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Does Apple Watch Work as WiFi Hotspot?

As an Apple Watch owner, I was frustrated to find out that the device doesn’t work as a WiFi Hotspot. After some research and testing, I’m here to share how I solved the problem as well as other solutions I discovered.

Feature/QuestionApple Watch CapabilityAlternative Solutions or Workarounds
Apple Watch as WiFi HotspotNot supportedUse iPhone hotspot instead
Apple Watch Connect to Phone’s HotspotNot supportedConnect to compatible WiFi networks
Using Apple Watch without WiFiYes, with limitationsUse Bluetooth or cellular connection

Does Apple Watch Work as WiFi Hotspot?

Unfortunately, the Apple watch can’t work as a WiFi hotspot. While, in theory, it may be great to double the cellular feature to hotspot services as well. Still, some obstacles will hinder the Apple watch’s ability to offer hotspot services.

For starters, the Apple Watch isn’t designed to work like a mobile hotspot. You see, a mobile hotspot works by converting the LTE connection, usually from your data network, into WiFi signals. Unfortunately, the Apple Watch isn’t equipped to do so. 

Another issue that makes the i-watch incapable of providing a WiFi hotspot is its small battery. Only an hour or so of using the i-Watch for phone calls is enough to drain your battery. 

Sure, newer models like Apple Watch Series 7 offer more battery life, yet the maximum LTE connection is 4 hours. So, the battery will probably die quickly when other devices are connected to the watch.

Plus, not everyone is willing to invest in the cellular feature or pay for a monthly data plan. 

For those who aren’t familiar with Apple watches with cellular services. Basically, it’s a feature that allows the i-watch to connect to your iPhones network service carrier, even when your phone isn’t near.

The problem is that not all carriers support the cellular feature and for the cellular services to work, both the i-watch and the phone must connect to the same carrier. 

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Can Apple Watch Connect to Phone’s Hotspot?

No, you can’t connect the Apple watch to your hotspot. However, you can still use the cellular feature if your Apple model supports it or connect your i-watch to WiFi. 

Keep in mind that the watch doesn’t connect to public networks that require any sort of payment and only connects to compatible WiFi networks under the following conditions:

  • The WiFi network has at least a frequency of 2.4GHz for models older than the i-watch series 6
  • Your Apple watch was connected to your iPhone while using a WiFi network via Bluetooth

Here’s how you can connect your Apple watch to a compatible WiFi network:

  • In your Apple Watch, open the home screen by tapping on the round button
  • Next, open the settings app by taping on the gear icon
  • Tap on WiFi. Your smartwatch will automatically search for compatible network
  • Choose your preferred network and enter the password (if required)
  • Confirm by tapping on Join

To connect to previous WiFi networks automatically, you’ll need to adjust the Auto Hotspot settings to connect to previous WiFi networks automatically. To do so:

  • Open the settings app by pressing the gear icon
  • Scroll down until you see WiFi and tap on it
  • Next, scroll down and tap on Auto Hotspot Settings
  • Lastly, select your preferred network to connect to automatically

Can You Use Apple Watch Without WiFi?

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Yes, you can still use your Apple watch without a nearby WiFi connection. You don’t even need WiFi to enjoy the fullest range of features. You can pair the watch to your phone via Bluetooth, use cellular service, or enjoy the offline features.

Let’s take a closer look at two ways you can use your Apple watch without WiFi:

Connect Your Apple Watch Via Bluetooth 

Probably the most efficient Apple watch connections are via Bluetooth, and the best part is you don’t necessarily need to have your phone within an arm’s reach for Bluetooth to work.

Bluetooth pairing can work within 33 feet of range and may vary depending on wireless interference.

To enjoy every feature on your Apple watch, you’ll need to pair it to your iPhone via Bluetooth and turn on the WiFi connection on your phone. 

Here’s how to pair your i-watch on your phone:

  • Press and hold the side button to open your i-watch
  • Hold the iPhone closer to the watch until a message pop up
  • On your iPhone, tap Continue, then Set Up for Myself
  • Scan your i-Watch or tap Pair the iPhone Manually and follow the steps to complete the pairing

Use Cellular Feature

The cellular feature is handy to enjoy i-watch features, even when your phone is out of Bluetooth range or off. 

Here’s how to set up a cellular network on your watch:

  • Open the Apple Watch App on your iPhone
  • Tap on My Watch
  • Next, choose Cellular 
  • Tap on Set Up Cellular to connect to your carrier network


So, does Apple Watch work as WiFi hotspot? Unfortunately, you can’t use the Apple Watch for a hotspot. The watch isn’t compatible with sending WiFi signals to other devices and accessing the internet for long hours.

That said, you can still enjoy many offline features, even without connecting it to WiFi, cellular, or Bluetooth.