mode by squeezing on the stem.